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  1. Appearance: Golden rugged looking wrapper with plenty of visible seams......not the best looking Party I've seen, but looks aren't everything right? Aroma: On the body I get a heavy manure/barnyard aroma. On the foot I am greeted with leaves and manure is faint in the background, along with some honey. 1/3 Right out the gate I'm met with sweet tobacco and a honey or syrupy element on my lips.....Molasses maybe? Not sure. It's not wanting to stay lit, really struggling with it. I am getting quite a bit of sweetness out of it though, this is surprising me how sweet it is. This cigar is burning awful as well....what a disappointment. I'm having to take about 6 puffs (I counted) then I am met with a nice reward, but DAMN man. 2/3 Starting off much better, maybe there a block of wood in the 1/3? LOL Anyway continuing with that same sweetness, getting plenty of smoke, the burn (as you can see in the pics) is not pretty to look at. I am getting a sweetened coffee flavor on the finish, which is quite long and lingers. 3/3 Starting with a real brunt wood flavor (probably from so many relights). Now I'm getting a type of wintergreen flavor on my palate....interesting. Ok so I did nub it. Draw: Was nice and open, no complaints there. Burn: Awful! So many touchups I lost count. Construction: Again awful, burned like crap......ash was very flaky and uneven, but it wasn't soft or spongy and just a little hard in the 1/3 where the "chunk of wood" was lol. Overall Strength: Mild-Medium Overall Body/Complexity: Medium Experience Overall: So even though the cigar was a struggle to smoke I really did enjoy the flavors I was getting which was honey, sweet tobacco, a bit of vanilla and some wintergreen. I still have plenty of these to smoke, so this little guy isn't making me want to chuck the boxes or anything. Just one bad apple ya know? I will still be smoking these. Have to work for that reward I guess. Smoking Time: 90 mins
  2. Smoking at my mom's house......indoors!! [emoji33] Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  3. Yeah, open it, sample it then leave it alone for a few months and return to it.......helluva gift man.
  4. Dayum he GAVE you a bottle? Nice. I do like AE, but I prefer the Rye over the regular we serve both in the shop, so i have had my share of samples.......never bought a bottle myself though. This looks nice......congrats, that bottle is too pricey for me though.
  5. Sorry man, just seen this. It tasted like Apples to me......he asked me to try it and tell him what I smelled and tasted....I said Apples, he frowned and took a sip then it hit me.....peanut butter with think of a Payday candy was a different taste to me, but damn good! Was very smooth, but to answer your question, yes it was sweet.
  6. The hell with the neighbors, this is AMERICA! Go get that thang!
  7. Hell yes!!! A botl inspired me 15' Tubo No 2 RASSC 15 Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks for the list, quite a few of these I am interested in hearing more about.
  9. EPC 2nd (no longer made, might have been my last one from a bundle I bought years ago). Pudgy Chuck, October is around the corner. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  10. Sat Work ~33~ Warped La Colmena thanks to @mitetak Balmoral Pudgy Tiff, yep definitely getting a box of monsters now Blackbird Finch Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  11. Box split with@hopduro Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk

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