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  1. Honestly they are too expensive already when you factor in plugged/ underfilled etc.
  2. $300 unopened and that would be rolling the dice. They could be in awful shape or really nice. The value is definitely in what lies inside.
  3. Having a blast in the Kentucky mountains. 7 mile hike to a beautiful waterfall. Now relaxing by the fire with a Ex4.
  4. Our Air BnB is on an old tobacco farm in Kentucky. It was burley tobacco but still cool none the less.
  5. 07 Unico was one of the best I have ever smoked. I only smoked one but it was incredible.
  6. Celebrating 7 years of marriage in a cabin in the woods. This is how I want to retire.
  7. Night game for Michigan tonight! Then pack up to head off for a week of relaxing and of course some cigars.
  8. I think about it a lot lately here in Michigan. Just wish they could end the damn embargo. I'm just not into NC stuff at all. I have always marveled at the UK shops like Davidoff and the like.
  9. Espy is a special event no doubt. That porch though.....

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