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  1. It's always a special day when I get a chance to smoke a cigar in the morning.
  2. Both! I would just split the purchase.
  3. Play chuck it with my Goldie. Watch videos or read. Sometimes I simply just sit and watch my dogs. My favorite time to smoke is in the morning these days.
  4. I have had it where 90 days of rest made them smoke worse lol.
  5. Everyone of them has let me down a time or two
  6. Yes my cigar smoking has its ebbs and flows. I take long breaks of a year or more and then there is this current summer when I started smoking my old stuff. I was having 2 or 3 a day on weekends. I am dialing that back for now.
  7. Clear Havana from the 50's. This was a real treat. Lucky me a great BOTL sent this as a bodyguard!!
  8. So many variables. Many of the old Havana cigars hold up very well for decades if stored properly. I just had a really good Qunitero from the 70's. I have smoked a few that were in the last 3 years that didnt have as much depth. You just never know. The best cigar I have had recently was an '07 VR Unico.
  9. Machine made panatela from the 70's. It has had a flawless burn. Still has a kick to it!
  10. In my experience sleep, exercise, and diet are the key here.

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