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  1. I think the consensus is the Mille Fleurs have been the best all-around option over the last few years. The PCE, SP and Aristocrats can be all over the place, as can the tubed models. I've never liked any of the tubos (Coronas Senior/Junior, De Luxe). And I haven't been impressed with the raw materials in the "small Partagas offerings" as I call them. The Shorts, for example, is a much higher quality cigar than any of the small cigars IMO.
  2. CoRo Reserva. The batting average and reviews on the Reservas/GRs are just too high.
  3. Whoops, got it backwards. I knew it was one of them and wishful forgetfulness led me to think RGPE.
  4. PLP will be the only cigar of that vitola as the RGPE has been cut. And yes, I'm a big fan of PLP. Great value. One of my "everyday" staples.
  5. This was a very good cigar. Very flavorful throughout and good construction. Started quite a bit under medium and finished a true medium. Smoke output was a bit low in the first third but increased quite a bit on the back half. I'm about 90% sure on it. I think the DNA was there in just about every puff. If it's what I think it is it's not a marca I smoke much of but it was an excellent example of it. 93 points.
  6. That cigar definitely does not look like 58 RG x 5.0" Cohiba Robustos Supremos...
  7. I might be interested depending on whose pubic hair it is...
  8. Someone just came in to the LCDH Tijuana 5 minutes ago with a glass-top 5-box of "Cohiba Robustos" they just bought for $30 down the street asking if they were real...so yes, the fugazi business is still booming.
  9. Yes, the Soberanos are terrific. Best way I can describe it is a BRC on steroids. Smooth but full and rich. Not super strong. Didn't get any forest floor/mushroom flavor that I got from the Super Coronas which tasted like just another EL to me. Unfortunately, the price is quite high.
  10. Not a fan of Hoyo myself, but the Depute and Du Maire are very much worth checking out. Extremely flavorful for the marca.
  11. Love the vitola but I didn't hit it off with this cigar. Haven't had one since 17 so maybe they've improved. The Soberanos on the other hand...
  12. So we have a half inch longer La Fuerza for lord only knows how much more money. They're really blowing it with these SC special releases.
  13. I believe he was referring to the 1519: https://halfwheel.com/habanos-s-a-announces-san-cristobal-de-la-habana-1519/294871/

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