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  1. I was listening to a podcast where they interviewed Bruce Arians about this topic. He made the point that the NFL is better equipped to handle this then the MLB for the following reasons: - Even in non-Covid times, teams spend an average of 26 hours in a city for an away game. MLB teams will spend 3-4 days in a city for a series. - Night before game they motorcade to airport , private jet to host city, motorcade to hotel, Sleep , motorcade to game, motorcade to private jet , fly home . There's very little "outside" interaction - Every team has a hotel "bubble" in their home ci
  2. Hi Peter, Can you please post a screenshot here. That will help us understand the issue. Best regards, Ben
  3. You can save your credit card details in your browser if you would like to checkout faster
  4. If you go off Brisbane (AEST) time you'll never miss one. Monday and Friday 8:30am. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10:30am .
  5. In the scenario you describe User A has submitted a bid at 6505. So the system will record User B 6005 (current bid) then User B 6500 (Max bid amount) then User A 6505 (new highest bid)
  6. John is correct. User A has current bid 5000 with a max bid of 6000. User B places bid of 6005 so that jumps to highest bid current bid.
  7. Topic: FOH Daily Virtual HERF "Beat The Bug" Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 999 433 3904 Password: FOH
  8. Not sure what's more concerning. The scorpion or the amount of dust under your bed...
  9. Some government services are now available online which would have normally taken 5-10 years of development. Workplaces that have been able to stay open will see the benefits of flexible work arrangements including the use of full-time remote staff and/or staff who can split working from home and the office. Improved remote learning for schools and universities.
  10. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 999 433 3904 Password: FOH

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