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  1. This is tough, bc the Bond series might surely be in ruined with their new PC move. Changing the main character so drastically can't be good...Marvel it is
  2. Any loyalists to the Monte #3? What is it about this cigar that makes you a fan? I bought a box bc I need to mix up vitolas in my humidors but seeing as it’s so close in size to the #4, should I have spent on a different cigar? It’s an inch or less longer than the 4, and size does matter, but are they any different?? Would love some takes on this cigar. Thanks
  3. I have had way too many abysmal experiences with the Connie 1, if I didn't love Upmann as much as I do I wouldn't ever try them again, but boy do I love Upmann. Finally have had some good luck with a couple really good Connie 1s lately. Big fan of the hermosa 4, and it is such a great value. Cream and coffee overload.
  4. Totally agree, I wasn't much of a Bolivar fan bc the nicotine would always floor me, as im quite the lightweight with nicotine buzz, but recently ive became more tolerant of it and the Bolivar Marca has quickly become my go to, along with Upmann. Upmann is a fantastic house, I love them. However, I don't think I have EVER had a good Connie 1. If the OP was asking for your fav Marca and worst Vitola it would be their hermosa 4 Connie 1. ive had countless plugged, under-filled, or just plain crap versions, from multiple vendors, im sure its an anomaly but I still love Upmann. Just recently I bought some clearance Connie 1 from 24:24, they are very light wrappers, and feel that they're not plugged, so here's to hoping...
  5. I am not the best and handling nicotine, im a nicotine lightweight, and while this wasn't a weak stick for me, I definitely felt the nicotine. Just a boring profile, blah.
  6. Partagas is a marca I don't buy too much of, and I don't have a very good reason why. I missed out on the 10s of D4 PSP and HQ this past week. I feel I should become very versed with this Marca. I was gifted this Anejado Corona Gorda from a friend about a year ago and I finally lit it up last night. 1/3: started off very salty and grassy, big fan of this size, I don't get too many coronas and this one felt great in the hand. Medium body and dense smoke, the first third is very enjoyable, albeit not the clearest flavors. 2/3: saltiness went away and the dominat flavors were toasted tobacco and a dry nuttiness to the smoke. It has become somewhat one dimensional which is surprising bc when it began I felt it was going to offer some decent flavor, construction is great and not having any need to relight. Medium to medium full in strenght 3/3: nothing new to report, very disappointed in this stick, I felt the size would offer a nice profile but all I've really gotten was a nutty tobacco flavor, a few faint hints of sweet pepper but that is about it, 88/100
  7. That sounds like a great idea, thanks,.
  8. Rubbish construction, extremely tight roll, perfect draw did its best but this thing was not well made, infuriating bc what I could taste wasn't awful. I hate this all too common part of CCs
  9. Yeah I guess that journey takes a toll on the tobacco. Very interesting to me how the leaf changes with age, I wish I understood more what is happening to the leaf during the years some cigars rest.
  10. Can anybody explain what exactly happens in the 90 day recommended rest period before smoking? What exactly happens to the tobacco when it rests, and how does that change to flavor profile? It's quite interesting how age effects taste/flavor in tobacco. Thanks
  11. This is such a damn fine cigar. I also don't often smoke a cigar this size, but the consistent quality of this blend forced me to buy a box. With luck, it'll last a few years. Enjoy!

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