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  1. Right, so notwithstanding cigars, any Caribbean resort would be identical (except the food may be significantly more edible), no?
  2. No doubt--because they have become dependent on Russia and don't want to come down on them too hard. No surprise. And I don't recall Europe ever really giving too much of a hoot about Ukraine anyway. I'm a little confused though--most eastern Ukrainians are pro-Russia and most Western Ukrainians are pro-Ukraine/Pro West correct? Does Putin really want to occupy Western Ukraine? Doesn't he just not want the missiles in eastern Ukraine? I think it's time to split this country down the middle. Wouldn't everyone be happier that way?
  3. I've been wondering that for years. Outside of cigars of course there are about 20 places in the Caribbean I would choose over Cuba in terms of experience and facilities. Sure, Havana is cool to see once. But if you're doing the resort thing I just don't get it.
  4. Didn't you get some of these @El Presidente? I saw several vendors had them in stock the latter part of 21.
  5. They need to adjust the exchange rate soon or tourism is going to evaporate. The price of a hotel room is going to be €500 a night for a tourist checking prices (I'm assuming not all hotels are priced in MLC). Would it be safe to say that probably half of tourists don't know or aren't comfortable changing pesos on the black market? Even a third of prospective tourists thinking those are the prices they'd have to pay would be an enormous deterrent to going.
  6. Honestly, none of those nominees. Personally, I think even the Trini Robustos Extra Travel is nicer than any of those.
  7. Not gonna happen. Senior Russian lawmakers have responded by saying that shipments of oil, gas and metals to Europe would stop if that happened. Europe, particularly Germany, has become extremely dependent on Russian resources. They've got them by the Hoden.
  8. Keep in mind, all purchasing was done at B & Ms like this in those days--and cigars were at the height of their popularity. I would imagine any well-regarded tobacconist in any large city would have had a comparably large stock. You also have hundreds of brands available that any store would had to have kept. No tobacconist could risk running low of any brand as a customer could easily find his cigars at the next shop across town. I'm sure many of these tobacconists were delivering cigars all over the city. Large orders, small orders. And who knows what the supplier situation was then. Bulk discounts for retailers? Minimum purchase amounts? Keeping enough to rotate for aging a year or two?
  9. Yes, the N is a clue that it's either Jan or Nov. I really don't think it's NN, but it doesn't look like an O either, and there is a character there so I suppose it's equally likely to be Jan or Nov since the second N is crystal clear. All we can know for sure is year. I haven't seen a lot of 1985-1987 boxes but I can imagine there was likely quite a bit of variation and inconsistency in the first era of codes. For example, there doesn't appear to be a factory code on this box which should be there. Perhaps the F was part of the intended factory code (FPG and several Pinar factories used F) and was stamped partially or accidentally combined with the otherwise correct "NUC" code? Again, in this era, lots of explanations for how a code could get butchered.
  10. I don't know if that code is correct or what the heck that first character is (F?) but if accurate the UC would be 1987 which is consistent with the Cubatabaco stamp (1985-1994)
  11. Haven't seen it anywhere either. All Havana codes through are accounted for through ABR 21 so it's provincial. Assume standard quality.
  12. Almost perfect--except the 08 band gives it away. Should have gone with the Cuaba Piramides.
  13. Every 20 I've had has been excellent flavor wise. I haven't needed to really rest them at all. They're really blending these great and aside from the batch with the fireproof wrappers construction has been excellent as well.

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