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  1. Cohiba ≠ bang for buck Almost all Cohibas are about the same price per gram except Siglo VI which has become way out of whack. I've found the Siglo II and the Robustos to be the most inconsistent of the lineup. As they are the most produced it's no shock. I generally avoid both. I go for the most likely to be smoking well. Lately, that's the Siglo I and Medio Siglo.
  2. Mission accomplished, HSA. Personally, I find them expensive and gloomy.
  3. The problem is they aren't that cheap. The packaging is a bit deceptive. At 16s they can keep the price under $100 but that breaks down to about $5.50-6.00 each which is about the same cost by mass as everything else. I do miss the old Vegueros No 1 and No. 2. They were very high quality cigars with the most wonderful fresh, grassy and herbal taste. These new ones just taste like sour hay to me.
  4. Does anyone think the Tapados stands out among the other models all? Anyone smoke only Tapados?
  5. The only Vegueros I find smokeable is the Entretiempos. The others taste about the same and don't impress me including the Tapados. Shame, since I like the vitola.
  6. New one. I know it's a 51 RG. Based on pre-release pics it appears to be slightly longer than a Robustos, something like 130-135mm.
  7. I'm surprised since they're very, very different. I was never a PC fan, nor am I a fan of the No. 2, Majestics, Regalias or Epicures which I find to all be fairly similar in blend. I really only like Connie 1, Connie A, Noellas and SW with an occasional Mag 54 thrown in. I am very much looking forward to what they do with the upcoming Connie 2.
  8. Some of the best Connie 1s I had were fresh BRE OCT 17s in Cuba at the Partagas Festival that year. Again, the only rough patch I can recall with these is late 18. They are remarkably consistent and high quality.
  9. That's fine--that would be a brand that you could circle back to after finding your regular rotation. I'm assuming even though you like it, you don't have the 48 in your regular rotation and obviously the 898 isn't going to be around very long and is quite pricey. I think it just limits the amount of time and money one spends on finding CCs they like. I would venture to guess 90% of CC smokers have 90% of their regular rotation in 5 brands or fewer. I know I do. 90% of the cigars I smoke are HU, Monte, VR and SC. My suggestion just tries to expedite that process.
  10. I never recommend individual cigars for those beginning their journey with CCs. I recommend trying the two or three most popular cigars in each brand and narrowing down your preference in brand. When you find the top 5 brands you like, further explore those. After you've found a good rotation and become experienced with those, you can go back and further examine the brands you didn't initially like. You might find you can appreciate a brand you didn't like after more experience with CCs. I would definitely suggest this approach as you have some very expensive cigars on your list. For example, if you don't like Cohiba you're probably not going to appreciate or like a Behike. If you don't like Punch you're probably not going to like the 898. I would urge you to avoid all special production.
  11. Unfortunately, you probably should be worried about those BRE NOV 18s. There seems to be a remarkable consensus that the late 18s are off. It seems there was definitely something wrong with that run of leaf. Fortunately, it seems relegated to Q4 18. It's just a bummer since it prohibits blind buys as there's still a lot of that stock floating around.
  12. I think that's due mainly to the cigars themselves. Trini REs are highly sought after and getting pretty old at this point.
  13. I'm not sure I follow you. I don't see the relevance of a distributor partially owned by HSA like PCC or one that isn't. All distributors are essentially joined at the hip with HSA for practical purposes. As far as the release, either it's a HSA release or a distributor release. Only two possibilities. Official jar releases are fairly unusual for HSA. The last two I can think of are Boli Distinguidos for China in 2011 and the still unreleased HU Mag 56. Anything like that is clearly and obviously marked Habanos:

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