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  1. I'm still unclear about this so-called "HK" pricing standard. If distributors are charging retailers uniformly HK pricing is going to rise by the same amount as the rest of the PCC countries meaning HK pricing will still be higher than other countries because of duties that only apply in HK. There's simply no way to achieve uniform pricing in all countries. It's not up to distributors or HSA.
  2. Yes, it seems high and in most sources I've read one has to be aware of the darkening of the leaves above 130F. Unless you have multiple sources at Tabacuba I doubt it will ever be confirmed. But clearly there has been a reduction in tannic, bitter, ammoniac and harsh flavors in young CCs since 2000 which drives the hypothesis.
  3. Yes, it's a masterclass in blending. To have one cigar run the gamut of flavors of a brand as diverse as HU (possibly the most diverse brand) is remarkable. Certainly the best-blended cigar in the Habanos portfolio. Gives you a little bit of everything and takes you on a journey.
  4. 1999-2001 was the only point in time that you could have convinced me that some NCs were objectively superior to some CCs.
  5. They certainly weren't. I recall seeing the original Opus X at Casinos in both CA and Las Vegas north of $100 each in the late 90s. These were also the years when there was a growing belief and serious PR campaign suggesting NCs had finally evolved past CCs into the best cigars in the world.
  6. Regios are a nice change of pace cigar. I find them very similar to the Ex 4 in terms of execution--substitute berry tart for the RyJ cherry. Some leather/licorice in there. Not a cigar I could smoke every day unlike the Famosos or Connie 1. Just doesn't stand out enough. A box of Regios would last me a year or more. They also are very prone to construction issues in my experience, especially those rolled more loosely. Wind tunnel draws and poor burning.
  7. Haven't really noticed this but I guess I'll have to start paying more attention. I've had plenty of wonky Trinis. In fact I had a ML the other day that I recall specifically didn't burn that great.
  8. I would still have to put the Montes on par. I enjoy Monte 3/4/5 as much as a Coloniales and Reyes, but I enjoy the change of pace. I enjoy a Monte DE just as much as a Esmeralda/Topes, but again it's a how-am-I-feeling-at-the-moment decision. If the Trini profile appeals to you more I can't argue with that. To me it's never been exceptional. I like the San Cristobal or Connie 1/2 or Famosos profile just as much. I feel for anyone that is a Trini lover. I see no reason the brand should be doubled in price.
  9. There's always going to be personal preference. As far as the comparison to Monte, I agree with the traditional pricing that has both Monte and Trini at a bit of a premium--maybe 10%. I see them as equally high in quality and universal appeal in terms of profile. But Trini has always been just one of many cigars in my rotation. In other words if money was no object I would smoke no more Trini than I already do. But if money were no object I would certainly smoke more Cohiba than I currently do. I also agree that Cohiba construction is in no way superior to any other brand. That really hasn't been too much of an issue for most folks up until now, but I think if they want to start selling Siglo II for $1,000 it would behoove them to start picking up the slack in that area. I've smoked only one BHK--a 54--and construction was less than ideal which just is flat-out nonsense.
  10. Eh, most of those don't make total sense. Not the kind of uninformed speculation that typically comes out of halfwheel. HSA didn't have a general inability to supply the market pre-pandemic. There were some issues with Cohiba and that's about it. I guess we could have liked more Sir Winston and Fundys but that isn't what I would call a "general inability". Next is there actually an increased demand since 2020 or are we looking at a recovery in demand or simply demand rates increasing at the same rate it had been? As far as poor recent harvests that is flatly incorrect. The last 5 harvests have been above average at worst.
  11. The reason for the shortage has been covered and is not a mystery. The difference is that Nicaragua and DR can't conscript people.
  12. I know, hypothetical discussion about a cigar we can't get!
  13. SW has legs. Always has. I would say they would continue to improve into the 8-12 year range. That's typically been the sweet spot for post-2000 CCs. After that I can't tell you--I haven't had many early 2000s SWs.
  14. Yeah, this whole roller shortage thing is odd. Like having a lack of army troops. Conscription anyone? Somehow they're able to get tons of doctors out of the system but they can't get cigar rollers? I mean what's the point of central planning if you can't even handle this?
  15. One of Cuba's best. Classy, rich and of the highest quality. A blending masterpiece with every aspect of the marca represented. A cigar few could dislike. I don't think young ones could really pull off scores higher than 95 but they have the potential to get up in the high 90s--something few cigars can manage. It just has the raw materials necessary for greatness.
  16. Seems a bit low. Sounds like Monte 5 perhaps. $100/box Monte 4 was 1990s price. I vividly recall PLPC at $230/cab. Siglo II was low $200s. CoRo $350. Siglo VI $450. I recall people flipping out when Rob put up Cohiba Robustos Supremos at $450. That was 2015-16. Dumas? How about Leyenda at $1,320. Unadulterated insanity.
  17. Hmm...$25 Reyes or $9 El Principe... This has to be a temporary policy or you can indeed kiss Trini goodbye. They're way over their skis with this "repositioning." It's going to be a long year gents.
  18. As I've said, I love Trini as much as the next guy but quite frankly the cigars aren't good enough to command that kind of money. Cohiba is a step up and can deliver something the other marcas cannot even if you want to call that quality "different" instead of "better." Trini is about on par with Monte IMO. I've never felt they were special. I do like the blend but if I never had another one again I wouldn't be pining for it. Cohiba has something you've just got to have every so often. Doubling the price for them is a terrible mistake.
  19. Correct--I should have said that it is strongly rumored to have occurred. I have seen and read some first-hand accounts over the years but obviously nothing authoritative or official from Tabacuba. I'm also aware that some older writings and publications indicate fermentation temperature ranges in the 100F-130F range while recently I have seen the high-end limit increase to 140F. IIRC there is an upper limit where critical enzymes begin to break down at 149F, so that is the ultimate upper limit. The bottom line is that Cuba using higher fermentation temperatures is a theory which fits nicely with the almost universal opinion that post-2001 cigars are much more approachable young.
  20. I agree, they may make it through but I don't know how they'll do it at this point. I do think it'll be more likely than not. Most products are not positioned to move with these kinds of price hikes. I see a glut of things like Hoyo Epi, RyJ SC, RASS, Monte 2 etc. that will ultimately pile up at distributors and need to be wholesaled out. You won't be seeing any higher end product but I think the gray markets could continue to offer mid-range to low-end product which is the bread-and-butter of the market anyway. Cohiba, Trini and higher-end models like SW, Lusi, 898, Monte A etc. will just not be available in gray markets until stock returns to previous levels.
  21. In the vast minority but I'm not a fan. BBF to me is just indistinct. Leather/Guinness, sure. Just a mush of whatever it is. As @El Presidente has reminded me many times I find the Mag 46 and RyJ Beli all very similar in this regard. Those three all perform very similarly for me. However, with 10 years the old school Boli raisin dried fruitiness starts to come out. Can also say there is a sweetness and more pronounced licorice that appears with a 10 year Mag 46. Don't have enough experience with the RyJ Beli. I'll take a Famosos that already has the complexity.
  22. Found this little gem in Panama: Have high hopes...
  23. Just me, but I find the SdP anything but sweet. Wood, leather, dark coffee. DC and Punch Punch have a much sweeter and fruity profile.
  24. So it very well might be a Coronas Grandes vitola. If it's at least 7mm longer than it's supposed to be yet fits in the box then it's looking like that possibility. We definitely need a measurement of another confirmed authentic example. These cigars are so rare that I'm not entirely surprised that the issue hasn't come up until now but it is still quite odd that if they actually are Coronas Grandes it wouldn't have been mentioned anywhere to this point.

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