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  1. Join the club. Batting average for ERs are well under .500 making them a only buy if you know what you're getting situation. It takes solid research to figure out the hits among the many misses, and at the premiums they carry I'd generally avoid them. If you absolutely have to have one go with any of the 109s. I've heard the LFDC Robustos are good. Other than that there are some threads about the standouts over the years. It's hard to give any advice other than stick to regular production. There are so many great regular production cigars right now there's absolutely no need to chase special production of any kind.
  2. Hmm...it's also now showing Hoyo DD and SLR DC as discontinued back to 13 and 14. I'm thinking @ATGroom just reached the point where he's given up on them. It is unlikely that they'll be coming back after 5 and 6 years now but without official confirmation it's hard to pencil in a discontinued status. If so, LGC desperately needs a shot in the arm. One cigar of the Palmitas vitola isn't going to cut it. At least Dip's one model is a Piramides. And the new Sublimes isn't stirring my passions since the Inmensos has been out for years anyway.
  3. I recall paying a little less than $100 when released in 04. The LCDH had a first edition that I had always been going to so I knew I had to have one. I just missed out on the MRN autographed copies for $125 or something. There was about 100 of those IIRC. Through the old OZ forum when Hawkeye was moderating. And I still reference it several times a month. Never far from reach. I can't imagine the amount of information in the planned 5-volume set.
  4. And that's exactly what they would do... I love how the RyJ Churchills Anejados has a special faux-wood cardboard outer box with the same white square sticker Cohiba Maduros have with the box code. So clearly they weren't boxed in 07 because the guaranty seal is the current one yet they have the white box code sticker...so obviously that code sticker was made after the boxes--and if we could find out who made the boxes we'd have an answer there. I hate to say it, but the RyJ Churchills Anejados might be the shadiest of all the Anejados so far and that's saying something.
  5. Vaping has been extremely popular for at least 5 years and the point is that these acute illnesses have only been an issue for less than two months, so I'm very skeptical. Long term--my point is we don't know. Meaning it might be bad. That's why I only support the use of it as a cigarette substitute--something we know for a fact is bad--very bad. And as far as cigarettes, they didn't really become popular in the US until the 1920s. By the 1940s quite a bit of data was emerging that cigarettes were harmful. By the late 50s it was widely known that cigarettes were harmful. Smoking rates in the US began a steady decline from that point on until they leveled off after 1996 after the FDA got involved in regulating cigarettes (go figure).
  6. That's about as close to nailing it as one can get. I could have picked it by this description alone. There's only one Piramides that can be described this way...
  7. So who's still dumb enough to buy the RyJ Churchills Anejados with these coming up? I'll take better cigars for less money for $200, Alex. HSA needs to leave the aging to the distributors. That is, assuming Anejados are aged at all...
  8. The manufacturers and retailers should be held civilly and criminally liable if any product they make, distribute or sell harms anyone, period. Talking acute illness, not death in 30 years. If we go there McDonald's would have been out of business long ago. Also, children should not be smoking cigarettes or vaping, but since we don't know how to keep cigarettes out of the hands of kids we certainly don't know how to keep vaping devices out of their hands. The best method as far as I can tell for keeping any harmful substance away from kids is parental and community involvement, education and honest communication. And of all the bad things kids can get into, I'd say vaping is probably one of the least harmful. So we have to be realistic about that. This is beside the point that the FDA has illegally (IMO) classified vaping as a tobacco product which it is obviously not. I guess if they can do that they can classify toasters as tobacco products. By the way, the FDA has killed many more people than it's saved. See my summation of that here: As far as Elixir Sulfanilamide, there should have been a far greater civil liability framework in place at that time for the sale of products such as that. Everyone should have been held liable from Massengill executives to the retailers selling it. Ultimately, I believe only Massengill's chemist was actually held liable. Additionally, the base components of E.S. were known to be toxic by themselves unlike vaping products. And keep in mind, there were only about 100 casualties. 100 too many, to be sure, but when put in perspective and considering this was by far the worst case in US history (150 years to that point) I think future issues could have been avoided without establishing a behemoth federal bureaucracy like the modern FDA.
  9. Smokeless tobacco is still tobacco. Red Man has caused plenty of mouth cancers. We're talking about pure nicotine. No tobacco. And I never said nicotine was safe. I said it was as safe as caffeine. They both have pharmacological effects. But if you're going to start attacking caffeine I don't think you're in the realm of reasonable argument. I've also said multiple times that youths and pregnant women shouldn't be ingesting caffeine or nicotine. It appears that there is quite a bit of evidence over a reasonable period of time that deleterious effects are substantial for those two groups. So we have to define harmful I guess...let's say it looks like it's less harmful than a Big Mac.
  10. Looks like one in good condition is about $700 and one in excellent condition is about $1,000. Been the same for a few years. https://www.amazon.com/Illustrated-Encylopaedia-Revolution-Havana-Cigars/dp/3980930823/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2ANHE5ZLGG938&keywords=min+ron+nee&qid=1568150713&s=gateway&sprefix=min+ron+nee%2Caps%2C208&sr=8-1 Amusing that when one searches for Min Ron Nee only @nino's picture comes up...I'm starting to think one and the same...
  11. Not gonna happen for a woman in her 70s smoking since the 60s. Just wasn't. I believe she tried some patches and gum years ago with no success. And the most important thing--she didn't want to quit. I think that's what many are missing. The people switching to vaping often are not ready to give up cigarettes at all. But vaping is the most seamless transition for them. I truly believe the only thing she would or could have switched to is vaping. And also, she had tried other vaping devices a few years ago but they were inconvenient and difficult for her. she went back to cigarettes. She then tried the most popular one today (which I won't name) on a friend's recommendation and its ease of use made it feasible for her. The last thing we'd want is any Fu goo. She might not make it through that... Hmm...vaping is illegal under 18. Where the hell are the parents and teachers? Nicotine is harmful to developing brains. If teachers and parents are allowing this then there's nothing that can be done. That's where the problem needs to be addressed. It is not acceptable behavior for those under 18 and I am all for spreading the word about that.
  12. One paper from NCBI? Come on now. Here's a bunch of studies from NCBI showing how harmful caffeine is: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2735818/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3521899/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4269671/ US News and World Report summing up the lack of evidence of measurable long-term harm from nicotine, June 2018: https://health.usnews.com/wellness/mind/articles/2018-07-12/is-nicotine-really-that-unhealthy Shirley Cramer, chief executive of the RSPH, said: "Getting people on to nicotine rather than using tobacco would make a big difference to the public's health. https://news.sky.com/story/nicotine-no-worse-than-cup-of-coffee-report-10349589 And the definitive study from the late 90s on nicotine's harmful effects: https://books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=pa0tucljwo4C&oi=fnd&pg=PR9&ots=XTpSLboldh&sig=Enz86HPMR8hnPzhTsRf2w6zN2_I#v=onepage&q&f=false The bottom line is there is no solid consistent evidence showing nicotine is any less safe than caffeine for adults and non-pregnant women (who should also avoid caffeine). Now we can have a discussion about the additives and chemicals that are delivered along with nicotine in vaping devices, but again, there is little evidence as of now that demonstrates that those associated chemicals are harmful. What we do know is that nicotine itself, aside from being highly addictive, is on par with caffeine in terms of physical harm. I don't have children, but I realize and accept that bad stuff is out in there in the world and out there for kids to obtain, and recognize that not all products are equally harmful and shouldn't be banned unless the net harm is clearly greater than the net benefits, which at this point hasn't been established at all. Alcohol is a far more destructive product for youths and I think we all understand banning it would be unwise. Clearly we don't want kids addicted to anything, but I'd rather have more kids addicted to harmless nicotine via vaping and less addicted to it via cigarettes.
  13. This belief is based on what exactly? That a big exhaled cloud of vapor created by chemicals which have been deemed harmless by themselves for decades seems unhealthy? I'm surprised by the jumping to conclusions about a product that no one can yet show as being physically harmful in any way, particularly as a substitute for something that we know for a fact is extraordinarily harmful and kills tens of thousands of people every year. I don't believe anything other than when faced with drinking from a bottle labeled "poison" and another bottle labeled "unknown" I'm going to drink from the "unknown" bottle. Until this product is shown to be worse for your health than cigarettes everyone using it instead of cigarettes is better off for it. To be clear, I'm only supporting the use of this product by adults as a substitute for cigarettes--not as anything else. Until consistent and clear evidence comes in that it is worse than cigarettes I will continue to do so.
  14. Well, my mother was coughing up brown and green goo in the mornings for the last 10 years. ENTs had no idea what it was. She started vaping, quit smoking and within two weeks she stopped coughing up goo and hacking for 15 minutes straight in the morning. Her olfactory senses improved. Breathing became easier. And now after over a year her lungs are healing. So I see a benefit.
  15. I'm aware that some Anejados have had codes that were consistent with codes seen at the time for other cigars, but the vast majority have oddball codes. I believe I saw an OBE code on the Party Coronas Gordas and I believe that was a confirmed code in 07.

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