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  1. @inter4alia Josh, very kind of you to organize this event, sounds great. I will do my best to get there, being at the mercy of an 8 month old I cannot commit 100%. I will keep you posted.
  2. I’ve had one that was awful, no taste whatsoever and a very ugly wrapper. I have bad luck with Trinidad, unfortunate bc the good ones are great
  3. big time, been in a 58rh humidifier for almost a year now and still like rebar, PSP box so ill just wait it out, a couple of them were smokeable but very small smoke output, had to junk a few. Never seen such tightly rolled cigars. ABO AUG 18 if memory serves me correctly.
  4. I got a box of these from PSP a couple years ago and every single cigar is absolutely rolled like a tent spike, unsmokeable, real dissapointing.
  5. This is for the Churchill review weekend. Going with my current favorite cigar, the RyJ Churchill. I have always been pretty unlucky with RyJ as they have always been inconsistent cigars, but the Churchill has been excellent. This is a GEL DIC 2019. They wrapper is a very nice Colorado with plenty of oil and sheen to it. The cigar had lots of floral flavors with hints of dried fruit coming and going. At the most enjoyable times I swear i tasted very sweet doughy cake-like flavors. The construction was pretty, I enjoyed this while playing golf so it requires a few touch ups. 91/100 these are so good, I love them
  6. @lovethehaze good looking courses, where/what course is that??
  7. I borderline don’t believe anybody that says they’ve had a good Monte 4 ???. I have never, always plugged or fireproof. This is absolutely no exception
  8. A few from past couple days Cohiba Espy: From the xmas sampler, decent, underdilled Trinidad Fundy: BLAH. Also from the xmas sampler and one of the ugliest wrappers I’ve seen on a cigar. Very dry tannic experience, only a couple decent puffs. Letdown H Upman Sir Winston: very solid, I could smoke these every day Mag 50: best of them all. I just love this blend Thanks to @inter4alia this is smoking great. Started slow, wouldn’t burn well but shortly after it opened up and is typical great RyJ ESL MAY18
  9. The cigar wouldn’t stay lit but the few puffs I had had a very nice burnt marshmallow flavor
  10. I am fortunate enough to be on vacation with some friends-and lots of good cigars-I was just getting an afternoon cup of coffee at a Starbucks when I witnessed a police officer buy his coffee and as he was leaving a patron yelled Some disparaging comments towards him. I am not a police officer but I just want to say thank you to anyone on this forum who is. You guys are going through a rough time but I just want to say is it appreciated
  11. ABO AUG18 this was a solid 93, buttery doughy smoke, dried fruit and chocolate.

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