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  1. The pictures from the review have a similar resemblance although my cigar didn't have the "red spice flake" look on the cigar before lighting, as the reviewer exclaimed. He all so seems as perplexed as I am about the cause.
  2. While smoking a Vegas Robaina Unicos I noticed red/rust colored dots appearing on the ash. This continued the entire length of the cigar. Dose anyone have any clue as to why this would happen? The only theory I have is iron in the soil. I have pictures, but can't figure out how to attach the to the post. I would gladly email anyone who may shed light on this for me. By the way I don't know if this red/rust dotted ash is the reason but it was the best Vegas Robaina Unicos I have ever had.
  3. Downstate from Buffalo Upstate from NYC. In Middletown.
  4. Hello all my name is Rich. I have enjoyed watching FOH on YouTube and the information I receive from this forum immensely. Looking forward to expanding my knowledge of all things Cigars.

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