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  1. The last one I had about 9 mos. ago was excellent. Can't argue with these continuing to improve as well as it was far from mellow as was your example. And mine had fantastic construction and burn:

    Question to the board

    Not in my eyes, but in order to avoid a potential complaint from a less-than-enlightened customer if I were the vendor I'd fully disclose and sell them as "damaged packaging" at a slight (5%) discount.

    Regional Releases

    Well, get these while you can fellas. 1,600 boxes is a decent allotment but Germany is a big worldwide retail region and if the cigar is as good as you indicate these will be scarce within a year.

    Regional Releases

    No kidding. That's right up there in terms of appreciation with the best of them. Who knew. Even the 07 ED 109 is only at about 400% at $2,200. These are at 600%+, right up there with the early Gran Reservas and Cohiba ELs. Just...wow.

    Regional Releases

    These are going to be extremely difficult to source, and undoubtedly very expensive if located. Auction is about the only shot these days and the last box that sold went for about 1,100 GBP: https://www.onlinecigarauctions.com/sold_lot_info.php?products_id=5509 Tremendous appreciation for a cigar that originally sold for about $220.

    Regional Releases

    Apparently I was mistaken. For some reason I had it in my head that these were not well received. 06 was a long time ago! Good to know.
  7. Exactly where I was at. As I mentioned earlier, I think recent Monte 2s are very similar to the 1-5 and I think that's a first. Monte 2 were always a bit of a different animal. They seem to be much more consistent as well, but I'm scoring them about a 90-91--good but not great. Seeing as this is the case, I would recommend the Monte 1 over it right now. Same smoking time, cheaper, and a much better vitola.
  8. HSA has really pushed a lot of good sticks into the 52 RG. Not being a large RG fan I'm surprised how I've adapted to 52. I'm OK with it, but it's my upper limit. At 53 I start to notice it. With Piramides and Campanas also technically at 52 and cigars like the Connie A, Edmundos, HURR and PSE2 all at 52 I'm surprised 52 is as far behind as it is in the above humidors.

    Trinidad Shorts

    I do love the Puritos--but as is the case with the CoSho I was extremely disappointed to discover that these are about a half inch shorter than Puritos. I mean, jeez--Puritos are already short enough as it is. And the CoSho and TriSho are going to be priced roughly the same I'd imagine--50% higher than the Puritos. I found the Shorts to be just too short. If I want < 15 mins of smoking I'll stick with Minis or Clubs. Puritos can last me 20-25 mins easy. I just found it too difficult to get into the Shorts. They're almost too good to be that short. It's like a great Perlas leaving you frustrated for more. I get more enjoyment from both Party Chicos and Monte Puritos which are very good and IMO can hold their own with the Cohiba Shorts. I'm sure the Trini Shorts are going to be very good as well. That said, the ICT products have always been consistently good. I believe they are using scraps from very good raw materials and predominantly the best seco leaf.
  10. I certainly wouldn't be using a Cuban condom for its intended purpose either. Pro tip--bring your own.

    RyJ Tacos EL 2018

    Hearing some good things about them so far. If they are better than the Capuletos, they've got a real winner on their hands.
  12. There are many custom rollers that have a devout following. Alex, Reynaldo, Yolanda, Milagro, Jorge Ramos, Carlos Fernandez, etc. Many here are big fans of Alex. The best customs I've had were from Reynaldo.
  13. Really, really tough to compare as the PLMC is about 50% cheaper than the LGC. The winner in terms of value by a county mile is the PL. The LGC is definitely a great but very different cigar. The PL profile can get a bit boring for some over time and I think the LGC is never boring when well aged. Very fruity and complex, and quite a bit punchier.

    Regional Releases

    Not to be forgotten is the 06 PL Lonsdales, also a Germany ER. From what I recall hearing they were not at all similar to the PLPC and in fact were very much derided for many years afterwards as were most early ERs. I don't know if these ever came around. I may be mistaken about them but I seem to recall that was the assessment of them. IMO, they should have re-released the Lonsdales done right. Lonsdales have been a good selling ER format for Germany. If done right (the PLPC or PLMC blend) they'd be just spectacular after the 5-year wait. I don't know anyone that has had an aged PLPC that didn't wish it was longer. My (and @JohnS's) question is why hasn't anyone asked for a SC Lonsdale or Coronas with the El Principe blend? Hello? Here's hoping the new SC Petit Piramides are the El Principe blend...I'd be so in. We don't need a short La Punta. We need a fat El Principe!

    Regional Releases

    Worth it, as in will it be nearly twice as good as a PLPC? Absolutely not. If these are simply a 13mm longer PLPC they'll sell out and people will rave about them. In fact, I'd probably spend $10 on a stick just to see how it compares to the PLPC and if it is similar just to experience a longer PLPC. So they've got my $10...but not my $550.

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