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  1. Others with more experience should chime in but I’d say no. RASS, Superiores and RAG have all demonstrated the rich fruit for me. With this one it simply evolved. More refined, not faded. If you enjoyed the RASS then it will be up to you to decide at what stage you prefer it.
  2. Believe this was a first quarter ‘15, but may have been late ‘14. Also believe that impending family duties will relegate further DCs to the sidelines but hell of a cigar while I can. Cigar 1/3: Faint hints of the formerly concentrated stewed fruit profile. Occasionally announced itself but on the whole the fruity character has been relegated to the periphery. I’d argue it’s entered a secondary phase that’s eminently enjoyable but not as striking. 2/3: Baking spices smashed to the fore but all too fleeting. Christmas at 3pm, fire is on, but then quickly settled. 3/3: More of the same but I hope that’s not too cheap to say. Refined and satisfying. I fall further into my chair and the book is tossed to the table. Wonderful burn. Drink Hudsons Baby Bourbon: This frustrated me. At the outset, pleasing hits of fine bourbon spices and noticeable fruit characteristics. But this summarily concludes like a hot knife through cold butter. Bit of a fight but then done. No finish. A void. Blantons: This is quality. Nose reminds me slightly of a good rum but not quite the buttery banana feel of an El Dorado. Once drunk, quick heat, tongue coating and then contentedly settles for a long ride. Summary: Noted are the early rich qualities of a RAG. Fruit and more. May be worth pursuing on its own merit and calling it a day. But don’t discount the class it can provide a few years in.
  3. On second thought, I’ll go with DiMaggio. Celebrity wife, intuitively better than anyone on the field, will be the face of the franchise long after retirement, consummate winner, generally understated. Lifetime stats aren’t comparable because of the war but year in, year out, I think it fits.
  4. Brady is a winner like Jordan, clutch like Jordan but not as impactful as Jordan was. Or Babe Ruth was. Shlomo summed it up nicely though we oppose on Jordan. He took the NBA in a very different direction. Not sure Brady has done the same for the NFL. He’s the consummate preparer and executor and it pains my everlasting soul to watch him operate but I respect it. My comparison is Federer. Others were more athletic or powerful, but no one else was/is as refined. As for team sports, not an easy fit. More prolific individually than Jeter or Messier, but just as much a winner. Perhaps I’d go Tim Duncan in the end. Better than everyone else but not super flashy.
  5. What a lose-lose scenario. Each side winning gets worse the more you think about it.
  6. Now now... Shurmur was not the most enthralling choice, but neither was Coughlin some years ago so time will tell here. Interesting thought on bringing one along. Keenum, and not Bradford for once, is the most likely to get drastically overpaid this upcoming year. I have no judgment yet on either of those two QBs, but I’ve read some internet theory that elway could bet the house and try to trade up to #2. The Giants are in need of a lot and won’t be fixed by one messiah so I’m actually hoping they can fleece him.
  7. You asked to hear it out of the horse’s mouth. Since we’re on to cliches, you may say that you’ve beaten this topic, or this horse, to a bloody pulp. It’s becoming clear that you’re not going to get an answer you want, so what’s the sense of continuing to yell at the clouds?

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