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  1. Tank for Tua has well and truly begun. My bucs are only a couple more Winston interceptions away from the same fate!
  2. The best soap opera on earth is back in town! Congratulations to @etakmit for being the outright winner for this rounds tipping (Please PM me your details). As per usual it's tight at the top to start the season with a 19-way tie for 6th. This week's takeaway 1. AB and the Pats are the ultimate villains Antonio Brown finally engineered his move away from the Raiders through the use of frostbite, helmets and attempting to fight the GM. He now lands at the Pats which appears to have been his preferred destination all along. First reports are that he's sleeping on Brady's couch until he finds his feet and was one of the first people at the practice facility. The pats now have a receiving core of Brown, Gordon, Edelman and Dorsett. Oh and the Pats trounced the Steelers 33-3 without AB. Brady looked pretty good for 42 years old. The dynasty continues... 2. Hollywood Ravens AB's cousin Marquise "Hollywood" Brown scored two touchdowns with his first two touches in the NFL (third player to do so in history). He was electrifying on slants as well as the deep ball as Lamar Jackson and the Ravens torched the hapless Dolphins 59-10. Speaking of Lamar Jackson he became the youngest player in NFL history to achieve a perfect passer rating. There will be tougher games ahead for a young ravens side but what a start to the season! 3. [PFT] DeSean Jackson now has 31 career touchdowns of 50 yards or longer. Only Jerry Rice has more in NFL history. The eagles came from behind to beat the skins who blew a 17-0 halftime lead in their season opener off the back of two DeSean Jackson touches. After moving back to Philly this season he looked comfortable caching bombs from a healthy Carson Wentz. Jackson had some very telling things to say post-game about his former skins teammates "I kept stressing to the boys when we came in the locker room that I have been over there before in that locker room and I know how they are," Jackson said of the Redskins. "I just stressed to my teammates that I felt that at halftime, they probably thought they had the game sealed and won."
  3. 100% Ken. I've noticed a big change in the last 10-12 years (my high school years to now).
  4. I can imagine jokes / views similar to those made above were expressed about homosexuals in the past (and still are). Now the western world has come a long way in advancing the rights of that section of society and the attitudes held towards them. Regarding gender identity and fluidity, I think society will become more accepting over time. I think it's easy to judge and joke until you experience this through someone close to you ie. friend, family member etc. Then you understand that at the end of the day we're all human. Regardless of x, y and/or z we all deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. ✌️
  5. As a 25 year old I couldn't resist posting these although I do agree that social media is a net negative
  6. Ken we'll have to get you into an apple store to do a beginner class with the oldies
  7. “There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.”
  8. Hi gents, Thank you for pointing that out. 100% my fault and I will need to be more careful. I think in situations like these the best course of action is to cancel the auction and relist. That is the fairest outcome for the seller, current highest bidder and people who have been outbid. Regards, Ben
  9. Hello everyone, Slight change. Today's auctions will be 72 hours (instead of 24) which will end Sunday afternoon Australian time. Thanks, Ben
  10. Hi Captain, Go to advanced search in the footer. You can look for specific boxes or all boxes sold. Just make sure you have "All Auctions" selected instead of "Current Auctions". Regards, Ben

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