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  1. I know you'd enjoy that Fuzz but sadly not
  2. Hi gents, Thank you for pointing that out. 100% my fault and I will need to be more careful. I think in situations like these the best course of action is to cancel the auction and relist. That is the fairest outcome for the seller, current highest bidder and people who have been outbid. Regards, Ben
  3. Hello everyone, Slight change. Today's auctions will be 72 hours (instead of 24) which will end Sunday afternoon Australian time. Thanks, Ben
  4. Hi Captain, Go to advanced search in the footer. You can look for specific boxes or all boxes sold. Just make sure you have "All Auctions" selected instead of "Current Auctions". Regards, Ben
  5. We're looking at autobid for the next upgrade
  6. Hi Babalouie, In Phase 1 we would let you know when they are going up via email. As the ADMIN account is posting the box we get all seller-related dashboard content.
  7. I will PM you regarding this Yes, you will receive a outbid email
  8. Thanks Havanaclub. I have logged this issue with the devs. It is related to the same problem with the Cohiba 1966 / Mag 50 photos.
  9. Gotta say I was really disappointed. Battle strategy was so off. Trebuchet's at the front of formation and only fired 1 volley. Calvary suicide mission instead of a pincer move after dead had made contact with infantry. They have access to military history / strategy advisors on the show. That's basic stuff. 3 tier two characters died and all the other main characters managed to avoid death like 3 or 4 times each by someone miraculously fighting their way through 100's of the dead. It felt cheap and they won the "unwinnable" battle with pretty much no sacrifice/losses in main characters. Night kind death was underwhelming. It had the surprise factor but you built up this character has being a demi-god figure with ulterior motives and he dies so cheaply without us understanding their ultimate purpose. They also through the whole AA / TPTWP prophecy. Hopefully the books come out one day because D&D are morons who openly admitted in the inside the episode feature that they decided it would be Ayra because she's a popular character and it would be a good fake out
  10. Just over a week until the inaugural FOH International Fishing competition! If you haven't registered yet we will be taking registrations up until Friday 26th April (Australian time)
  11. I think I'm in the minority but after reading through a second time I think I rate AFFC as my favorite book.
  12. bayala

    24:24 TUESDAY

    Fixed. Thanks!
  13. Huge fan of the books first then the show. Show quality declined after they ran out of source material when the show caught up and surpassed the books. Having said that, the show is still a great spectacle and the books may never be finished. Will be watching as soon as they air.
  14. bayala


    Default auction has Starting price and Reserve price. Seller can tick a checkbox for Buy-it-now auction and enter a Buy-it-now price. Once the Reserve price is met the Buy-it-now option will disappear.

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