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  1. bayala

    bloody instagram!!

    Not supposed to be able to do it from a computer. I can give you a rundown next time you come in. Bring your laptop as well.
  2. They talk about "momentum" being more important in League broadcasts all the time. Not sure how to explain why or how it happens but there's no doubt that teams who consistently halt another team's momentum and then go on a run of their own are the most successful.
  3. bayala

    NFL - Free Agency

    Giants moves are questionable but it looks like they're about to blow it up and enter a full rebuild around Saquon and whichever QB they draft next year. They're paying something like USD $38 million to players not on the team this year.
  4. Surf Resort. I'm sure there's some untouched breaks on the island that would be perfect for surf tourism.
  5. That'll be freshwater, spin and solo category's
  6. bayala

    Are you a GoT lover?

    Favorite series of all time for both novels and tv shows. Would have read the main series books 3/4 times, Dunk & Egg Novellas twice and the world book once as well as watching the show start to finish twice. Very excited to see the final series. I highly doubt we'll see an ending in the book side of the series so the show will provide some closure. As others have said I loved season 1-4 when D&D had the book material as a source guide. Can't blame them for a decline in the quality of the show since then. They're being asked to finish someone else's magnum opus and GRRM is having a hard time doing that himself. The structure of the books with the POV chapters and internal monologue is hard to reproduce on screen. Additionally, I understand that the pacing of the last season or two had to increase. You've got a lot of actors on multi-million $$$ per-episode contracts now, it's a lot easier to have more episodes and longer pacing when everyone bar Peter Dinklage, Charles Dance, Lena Headey and Sean Bean (1 season) were household names.
  7. Can't wait to see people trying to buy ciggies with a fake ID saying they're 100 years old. I sense a business opportunity.
  8. Chelsea's affinity with player-power is ingrained in the club since the Abramovich era began. Terry, Cole & Lampard oversaw the sacking of 12 managers. Sadly, I think that culture has been passed down to the Hazard's, Willian's and Azpilicueta's. Sarri needs two to three seasons and some serious investment to get the team where he would like it. I'd be surprised if he sees next season if they don't make the champs league places.
  9. It's ok mate. You'll bring in Guus Hiddink to steady the ship soon. Then onto the next manager. Rinse & repeat.
  10. Whenever it may be, I'm looking forward to it!
  11. When are you coming to Brisbane @Fuzz ?
  12. Hello everyone, 24:24 on Monday's and Friday's will be running throught the shopping cart This a a quick rundown on how the shopping cart 24:24 works and my tips and tricks to get the most out of it. Firstly, how it works: First in best dressed. This is a race not a marathon. The same principles apply as our normal 24:24 on a Tues, Wed or Thurs. First person to click submit wins (just like clicking "Send" on an email to Di). No reservations. Why? because where's the fairness in that. 3 or 4 people could load up their carts with most of the days offerings and have more than enough time (everyone knows how to online shop these days) to checkout before a set time limit expires. Is an item in your cart out of stock? Remove it and proceed. Just like any other shopping cart. No guest checkouts - Just like on the forum you need to be registered to buy from us. Now onto my tips: Make sure you're registered. Remembering, its a separate registration to (A) the forum and (B) the old cuntint cart. You can register here Save your login / password in your browser . This means you don't have to login every time you visit the site ( Save your billing and shipping address. You can do this in the "My Account" section of the shopping cart. Save your credit card details in your browser. This will auto-fill on checkout and save you more time ( Sit back and enjoy the fun. If you miss out, there will always be another box and another 24:24. If you any questions, want to discuss the above, report technical issues and/or suggest improvements then please PM me 24/7. I'm here to help
  13. Not to be confused with a SJW

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