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  1. I was smoking around 20 a week and that was too many for me. It seems like it is definitely subjective.
  2. So many variables. One can only speculate really. My guess is yes they will age quite well.
  3. Chester Arthur was very wealthy and known to be a party animal who loved food, drinks and cigars. He took over after Garfield was assassinated. An interesting piece no doubt.
  4. Definitely a fascinating part of American history as well as cigar history. Companies couldn't get away with it these days. Imagine "Trump Coronas," or " Biden Perfectos."
  5. These pair nicely with coffee. I could see them being a real treat after 4 or 5 years down.
  6. No way to tell the exact date without the tax stamp.
  7. Damnit! I was just thinking yesterday about how much I want to visit there someday. I wonder what will happen with the super rare pre embargo stuff they have? Bond Robert's bound?

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