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  1. dflan82

    Sir David's

    Couldn’t agree with this more. Besides special occasions usually have enough going on by themselves...why not spoil yourself with an added special occasion all to your own or with a couple close friends
  2. dflan82

    Bon Voyage Greg

    Congrats Greg! Exciting times lie ahead. Thanks for all that you have done and hope to still see you around the site from time to time. Cheers!
  3. Perfect choice...Congrats John! What are you smoking to celebrate?
  4. dflan82

    FOH NFL 2017/18 Winners

    Thanks for the contest, Prez! Always good fun. Hope the birthday weekend has had plenty of laughs and plenty more to come. Cheers!
  5. dflan82


    Happy birthday Greg! Best wishes!
  6. dflan82

    Friday Funny .

    That’s good!
  7. Unfortunately, I have not been able to partake as often as I’d like in 2017, but most of the cigars that I’ve had have been excellent. My top 2 most memorable in the 2015 - 2017 box codes are: 1) RyJ Churchill (2015)- Maybe the best cigar I’ve had all year. Everything you’d want in a cigar! 2) Fonseca No. 1 - This was from the blind tasting contest and my first foray into the Fonseca marca. Lovely floral notes in the aroma and toasted marshmallow flavor that popped in and out gave this cigar a complexity that set it apart.
  8. dflan82

    Congratulations Mus.....

    Congrats, Mus! Got a chuckle out of your post with a few of the wedding details...the silver lining out of wedding mishaps is that they make for great stories down the road. All the best and enjoy the travels with your new bride.
  9. Nice work @spivey6690 I was going back and forth between the RAG and the Lusi when smoking cigar #5...I guessed wrong, haha Thanks to Lisa, Rob and FOH crew again for this year's comp! Cheers
  10. Congrats to those that got this one. Upmann was one of the first piramedes that I ruled out This one tasted nothing like an H. Upmann to me. I thought Cigar #3 to be most similar to a young VR with dense dark chocolate + tobacco throughout and hints of cinnamon and coffee (tiramisu) along the way. Oh well, on to the next one!
  11. Regardless if JJ Fox is the oldest cigar seller, it is a great spot to stop while in London. I just visited last week and enjoyed perusing through their humidor and cigar museum downstairs. I was short on time but grabbed a HdM Du Depute from 1995 to accompany me on my walk through the park to the hotel. Lovely little smoke!
  12. dflan82

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    This Monte 2 is just what the doctor ordered to close out the week
  13. A box each of Cohiba Lanceros and Monte Especiales.

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