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  1. Equally good, different tastes. I prefer the Petit Royales. One of the best RyJ models IMO. I just prefer the Monte 5 over the MC as it has a bit more strength. Also, just about all the Cuban Minutos & Perlas are outstanding. Nobody does small cigars like Cuba.
  2. I can get on board with the Coronas Major but I am always disappointed with the quality of the HU tubos. Yes, most of the old Lonsdales were absolutely top notch. HU 1, RG Lonsdales, Dip 1, SP Molinos are all classics. If you can find well-cared for examples today the floral notes that come off of them are intoxicating. I think RyJ used to have much more diversity in blends in the catalogue but now it's down to the Churchill rosewater light cherry or the Belicosos earthy, leather dark cherry. I would still nominate RyJ as the marca that has fallen the most in the 21st century in terms of quality. It was second to none for many decades and a personal favorite and now I hardly buy it. Boli would be a distant second since it was never as popular as RyJ in the 20th century.
  3. Anejados have typically had two dates accompanied by a REVISADO stamp as well. And none of that makes much sense. The factory code/date stamp is the last thing that happens before the cigars get packed into mastercases and leave. REVISADO had been used originally to inspect cigars from the early 2000s for draw issues. Last REVISADO stamp I recall seeing was from around 05. And the second current date stamp (2019 in the case of these RyJ Churchills) has a factory code. Why would cigars be taken from a mystery aging location back to a factory to be inspected and banded? And again, no one has ever reported seeing, hearing or witnessing any aspect of the Anejados program.
  4. I'd actually put forward the Majestics or Epicures as pretty close but the licorice note seems to not be there. I think the Mag 46 is a unique blend as does the No. 2 now that the PC is gone which was pretty similar. I've never been a fan of Mag 46 or No. 2 or the PC. I love the Connies and SW and I do like the Mag 54. I always have said HU has two sides--dark and light. I prefer the light.
  5. I preferred them machine made, especially the Partagas. Those old cello Super Partagas & Mille Fleurs were great. Used to pick them up for $40-50 box at the LCDH and just blow through them in a week.
  6. Somehow this makes me not want to smoke it. I'm a little simpler on the Mag 46. Straight toasted tobacco, licorice and leather. I tend to get very little if any shortbread/sponge cake that is all over the Connies and SW. As far as age, unlimited potential. 10 years is nothing for a Mag 46.
  7. I actually just happened to get a box of Romeo No. 1 for a giveaway cigar and they aren't bad at all. 18s I believe. I think they're about the same as the Cedros and Coronitas. Totally worth $4. Don't know about Romeo 2 & 3 but they're not much cheaper. I do think the Belvederes are the best of the small RyJs but as with Partagas, I usually tell folks to go with the Petit Royales.
  8. I've never been a fan of the tubed Partagas offerings. Same with the HU tubed. I've never felt they really were using top raw materials. I would also put the Party de Luxe in that category. Never been impressed. But you should try them all as they might be your cup of tea and the price is quite reasonable. I usually just tell folks to stick to Party Shorts.
  9. That's a shame. He had one of the better collections online. Some very cool stuff. The more time that goes by the more I realize how little concentrated info there is on Pre-Rev Havana cigars. The US didn't care--90% of all CCs smoked were clear Havanas. The cultural and historical richness of Havanas seems not to have been preserved outside of a few individuals who were highly involved in Havana importing in Europe prior to 1960. It's a shame how much of this rich history was lost due to the Revolution.
  10. I noticed that too but I do believe I've seen some CCE from that period with very light or almost non-existent varnish. And I do believe the boxes would have been stamped on the bottom as I don't believe the cardboard was used then. So I think the box may be legit but that doesn't mean I'd touch those cigars with a ten foot pole.
  11. I saw them in early 18. Had to be 20 boxes at just about every LCDH I went to. Had to be 50 boxes at Club Havana. Guess these are on the periodic production schedule which is usually 18 months. I would expect to see the next run hit very soon.

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