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AlBaron's Feedback

  1. TCContender left Positive feedback   

    Lightning fast payment, thanks Alex!

    AlBaron was The Buyer

  2. Bernardini left Positive feedback   

    Ran a great split! Fast shipment, great communication

    AlBaron was The Seller

  3. UpInSmoak left Positive feedback   

    Good trader, responds promptly

    AlBaron was Trading

  4. CoCigarSmoker left Positive feedback   

    A+++ have done mulitple splits, great seller and fast shipping and communication

    AlBaron was The Seller

  5. Scroats left Positive feedback   

    Great split buyer!

    AlBaron was The Buyer

  6. purpleloki left Positive feedback   

    Perfect split partner. A+++

    AlBaron was The Buyer

  7. CoCigarSmoker left Positive feedback   

    Amazing Split partner, can't wait to do business again. A+++ across the board!!!

    AlBaron was The Seller

  8. garbandz left Positive feedback   

    Alex and I did a little deal ,went very well.....A+

    AlBaron was Trading

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