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  1. Both have already been mentioned, but Dark and The Mandalorian were both excellent television that I viewed recently. Plus Dark is completely wrapped so you can watch the entire series (3 seasons) and not be left hanging for a year or more waiting for new episodes.
  2. AJS


  3. I was finally able to snag a box of the Punch 8-9-8 (SOP DIC 19). My only complaint is they didn't choose to package it in the old(er) 3-4-3 style box.
  4. Final deliveries from the locker - 2 x PSP Mag 46 (UEB May 18) and 2 x RG88 (SOM DIC 16)
  5. That's good to hear. I have only had one example of a Dip 2 ever, but when I saw these come up a few years ago I figured why not. Will be sampling shortly after a little rest from the travel. Cheers!
  6. First delivery in a long while. Dip 2 (TOS MAR 17) called home from the locker.
  7. Sub 44 1. Partagas 898 2. Trinidad Fundadores 45-50 1. Bushidos 2. RA Gigantes (Honorable mention: Mag 46 - great at 10+, but also great in the 3-5 range) 52+ 1. Upmann Connie A 2. Diplomaticos 2
  8. I can't believe the odds, but I will be in London on the 8th of June. I'll be there. Haven't seen any FOH members since Havana in November 2016 so it'll be great to catch up.
  9. Hoyo DD = Le Hoyo des Dieux https://www.cubancigarwebsite.com/brand/hoyo-de-monterrey#le-hoyo-des-dieux
  10. Came here to say this. Abre los Ojos was a much better film.

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