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  1. Thanks John, and it's great to hear from you as well! I ended up going with the Fettercairn Highlands 1997. Great scotch, very smooth and easy to drink. Very impressive and less than half the sticker price of the Blair. Cheers, Seth
  2. Hey guys my local store said he's getting one bottle of this in for 199. I haven't heard it and/or tried this before but he swears by it and said it is very rare. I'm having trouble finding much about it online. Anyone have any info, tasting notes, or experience with this bottle? thanks, seth
  3. I enjoy trying some of the RE, LE, etc offerings. I don't do it because of what they cost or to sell them or anything of the sort. Typically I just snag one to five of them every so often to try something different or to have on hand for a special occasion. Different strokes for different folks. Also, I will say some have been drastic disappointments. But then again, for my palate, the diplo bushido was one of the best cigars I've ever had....if I had 2k I'd buy a whole box....but I don't so I'll have to be content with the one I have left in my humi. Cheers, Seth
  4. Welcome from my old home state. Seth
  5. Hey guys, I figured I'd give this thread a bump. Any good recommendations lately that people have come across? @Ken, I have been taking your advice and trying to work my way through more Burgundy's. I have been trying my hardest to do more research to define and understand my palate as it relates to wine. I think in general I enjoy old world wines much more than most any new world (California) options. I will say that I have been dabbling in some more expensive wine (expensive to me....>35/bottle) and have found even some California Cabs that I did enjoy. Still, at the end of the day I find myself yearning for the old world, tannic, dry, dirt, etc... that I often find in Bordeaux's. With all that said, I'd love to hear some recommendations from you guys on any recent wines (Specifically from Bordeaux/Burgundy) that would be less than 100USD per bottle. If you think some other wines from around the world or the states might tickle my fancy feel free to through those out there as well. Lastly, has anyone had any experience with buying aged wine already from places such as Hart Davis Hart of Chicago? ( Any advice, insight, or smart remarks are always welcome. Cheers, Seth
  6. Better late than never. '07 monte 2. AMAZING! Silver oak Napa 2010, pretty good also!
  7. Looks like we live in the same neck of the woods. I was outside all day yesterday and over a foot of snow out back. Seth
  8. Together John, you and I will buy all the bushidos and rule the world as samurai!!!! No but seriously, if anyone is underwhelmed with their bushidos....cough cough, you know where to find me. Seth
  9. I'll buy all the bushidos you don't want but seriously. Seth
  10. Decided to treat myself today. Picked up a bottle of macallan rare cask to go with my diplomatico bushido. Amazing combination.
  11. Treated myself to s bottle of macallan rare cask today. I must say it was silky smooth and amazing!
  12. I've had the montes and the party's and they're great.

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