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  1. Wow, this one is pretty universally praised. I certainly didn't find it boring. Now, if you want a snooze fest I'll submit Unforgiven, Howard's End, The Remains of the Day. Jaws 3-D was way worse than Jaws: The Revenge. Fun fact: I saw them draining the tank and removing the background facade for it at Universal when I went there for the first time in 1987. Howard the Duck isn't that bad, it's just not good and definitely weird. Had a huge budget and George Lucas was very much involved. He and a bunch of producers were hell-bent on making the movie. Not sure why. Another fun fact: I actually did see this movie in the theater.
  2. Not exactly. I never said I'm not happy about a 51. I'm 100% ambivalent about it other than I am glad a new release is in my personal size range. And separately, also, I'd like them to produce smaller RG cigars. To me, the two are unrelated events and topics. I just fail to see this an an either/or. I think they could produce both large and small RG cigars. Personally, as a consumer, I would prefer smaller RG cigars, but I don't run the company. I will say I certainly am in favor of a diverse vitolario which takes care of both their desire for large RG and our desire for small RG.
  3. Speaking up for a smaller RG and denigrating a new 51 RG release are two entirely separate and unrelated actions. I'd be thrilled with a 51 RG release for Dip, SP, SLR or RG--specifically because there's nothing else in the lineups. Add something under 52 RG. HSA, PLEASE ADD A SMALL RG. There, it's covered. I've done my part. But I just don't think not buying a 51 RG will translate into HSA getting the message that a lot of people like us want smaller RG and that they should produce that instead of 47+. Too many people are buying 52+ RG. Not me and you, so what more can we do? I'm OK with 51, so I'm open to buying it if it's good. I believe one can accept a 51 RG while also lobbying for small RG releases. Big difference for me. 52 is pretty much my cutoff for comfort. Where I'm not thinking about it. Yes, it's a relatively small difference but it reaches a critical point for me. The few 53 Esmeraldas I've had I can definitely notice the difference. 52 seems my breaking point.
  4. I don't know who thought those bands would be better than no bands. Not to mention the additional cost of physically adding that band to every cigar.
  5. I pretty much agree, although with the caveat of them being 52 RG or under. I guess I have to go on record with my plea to HSA of "please release some small RG cigars" to address the issue. But since that's a pipe dream let's keep them 52 or less--a much more realistic request.
  6. I just don't see it that way. They are not even considering a small RG release. It can't be a trade-off when one option is pie in the sky. The debate has been--at least over the last 10 years--a Montesco or a Geniales, a Sublimes or a Duke--not a Dalias or a Bohemios. So I suppose there is a trade off but it's between a RG closer to 50 or one closer to 60. Instead of a Bohemios it could have been a Montesco or Sublimes (ostensibly with the leaf you think is being pilfered from the potential 42 RG cigar that's isn't coming.) Again, the lamenting of the lack of small RG premiums is totally unrelated to the addition of new vitola that's similar to others. I think you're working off of a theory that dictates duplicate/similar vitolas are only acceptable in a pre-2002 type diverse vitolario which I've never heard of nor do I agree with. Sure, lets have a diverse vitolario. Oh, HSA isn't going to do that...OK, can we have a Dalias? No, alright, how about if they have a new release (which they are determined to do) make it under 52? OK, great. Best we can do and manageable. Don't take your frustrations out on the Connie 2 because HSA won't introduce a Dalias or Deliciosos. As much as we all would love that it isn't happening nor will it in the forseeable future. New releases are coming whether we like it or not and I'm happy when they're under 52 RG. I never heard anyone cry out about the Hoyo Rio Seco and San Juan being so similar in size yet there's a lack of small RG options in the Hoyo lineup.
  7. I don't think you're reading me right. We're not facing a choice of adding a 51 RG or a 42 RG. A 39-43 RG addition isn't realistic. They were never debating between the two. There's no trade-off at play here. So we're having two separate conversations--one being why do we need multiple similar vitolas and the other being why add vitolas that are not skinnies. These are totally separate topics. My answer to the first is they've always had similar vitolas and no one ever questioned it and many people appreciated it. My answer to the second is I don't know, but they've been cutting skinnies for 18 years so forget them adding any. I wish they would but that ship has clearly sailed. I have no issues whatsoever with any new regular production vitola under 52 RG (except the PSD6 or similar micro Robusto). Based on HSA's recent track record, I consider the Bohemios a win. A 39-44 is just too good to be true. I'm not disputing it's a shame it's that way but it is that way. Sadly, we're lucky to even have the Noellas which is a very good cigar even though outside of Cuba the price stinks.
  8. CCs have traditionally had several identical vitolas in the same brands with totally different blends. In fact prior to 2002 the same models with different packaging formats often also had different blends. For example RyJ Exhibicion No. 4 in 50 cabs were quite a bit stronger than Ex 4 in dress boxes. NCs have endless lines, brands and versions. Cuba never did that. Only in the last decade or so have they started creating various lines like Maduros, Montecristo 1935 and RyJ Linea de Oro.
  9. I saw the title of this and though it referred to fans of Alf:
  10. You might be right about the Punch DC. I think if inadequately aged the Lusi beats it but I don't know if the Lusi has the same raw potential the DC does. As far as the construction problems I'll be paying attention. The handful of Lusis and RAG I've had in the last 2 years have been fine. I also am not interested in any more 52+ RG cigars. In fact, I can't think of one that has really impressed me anyway in the sense that I feel that "they could only do this with a large RG". They really just don't seem to have mastered the art of blending large RG. When you can stuff as much flavor as they do in a 39-42 RG clearly the large RG is more of a size preference than it is a larger canvas to paint on. As far as sub-52 models, bring them on. The more the better.
  11. Only been around since 2011, but I've heard quite a bit of positive feedback on aged E2. That could also just be a function of the 11-13 cigars being better than the following years.
  12. It's spelled correctly for "their purposes." What's hilarious is that the pre-production version seen at the Festival had it spelled "Connoisseur"!
  13. I would say yes but the A might actually be fuller in body and mouthfeel. 1 is a little "punchier". The smoke of the A is "chewier". Classier is how some describe it. I like them both, but I suppose objectively the A is the "better" cigar in terms of overall experience. But dollar for dollar the 1 is the winner.

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