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  1. I bought these when they first hit. $258 in Feb 03. A lot of money back then. CoRo was only in the low $300s in those days. They were god awful. Maybe they've improved but I've never heard anything good about them. I do recall them being very strong, and not in a good way.
  2. It just occurred to me I don't know if it's ever been established that Henry Clay even smoked cigars... Anyway, the cigar cases didn't help him--Clay lost in 1844 but perhaps that isn't a good thing: Some historians have argued that a Clay victory in the 1844 election would have prevented both the Mexican-American War and the American Civil War
  3. Other than the Siglo XXI humidor, 1492 and Cubatabaco 25 I suppose I'd go with the Partagas 155 Aniversario.
  4. I don't think I want to get on the Titanic Oyster Bar.
  5. The full list of LCDH + HS releases is: Punch 48 Connie B SC Prado Cohiba Novedosos Monte Herederos
  6. If it's lighter than the B, I'm definitely out. As far as the difference between the 15 EL and the jar release, they couldn't be similar in source leaf. EL leaf is all aged for 2 years and the wrapper is upper tapado junk leaf. The EL Mag 56 was not a light cigar but it's mellowed into a very nice, medium plus complex cigar. If you're going to spend $800-900 on one or the other the EL version is more of a sure thing. Edit: I guess the 15 EL is selling for well over $1,000 now...yikes. Personally, I wouldn't touch it at that price. I'll take two boxes of SW please.
  7. I believe the Monte Herederos will be LCDH + HS.
  8. There are three types of releases: LCDH, LCDH + Habanos Specialist and Habanos Specialist. Gold bands are for "LCDH + Habanos Specialist" releases. Red (maroon) bands are for LCDH exclusives. Habanos Specialist releases sport no extra band (SC Torreon, Connie A, PL Picadores) although the initial run of Torreon in 2013 apparently did erroneously have the maroon LCDH second bands.
  9. Many years ago and it didn't seem to help much. The PerfecDraw was a huge improvement and the first tool that actually consistently worked for me. It seems you need something that actually extracts or moves the leaf that's obstructing the draw. The one fin on the Modus really didn't grab anything. The barbs on the PD really grab and latch on. I find if you pull the PD out slowly enough it really drags out big chunks of leaf.

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