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  1. Always heard good things about both the No. 1 and No. 2. Getting pretty hard to find so happy to hear some are still out there and being enjoyed!

    Seleccion - Robustos?

    In 15 years of being aware of these I can't say I've ever heard good things about either the Robustos or the Piramides. Likey standard PSD4, CoRo, Epi 2, RyJ SC and Monte Master but the older Monte Robustos, RyJ Robustos and HU Robustos never received any high praise AFAIK. And the price makes it just bad. I would agree it's probably relegated to gifting, and not to someone who smokes a lot of CCs. Would love to see a Seleccion Lonsdales however...😁

    Long & Skinny

    I would also put up the MdO4 as a great choice for beginners and veterans alike. Medium, rich and very pleasant flavors and a great value. Can be enjoyed with very little age, but ages well nonetheless. I would say the PLMC isn't for everyone, especially without 3-5 years. And the Laguito No. 1 & 2 of Monte and Cohiba are to me not beginner's cigars and are relatively pricey.

    Long & Skinny

    Yep, that's what we've come to. 15+ years ago 43 RG would actually have been considered above average! Long skinny for me would have to be at most a Dalias or Laguito No. 2. 43 is the upper RG limit and 152mm/6" is the lower length limit. I would have said in the past 40 RG was the upper limit. So Laguito Especial would be in but Cervantes out.

    San Cristobal Prado

    Everyone did. Definitely one of the high points of the LCDH program, and a cigar that would fit right in in today's current LCDH/HS lineup. Another cigar that I believe would sell well and fit right in would be the Torreon. Why they haven't made these available in 10s baffles me. The Torreon has to be the worst-selling LCDH by far and it doesn't have to be. SC is a terrible brand to have a halo model like this. HSA never fails to mystify with releases like the Prado. I'd have to say it might be the worst idea for a LCDH/HS release yet, and that's saying something for a cigar that smokes well.

    San Cristobal Prado

    The verdict: It was quite good. Excellent construction & burn. Very smokeable. SC profile all the way. 1st & 2nd thirds were a touch under medium. Last third medium. And I will never buy this cigar. The profile was like a good La Punta. Except half the size. And the El Principe, which is not much smaller, is a bit richer to my taste. I would have loved to have this blend in a re-issued Murallas where it could develop a bit in a larger format like a Rodolfo. I think these are going to be around $12/stick and at that price what are they thinking putting it up against the La Punta? A good La Punta is going to be just as enjoyable at 20% less. The only thing comparable is the Monte Petit No. 2, and I don't believe those are really a good seller. At least those are regular production. This is a HS release, so a bit more money than the Monte. Should have just re-issued the Murallas...

    San Cristobal Prado

    Just fired this one up...so far so good. Will update shortly...
  8. I was wondering about that as well. Could he even provide enough leaf for a run like that. And how much wrapper does he grow? How could he possibly produce 250,000 large top tier wrapper leaves? I had forgotten his finca was only 6 acres and it seems your math is quite reasonable based on that size. Obviously, the tobacco has already been harvested...I suppose it's possible Cubatabaco's been hanging on to all of Hector's leaf for the last 3-5 years and can roll 500k Sublimes with it. Most likely Phoenicia's just full of crap.
  9. With 500k sticks that's unlikely to happen. More than double the number of P 30s. Although if they do pull it off... I will say choosing the Partagas factory over EL is a wiser choice if the actually want to keep their word. And they probably learned their lesson last time. HSA can ask but Cubatabaco does what it wants. As far as all the tobacco coming from Hector, well, who knows. It may be the case since the tobacco for that blend may in fact be from Hector's finca, so that may in fact be true.
  10. Hmm...this is quite a statement: Phonecia Trading A.A., the biggest distributor of Cuban cigars in the world. I'd like to see the numbers on that. Yes, UAE and Lebanon are in the top 8 markets but I find it hard to believe PCC doesn't have it with China, HK, OZ and Japan. As @Corylax18 points out, it wouldn't be the first time Phoenicia fudged the facts.

    HSA's New Product Lineup: Línea Retro

    By the time these come out they'll have to call them Linea Retro Retro. Good gracious. How long does it take to put out two Marevas? Cuba must be having trouble sourcing the tins. Or paying for them.

    Tiger’s epic comeback

    Think what you will of him, an incredible feat considering where he's been the last decade.
  13. I'd you mean to literally dissect to check for long filler, I've found most good fakes are using long filler and have been for many years (despite what the Cigar Obsession guy might think). I recently came across some fake Cohiba Maduro Genios in Mexico that looked very, very good. Box, bands and everything. Not perfect, but very good. Cigars looked great. Got one to try (free). Great construction, long filler. Tasted like crap. Couldn't get to half before pitching it.
  14. Everything about that box looks fine, but the OP is stating the Habanos logo isn't burned into the bottom or depressed, so if so that might be a concerning sign. No leaflet of cedar divider wouldn't necessarily concern me. Barcodes get scratched all the time. But if the Habanos logo is all there is, I'd say the box is probably genuine.
  15. Based on what I've read and heard the period of 85-95 was indeed a high water mark for CCs, at least post-Rev. Obviously, there were some incredible cigars made from 61-84. Don Candido, Don Alfredo etc. were evidently always great from 35-82. If I had to pick an era, I would probably pick late pre-Rev, say 55-61. The variety and private production with the use of the old Criollo & Corojo would probably result in some incredible and unique cigars.
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