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  1. I am happy to hear you guys enjoyed the cigars! One of the things I love the most in this hobby of ours is sharing great cigars, and seeing these reactions...
  2. Ok, I may have been a bit overzealous when I mentioned that it was a fact that too little moisture will ruin your cigars... please forgive me... What I meant was that in my experiences they were ruined for my taste. The point I was trying to make is... maybe... this new way of using lower humidity (with the temperature at 68 to 70 degrees) just... maybe... is not so good for your cigars long term. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and they are able to make choices for themselves. It is a fact “for me” and that’s what I meant.
  3. This will be my last post on this matter... I have 70 year old boxes that are in perfect condition because of the old “tried and true” method of preserving these precious cigars. For all this time 70/70 was drilled into our grandfathers, our fathers and then to us. Why? Because it worked. Sure, I changed it just a bit to 68/68, because it was close enough (margin for error) and for 20 plus years it has worked perfectly. You have seen near 100 point scores in reviews “here” with this method... Then all of a sudden there’s a “new” way to do it... lower humidity is now better, the old (tried and true) method is now “hogwash”... and... it works for me so it MUST be the right way to do it. That is until 15 to 20 years from now, maybe it turns out that it isn’t... Is lower better? Nobody really knows for sure... has the old way worked for decades? Hell yes! Just like this information was passed down to my dad, then passed down to me, I am passing it down to you. What you do with this information is entirely up to you.
  4. 65 to 68 percent to store long term. Dry box at 58 to 62 percent to smoke.
  5. It’s “my opinion” that at those temperatures your humidity is a bit too low. As MRN stated “no one really knows” but with my experience, I have found that humidity levels atound 60 percent, and temps around 65 to 70, will eventually dry your cigars out. After long term exposure to this environment, it will substantially lower the quality of your cigars...
  6. That makes sense. Makes you wonder why they kept rare cigars in there.
  7. It probably wasn’t broken very long, and the cigars just needed rehydration.
  8. Yes, you are right... however I did say “most” of the people that know me... I should have said “among” the best, but it’s not me that’s saying it 😂
  9. I think you will be ok... just put them back in your humidor for a month or two, they should be fine.
  10. I store all of my cigars at 68/68. I drybox at 60 percent and the time varies from several days to a week, depending on the cigars.
  11. You say they taste and smoke delicious, compared to what? As most of the people who know me here, they say I have the best stored aged Cubans they have seen... I appreciate the compliments, however I appreciate more the tried and true method that creates the compliments.
  12. It really depends on how “not properly stored” they were. Can you supply some background information?

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