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  1. Good Connie 1s have such sharp and pleasurable flavors, such an elite value cigar
  2. what is the difference between the SJ and Rio seco? Ive been hesitant to give these a shot bc of the 54/56 size, but they're everywhere I look, I must give them a shot
  3. I sure do miss the old Monte bands, the brown/white looks so much better to me. enjoy, I've got a box of the 2s en route, looking forward to it
  4. Ive only had a couple of these, but they were both jaw droopingly good.
  5. Excellent photos, do you have an instagraw with more photos?
  6. what year did monte change to the new bands? I thought 2014 still was brown and white? I have a 6er of 2014 Monte 2 on the way and hoping they have the old bands
  7. GOS MAY 18. This has been one of the worst box of cigars I've ever had, or I have robbed them of the necessary time they've needed to rest bc almost every single one starts off decent, typical monte flavors, then halfway through the first third it begins to tunnel and struggles to stay lit the rest of the way/requires endless touchups. Ive seen many of you blessed with lighter wrappers which seem to be smoking a dream. Humidors are at 64 RH, all the other cigars have been smoking fine. Only this dark wrapper box has given me issues. I keep going back to Monte, even though they consistantly let me down. I won't give up
  8. Great flavors on this 2018 H Upmann 2, BUT, awful burn, love that quality cuban craftsmanship. Course was soaked, soaked!
  9. Sig you better start slowing down, 7 boxes is not enough!!! (ha) Looking good, enjoy!
  10. Any chance you could give a snapshot of what Aged stock is left in the program, I recall you saying it ends this week? Would love to have an idea of what is coming so that money can be budgeted for certain cigars. Thanks
  11. Good to know!! I have a box of GOS May 18 and they been anything but stellar. Im chalking it up to the darkness of the wrapper and they need more rest. They have the cocoa and espresso taste to them, just not ready. Need to get my hands on the lighter wrapper boxes
  12. Dip regional, this is sensational. Milky coffee, cedar and cocoa.
  13. I have a box of these, MSU May 18m, they're absolutely beautiful and each has smoked so well, excellent construction. Definitely have the molasses and sweet chocolate notes.
  14. Wow, that's amazing, would've been awesome to win a car, twice!! Thats a tough par 3. We played the tips yesterday and it played 7300 yards, long. Cant miss fairways if you want to score at that length. I haven't played it in a few years, but didn't remember the greens being so beat up, still a great track.

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