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  1. Condolences to Rena, Di, Lisa and Lucy. Big group for support here if you ever need it.
  2. This is my first post in a while and first review in even longer. Time for cigars (and cigar reviews) are in short supply these days between work and a toddler running roughshod over the household ? (he’s a great kid). I had approximately 2 hours (give or take two hours...if you have/had a young child you know what I mean) to enjoy a cigar this past weekend while my son was taking a nap and I was working through the honey-do list. So I grabbed a Dip 2 that has been calling my name for some time now to light up and enjoy. This is one of my last remaining sticks from this particular box. The box has produced some outstanding cigars and this was no exception. Initial Light: You know when you light a cigar and that first puff makes you say “Wait a tick...”? That’s what we had here. Sweet tobacco and caramel right from the jump. First Third: More of the same but with an added character of baking spice, nutmeg and maybe a pinch of cinnamon. Burn was a bit wonky but a touch up got her back on track. Second Third: Flavors started getting a bit muted so I clipped the cap a little further and I was back off and running. The aroma of the cigar was just fantastic. An essence of the flavors noted above but with a floral characteristic. Not overtly smelling of flowers, but just this soft, gentle aroma that intermingled with the flavors nicely. Let me put it this way, I threw my clothes in the laundry room after the cigar and a few hours later the smell made me think that they should create a Dip2 scented detergent! Final Third: Well I didn’t get a full final third because my son woke up a bit early but it would have been well it’s way to being burned down to the nub otherwise. Such a great example of what quality tobacco + time equals. Smooth and full flavored yet nuanced and refined. I don’t know if that makes any sense but it was a damn good cigar. 94 points in my book
  3. Thanks for the review. The three of these that I have smoked so far have been excellent. I could definitely pick up some of the Apple flavor that you mentioned in the review. Cheers!
  4. A little taste of home for the Aussies...incredible throwback sound from these guys
  5. Thanks to the FOH crew for putting this on again this year. Always good fun! Congrats @dangolf18
  6. @Elpresidente I for one would be game on a Cohiba sampler based off of the results of this poll. Top 5 Most Flavorful or Top 3 (Two of each) Just a thought
  7. One of my favorite larger-format cigars. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I have a few ‘14 Imperiales in my desktop that I’ll need to try this Spring. Thanks for the review!
  9. I’m in the same boat as you...and don’t forget Giraffes Can’t Dance and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom ? Actually, an awesome book for new dads out there is Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook For New Dads. Funny and insightful with a clever 1950’s illustration theme

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