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  1. 2014 #4 and it’s pretty awesome Watching Season 1, Epsiode 2 of Deadwood after shearing my tooth......off to get a crown this week and no cigar purchasing the next month. 😡😡
  2. Tatuaje Black Cuban Corona while rewatching Deadwood, the greatest TV in existence.😉 I would place this as Nicaraguan with Cuban traits. Very tasty, earth, cocoa, graham notes, salty with an ever present citrus grapefruit note that coats the mouth with oil. 93 Rating from me.
  3. HUHC UTL ABR 19 Not overly sexy wrappers but the aroma is amazing.
  4. I hope the next trend is to bring back the classics that were discontinued. Yeah, I live in the past sometimes. 😀
  5. This is interesting, the evolutionary changes of plants over time.
  6. Definitely reach for a milder cigar if I have a two cigar day. My second cigar would almost always be a nicaraguan powerhouse. Number two can’t have too much nuance or subtlety. I think I get palette fatigue quicker than most.
  7. I am in the same boat, love them but have not had one in some time. Another to put on my list.
  8. Some are smokable fresh but some require time, so many blenders and manufacturers with different methods.
  9. That is not much to go on. NC is a big big world of cigars with all sorts of ranges. A Macanudo is a 180 degree turn from a Nicaraguan puro loaded with Ligero.
  10. Love the look. I vowed to not buy a new car again instead focusing on a better cigar collection. 😂
  11. To make things crazier, dip your toes in the pipe tobacco world........it’s a big world of tobacco. Lol
  12. Add Tatuaje Nuevitas to the list. More un-Tat like than the main lines but probably my favorite.

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