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  1. I know it's technically not an SR-71 but the intrepid museum in NYC has an A-12 on display, and while it's been well over a decade, was close enough to people to touch. Not sure if you're supposed to or not, but nobody stopped me.
  2. I drink what I want when I want. Don't pay it too much heed. Except white wine. Wow. Not the biggest fan of whites to begin with but that made the wine and the cigar both taste like crap.
  3. I haven't seen the need to use it, I get most of my sticks here, and any other orders are through vendors I trust already. The fakes I bought a number of years back showed as real, but wrong brand/marca.
  4. I hate to be negative, but I had an immediate dislike when seeing it. Front and center is the stylized foh. I don't think the font works. It covers the cigar design. The double friends of habanos is awkward too. Maybe change the bottom to "fine cigars" or another moniker. When considering logos, I prefer something more abstract, simple, something a child could pick out. Even though you certainly aren't marketing to children, am easy to spot, easy to identify logo serves a business very well. Look at the amazon arrow. The coke bottle.
  5. I just throw them in. If it's sealed tight, great. If it has a gap, okay. If I lose the little paper inside, oh well.
  6. I used to have one of these, bought it in a truck stop in Iowa almost 20 years ago. My first torch. The name doesn't sound familiar but the shape sure does.
  7. Somehow I turned on subtitles. Still missed half of it.
  8. Cuban only? I've been passing over some NCs lately. Otherwise I have a lonely party short that I've been pushing away until I get some more.
  9. The gf put this on. I watched a couple episodes, and it's a great story but it's abundantly clear they are telling the story they want to tell.

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