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  1. Yes, I guess we're down to just the Du Maire, but I haven't heard much talk of laying down a San Juan or Rio Seco. As far as the SLR, I'd love it if they weren't as mild as they've been in the past. The LCDH never has them so I might need to try a 6er next time Rob puts one up.
  2. I think it might be more accurate to name cigars that don't show as much signs of youth ROTT. All cigars change with age and some prefer fresh and some prefer time. I would have to say milder cigar are probably least susceptible to unpleasant youthful characteristics. SLR Regios would definitely be right up there. In fact, they probably really hit a sweet spot at 2-3 years. Pretty quick. Siglo I has never struck me as youthful although they can pack a bit of a punch. Same with RG Perlas, RGPC and Party Shorts. Those tend to be very approachable young. Hoyo Le Hoyo series are pretty
  3. I understand. I'm just addressing the psychological aspects of higher expectations with higher price. When the prices weren't higher, people were still disappointed. I don't think ELs have really had some kind of monumental transition since then. They are much better but I still see them as being closer to their original incarnations than farther from that. So sure, you're going to get more disappointment as prices rise but they were still underwhelming people when prices were much lower.
  4. I hate to say it but 54 and 56 is becoming tolerable for me in shorter formats. Not that I like it, but I'm able to work with it. I can get through a Mag 54, Montescos or Topes, but I do still do struggle with Sublimes. Just too long for that RG. I would have to prep myself for a few days to deal with something like a BHK 56 or god forbid a Cohiba 50th Grandiosos. I just pulled out a Monte Especiales No. 2 today and wow, it seems so small...and it's supposed to be one of my favorite vitolas!
  5. You trying to say Gigli wasn't a masterpiece? Seriously though, I was quite impressed with Gone Baby Gone and The Town after a couple of viewings. Obviously, Argo is excellent. However, I understand he had a lot of direct and indirect studio assistance from both. It appears Live By Night was really his first true full-control go at things and I must say, that film is a mess. I would say he seems to be a director that can be outstanding when kept reigned in.
  6. By mediocre perhaps I should have used "good". I'm certainly not using the term mediocre in a disparaging way. I consider a mediocre cigar to be the baseline of a cigar I would buy. As is the case with just about everything, there's a bell curve. Most CCs are in the middle. Most people forget special production pricing was much more in line with regular production until about 2011. The original ELs and ERs were quite low priced. HSA had no idea whether it could work since they were basically selling seconds leaf and just happy to blow it out the door. As far as the ERs, they came alon
  7. The only cigar on the list that's readily accessible today (and that I have enough experience with) is the D5 which is slowly coming into its own right now. It's going to need at least another 2 years to flesh out. Seeing as how I'm still seeing late 19 codes on these, these have a ways to go. I smoked a couple with only a year on them and they were 89/90 points. Last one I had, same box, last month was up to 92-93. They could definitely get up to 95-96 with a couple more years but fresh ones are a total waste. I can tell you that at $12 I'd be putting my coin towards one of the Trinis or
  8. I think this is what they call a red-pill moment. Welcome to the resistance--our dear leader @PigFish will show you around. We're serving McRib tonight. The prices of ELs and ERs in the last 5-8 years have absolutely made them a rather risky choice. I've said it before--Some great, some bad and most mediocre for many multiples more than regular production. I would do serious vetting before plunking down that kind of cash for any special production for smoking (investing is a different question). Of the 14 specials you listed, it seems you really liked 2. Pretty lousy batting average
  9. The draw issues didn't become endemic until late 99. There were some problems in 98, more in 99 but it was sporadic. There were quite a lot of blend changes from 97-99 (most likely due to overproduction and spreading good leaf too thin) but very few CCs were just complete crap-tasting. 00-02 was the combination of QC and horrible tasting cigars. Personally, if I had to pick a year to buy between 99, 00 and 01 I would pick 99. My guess is that most people who are scared of 99 weren't actively smoking CCs then and maybe are hearing bad things from others that have had bad experiences on the vint
  10. I don't believe he's correct. But again, I can forgive the author for the theory. There may certainly have been a general lack of ligero due solely to the sheer volume of CCs being produced. Certainly, compared to pre-98 CCs the strength difference would have been substantial. Perhaps there were issues with ligero from Havana 92. The world may never know. There was so much inconsistency in CCs at that point people were unsure what was going on. There were CCs from that period (00-02) that were downright unsmokeable. Not like today where getting a tosser is quite rare and QC has been stand
  11. I don't take too much issue with that article actually. Not that I agree necessarily, but the author could be forgiven for any errors or incorrect opinions. Mid-late 01 was a very, very volatile period for CCs. There's some basis to the theories about what was happening with the tobacco at that point. None of the strains used then, including Havana 92, are used today. Processing methods were being revised. Shortages were real but mainly due to the sheer number of CCs being produced then--something Altadis changed almost immediately in 2002. Quality control was in a state of chaos. Also, many p
  12. I actually do recall them now. Actually, the LCDH still had some a couple years ago. I actually liked them quite a bit, and I'm not generally a Hoyo fan. The 07 Regalos were also excellent as long as you didn't get the fireproof wrappers.
  13. I actually don't recall that much disparity of opinion. Some really loved it and others thought good but not great. This may have had to do with youth. The first few I had ROTT weren't great but 6-9 mos later I thought they were quite good. Nothing spectacular but 92-93 points. I thought they were good, but just on the lighter side. Haven't had one since about 2013 so I have no idea how they've held up but they were kicking around for a long time in the secondary market. I certainly think it was more successful than the 13 De Luxe which no one seemed to really care about. I cons
  14. What brand was missing a Montesco.........SC! Get on it! I'm going over/under at $400 with that box...despite the 8,888.

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