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  1. And I should add that it will be quite interesting to see the brands/quantities that will be pushed into the US market as well.
  2. This will be very interesting to watch as it plays out. Especially the price point that Cuban Cigars will initially enter the US market at (assuming the embargo lifts).
  3. I go on "kicks". One week it's rum, another, whiskey... then antiquarian books, then coins, etc. Can't stay focused on one thing! Not impulsive so much as streaky!
  4. That's a tougher question than I would have thought, but quantity that I enjoy over quality that I love. Too boring to be on the island by yourself and we all saw how "Castaway" turned out... though I might be talking to my cigars by the end of the year. RASS to have on "special island days" and then a mix of Flor de Cano PC's and Rafael Gonzales', both of which I think are undervalued and quite good.
  5. Hoyo du Gourmet LUB JUN 13 Du to the ring gauge vs. length of this cigar, I am reviewing it in 1/4’s as opposed to 1/3’s. Unlit aromas of hay, flowers, and bath salts. Beautiful, almost pristine Colorado wrapper, minor veining, but not that noticeable for a thinner ring gauge cigar. Double blade cut leaves a medium-tight draw, which should be perfect for this size of cigar. First few puffs: Floral, lavender-like aroma, almost sweet (only the smoke, not the wrapper at all, which was an interesting contrast). 1/4: some of the floral notes remained, but a roasted hazelnut, old cedar appeared
  6. Thank you guys for the positive comments. I'm looking forward to posting more reviews. Also, had another from this box and it was stellar. Not the same dark ash, but equally delicious. I'm going to try and snag another box from the same code.
  7. Those Regios look great! I've really enjoyed the last couple of Serie A's I've had. How do the Regios compare profile-wise?
  8. Posted this on another site, but wanted to post it here, as it's more appropriate. Other review to follow! Origin: Cuba Format: Petit Corona Size: 4.0 x 40 Handmade / BRA DEC 12 After lunch Pairing: Black coffee, dark rum. Time: 45 minutes Part of a larger order (that I will review in time). Couldn't wait more than two days to try one of these after opening the box to find absolutely beautiful little cigars, one of the nicer boxes I've seen from RG. I chose the poorest looking of the cigars in the top layer and proceeded from there. Even being the weakest in appearance, this was a very a
  9. Thanks for the information! I'll have to keep that in mind. I hope some are posted here soon. Finding this site/*****IT has been great!
  10. Sorry about that. And appologies to Rob especially. I looked on the *****IT site and couldn't find any, wasn't thinking clearly this morning. -C
  11. Hi All, I have never tried these cigars, but would like to. Also, general thoughts on these cigars? Thank you! -C Edit: Sorry guys. Editted out.
  12. A Cuba Libre, of course! It really is an excellent drink though. Plenty of fresh squeezed lime juice, Havana Club 7 and (blasphemous, I know) diet coke because I like the flavor. When I feel stingy with the Havana Club, Plantation 5yr is an excellent rum, readily available in the States.
  13. Thank you for the help! Much easier. Here's the first batch, I'll post the second after I've smoked the Trinidad Fundadores (which I am already tempted to clear them out of

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