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  1. I was there and visited in February, LCDH St Maarten is most definitely open.
  2. Really looking forward to the return of GoT, I've been binge re-watching the series with my wife. Read all the books, and while I personally feel the books are better, I have resigned myself to accepting that the only ending I will ever get is whatever ending HBO creates. I think Winds of Winter will eventually get published, but it's taken 9 long years so far. At 70, I just can't see him get Dream of Spring out at this point be honest. My small prediction for the upcoming season: Jamie will be the one to kill Cersei.
  3. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but some of these releases aren't on life support, theyre just plain old discountinued. A number of years ago the Hamburglar had released a list of discoed stuff but considering the source, nobody wanted to believe it. But this coming spring will mark 5 years without forum favorites like LGC MdO 2, HdM DD or SLR A.
  4. Lol, leave it all out there? This isn't the last game of your high school or college career where you are playing for pride. The NFL is, first and foremost, a business...a fact that everyone seems to forget. Healthy players get cut, coaches get fired, players who have sustained career altering or ending injuries are cut at the end of the season (without having to pay them a single dime extra) and thats all just part of the business of the NFL. And btw, Vontae Davis had a 10 year career, and at one point was regarded as a top 5 corner in the league. He was a first round draft pick and a pro-bowler and because of all that he has around $50 mil in career earnings. I think he'll be just fine money-wise.
  5. What people forget is that this is a game that shortens lives. They make good money to make that sacrifice but these guys are looking at what...15 less years then the rest of the population? If Vontae thought even for a second that he didn't have it or felt he was playing timidly or scared, then thats when bad shit happens. Was it handled in the best way by retiring at halftime...probably not, but who knows what was going through his head at the time. I don't feel I'm in a position to question the decisions of guys whose entire lives could change in the blink of an eye on a routine play.
  6. I see you live in Indiana, so I'm assuming temperature isn't a problem for at least half the year. I didn't spring for the cooling system as I live in Michigan and have a basement and A/C. If you plan on storing in a room thats regularly over 75 in summer then you should consider going with a cooling system, otherwise you should be fine.
  7. @Derboesekoenig I completely forgot about the Torreon jar, I was thinking more about the Oficios and Mercaderes which are both classics and even the Muralla was solid. The Torreon are good sticks, but they don't seem to get me the way some people love them. Size is one issue for me and the other is that the experience doesn't meet the $30+ price point.
  8. I'd love to know more about the SCDLH LCDH release for sure. San Cristobal has very impressive pedigree on the discontinued lcdh releases and a new addition would be all over my radar...if theyre rolled at La Corona that is.
  9. I used to be into reefkeeping and it was a lot of fun. I had a 6 x 1.5 x 2 acyrllic bowfront and just ran some T5s which kept the heat down and allowed me to grow softies, zoos and LPS just fine. I tried SPS once at the top and it browned out pretty quickly. I miss the clams more than anything though, had a couple neat Maximas that would be hard to find something similar to without paying an arm and a leg now. I stopped basically when I couldn't trust anyone to watch it while I was gone. Finding someone to handle feeding the fish is one thing, but finding someone who would be capable of dosing the tank or God forbid replacing faulty equipment would be an impossibility for me these days. That is a beautiful lobo though!
  10. @Webbo Low prices and great selection are exactly what I'm looking for. A 4+ hour round trip including border crossings and time to explore the humidor isn't in the cards though. Since I'm on a river cruise I only have the one day to explore Vienna. I'd hate to miss it completely and my wife would be beyond pissed if I blew her off just to go check out cigars for the majority of the day. She won't begrudge me making some stops and having a smoke since we're in the area anyway, but much more than that and I would be asking for trouble.
  11. I appreciate all the advice. Ill make a point to check those shops in Munich and I'll be right around the corner from the shop in Vienna so Ill stop there as well, and maybe a few other places I've stumbled across. I've always heard Istanbul is crap for cigars (I won't bother looking while I'm there) and I see its pretty much the same thing at Budapest, which isn't completely unexpected. But it'll be nice to see a few impressive humidors stocked with goodies, and with any luck I'll stumble across a wishlist box or 2.
  12. Where was the 2017 regional release list at? They never bothered to officially announce those at all last year. And from the rumored boxes that have been discussed there hasn't been anything in the way of an official confirmation (unless I missed something,) let alone a release date and its already October. Why bother with a release list at all at this point?
  13. I'm heading to Europe for the first time at the end of this month. I'll be in Budapest for a few days then I'm boarding a river cruise from there to Nuremberg, including a stop in Vienna. After that I'm heading to Munich where Ill be flying back home from. I'll be stopping at the LCDH in Nuremberg for sure, but are there any other shops worth checking out in any of those other cities? Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  14. @wabashcr Thats totally fair, but I wasn't directing my comment at you specifically or anything. Just a general statement as I see lots of comments that blame the US market as the primary reason as to why RGs are increasing worldwide. Its one of those things that strikes me as funny, kind of like some of the guys on the forums back in the day that were 100% totally positive that the Feds were watching all forum talk as they sat in their basements wearing tin foil hats. In fact, some of these guys might've coined the term "Feds is watching" before any terrible dime a dozen rapper ever did. The US was undoubtedly the first market in this current large RG trend but it seems the rest of the world has been catching on to it as well for the past few years.

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