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  1. Beautiful cigar with an aroma to match. Really nice barnyard roasted coffee at cold. 1/3 Absolutely wonderful in the opening. Woody notes are met with a wonderful toasted tobacco. Light to medium in body to start. The draws are wide open. Retrohale has some bite to it. 2/3 Really nice smoke. Has notes of baked fruit. This all intertwined with a woodiness. The draws are a tad open but overall very enjoyable. Wood, baked fruit, toasted tobacco and a slight nut flavor coming in Final 3rd The draws are perfect now. Retrohale has bite and highlights of certain light baking spice that accompanies the baked fruit. Medium in body and all around wonderful. I smoke it tothe final inch where it gets a bit hot. Really nice mix of baking spice, baked fruit, nuts, wood and tobacco. Score 92 Outstanding cigar!
  2. Reyes on a beautiful November morning in Michigan.
  3. Same here I have tried it a few times and was by far not as enjoyable as when sitting.
  4. Love these but always wished they were just slightly bigger.
  5. I cut the head on a Petit Edmundo and could see white paper in there. I went ahead and sacrificed it. It was this little piece if paper with the number 52 on it. Is 52 good luck? Who knows just wanted to share.
  6. Give them 30 days no doubt. I have had some great cigars ROTT. You can always dry box to be sure.

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