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  1. Honestly they are too expensive already when you factor in plugged/ underfilled etc.
  2. $300 unopened and that would be rolling the dice. They could be in awful shape or really nice. The value is definitely in what lies inside.
  3. Having a blast in the Kentucky mountains. 7 mile hike to a beautiful waterfall. Now relaxing by the fire with a Ex4.
  4. Our Air BnB is on an old tobacco farm in Kentucky. It was burley tobacco but still cool none the less.
  5. 07 Unico was one of the best I have ever smoked. I only smoked one but it was incredible.
  6. Celebrating 7 years of marriage in a cabin in the woods. This is how I want to retire.
  7. Night game for Michigan tonight! Then pack up to head off for a week of relaxing and of course some cigars.
  8. I think about it a lot lately here in Michigan. Just wish they could end the damn embargo. I'm just not into NC stuff at all. I have always marveled at the UK shops like Davidoff and the like.
  9. Espy is a special event no doubt. That porch though.....
  10. It happens way too often. One of my neighbors obsessively mows his lawn. Like I think he just does it to get away from his wife. He always waves and I am friendly but also annoyed!
  11. Not the prettiest cigar. The wrapper is a bit toothy. It does feel just the right amount of firm. Very pleasant aroma at cold. A certain sweet fruity note is right up front. It lacks the usual barnyard. It is a very clean aroma so to speak. Touch of cookie and graham underneath. It is a beautiful September day here in Michigan. Great time to kick back and review this for the FOH family. 1/3 Very light to start off. The retrohale is where it's at. Nice smooth notes of cinnamon, slight sugar. Has an underlying citrus note. Not quite orange though. Maybe even apricot like
  12. EX4 From the host. Very happy with these thanks.
  13. Just my two cents but I would rather smoke two Reyes than one Funadore.

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