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  1. A BOTL sent me a few Davidoff to try. I must say I was blown away by the generosity. This cigar is well rolled. It sports a beautiful a rather light wrapper. Reminiscent of a CBL. The aroma at cold is subtle. Slight vanilla, cocoa, barnyard tobacco, touch of honey. A beautiful cigar that has a firm feel to it and appears to have great construction. The aroma is telltale Dominican tobacco. Reminiscent of Ashtons regular offerings. Not one to smoke NC I am on the fence going in. The band on this cigar is beautiful. It's been another crazy week for me in the cafe and I am ready t
  2. Absolutely beautiful cigar here. The aroma at cold is pungent. Clove, cinnamon, tobacco, barnyard. I love the them and love this review. They are my favorite summer time smoke. Well maybe the Esplendido but these are easier on the pocket book and still quite good across the board. I have been working hard all summer and today I have the whole evening to sit on my patio for a smoke. So why not grab a beautiful Lusitania. As a forenote Canada's wildfires have had a drastic effect on Michigan's sunshine. A strange orange haze has taken over the skies. 1/3 Smoke is really good. Smoo
  3. This is accurate. I met a guy who blew his hand off on the 4th.
  4. IMO Reyes is pound for pound the best Trinidad.
  5. The HUHC is a great option here. My only complaint is they are just too short.
  6. I would say make an extra 20 minutes for yourself and smoke a Reyes.

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