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  1. Fame looked pretty nice. I didn't get a chance to smoke there. Just passed by during Village fest. Tinder box is north of there. Bunch of guys having a herf on the corner. Brought their own chairs though. Village fest was definitely cool to check out if you are there on a Thursday.
  2. I've been told Fame Cigars and Wine is a good place. I'll be checking it out the week before and can report back.
  3. We're planning to go to Maui early next year. This is not good news. I may just have to risk the fine.
  4. All in the name of cost reduction I'm sure. Happens in almost all industries. It's unfortunate it might be staring in this one.
  5. The micro-breweries here have refillable Growlers you can buy. 1.8L. Not that I would finish it all on my own! They're a great way to take some draft beer on the go.
  6. A recent purchase courtesy of our host! The aroma that came from the box was amazing! Do all ERDM smell like this?
  7. It's been great reading about your trip. Great photos too! Vietnam does look amazing. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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