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  1. muzz

    Catch of the day!

    Today was a good day, 20.5kg
  2. I think it would have been a great test no matter what time they played this test match because of the pitch. The last few test series in Australia have had the most boring pitches in the world. If we keep turning out pitches like they did at the WACA last week then they will get considerably less than 9,000 fans and further drive a nail in the coffin of test cricket. That said any way that brings the crowd in will also a good thing, be it the time the test is played but I think more importantly give us a pitch that keeps the interest up
  3. Will be a cracking game next weekend with the Eagles and Dogs both looking the goods...Eagles by 2 goals
  4. Something absolutely stinks in the Aussie cricket camp at the moment. I can't watch any more. England are bowling well but we will make them legendary by the time we stick our tail between our legs and crawl home. I'm so embarrassed right now
  5. Haha, I feel so much younger after reading this thread. Amazed you old folk are so good with the interwebz!
  6. Phuket is a fantastic spot for a get away whether with the family or for a get away with he boys! The main drag has all the bars and nigh life covered and you can just hop from one bar to the next until you find a bar you like the look of.
  7. Clarke, I love you and we had some great times, lets not make this more awkward than it needs to be...goodbye. Wow we really made their bowlers look awesome in the last test. England did bowl very well but we chased a lot of rubbish and were humbled by a much better team on the day. Lets hope our batsmen can turn up for the 4th test and join the bowlers as a team. I really don't mind losing to England, in England but it doesn't have to be a capitulation!
  8. I got a sample pack of the Dictator cigars a short while ago along with a sample pack of PDR cigars. I'm still searching for that first NC to get excited about, i thought I had it with liga No. 9 and have bought 10 more to further investigate.
  9. This is the one I hav and have been running for a few months...well, not even running as I havn't needed to turn it on to cool yet and it has sat arround 17 degrees. I have 2lb of beeds in it and so far have a rock solid humidity. Mine also came with cedar shelves as I bought it second hand from Miner who had posted the data logger results in another thread, "you can go a bit crazy". Very happy so far but ran out of room. I have a second compressor fridge, also off at the moment. I have tupperware containers with bolveda packs inside to maintain rH.
  10. To say that my wife despises it is an understatement. Tobacco is pretty much the devil if you pick up and paper or watch any TV in Australia. I guess she can’t get past the very negative side effects of smoking and will never be backwards in coming forwards with her opinions. I don't think that I'm silly enought to beleive that it isn't doing any harm at all but I don't think that a couple of cigars per month should slow me up too much.
  11. I ahve had one lot of RASS that didn't last too longh in the humi and smoked great right from the start. The box I just received was almost grassy with a almost bitter after taste. I'm really hoping these improve with a little time because I love them when they are good.
  12. I've seen them while diving and did a great impression of a squid! I think it would be worse on a dull day like that sitting on a surfboard.

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