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  1. I have had it where 90 days of rest made them smoke worse lol.
  2. Everyone of them has let me down a time or two
  3. Yes my cigar smoking has its ebbs and flows. I take long breaks of a year or more and then there is this current summer when I started smoking my old stuff. I was having 2 or 3 a day on weekends. I am dialing that back for now.
  4. Clear Havana from the 50's. This was a real treat. Lucky me a great BOTL sent this as a bodyguard!!
  5. So many variables. Many of the old Havana cigars hold up very well for decades if stored properly. I just had a really good Qunitero from the 70's. I have smoked a few that were in the last 3 years that didnt have as much depth. You just never know. The best cigar I have had recently was an '07 VR Unico.
  6. Machine made panatela from the 70's. It has had a flawless burn. Still has a kick to it!
  7. In my experience sleep, exercise, and diet are the key here.
  8. I had a really nice '07 Unico. It really aged nicely. Still had its legs but was well rounded. Just an absolute delight. I would reckon laying a box or two down of these will pay off
  9. Beautiful vintage smokes! Of course they deserve to be smoked.
  10. 1948 Benson and Hedges Clear Havana petite Corona. This thing still had some life left. Full flavors from a 71 year old cigar. It even had some tar buildup. It was definitely past its prime but a experience none the less. Look at the filler tobacco wow.
  11. If I had the money and really liked coffee that much I would.

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