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  1. Tough question because many come to mind. Mystery Science Theater 3000 If allowed others: Chappelle Show Unsolved Mysteries X-Files and just because of the stupidity that it was, Beavis and Butt-head I enjoy television shows where each individual episode is a specific story (with the exception of X-files towards the end). -Shake
  2. I have noticed that many vendors will share box code information as long as the request is reasonable. If you ask for a list for every stamp for every item that is stocked, chances are they will say no. However, if you ask for stamp info on a particular item or two, they would be able to share what is available. I have had these types of requests fulfilled many times. -Shake
  3. Interested to hear how that works out. Might be something I would be interested in doing as well. -Shake
  4. @Fuzz, I think you are losing it brotha, that scene was in Part 1. Tough choice but I'll give it to part 1 by a very slim margin. Either is one of those movies you can watch whenever they are playing. -Shake
  5. Would you estimate around/close to 40 boxes in there? -Shake
  6. Very similar, almost exact, to my excess storage. Bovedas seem to last forever in these airtight containers. Best thing about this is the smell that permeates and fills the room when you open one up. -Shake
  7. My wife has recently started to watch the show...I have the same thoughts as @MoeFOH, I may watch the entire series in one shot, but I just cannot commit to it right now. It's not bad from the bits and pieces that I have watched. I can see how someone could get hooked. If I wanted to watch something like this, I'll just watch Braveheart (sans dragons and wolves). Also, a colleague told me that a person can watch specific episodes and get the whole story, not counting those that have not aired yet. Question about the book, if it is not yet written/finished, do you think the author would keep it in line with the show or would he finish it off the way he intended or would want to complete the story? I am leaning towards and hope for the latter. -Shake
  8. I do. Temp and rH are pretty stable (65-70 degrees Fahrenheit and 60-65 % rH) More importantly, cigars are smoking great, but I still like to drybox prior to lighting up. I've been doing it for almost 5 years without any issues. When I first started doing it I thought I was doing something blasphemous/unorthodox, but I'm glad others are doing it, hopefully with success, as well. -Shake
  9. How is it? I haven't had the chance to dip into my box yet. -Shake
  10. Cool ashtray, I was actually thinking about picking up the same one. Is it sturdy? Do you think it would be able to survive a small drop? Let me know please. -Shake
  11. I have a handful of RG Petit Coronas with a code OESU. -Shake
  12. I will add another recommendation for Illusione, specifically the Epernay line. Another one that I do not believe was mentioned is Paul Garmirian (PG cigars). - Shake
  13. Hey FOH, I need some help from the community. I have seen many posts where members make their own humidor or convert another piece of furniture into a working humidor. I have been in search of a cabinet humidor but have also been considering making my own by re-purposing another piece of furniture. I have the option to pick up a cabinet similar to the one below. There are differences; the piece I am looking at has sliding doors and it does not have any power. Question: Is this a good piece that could be converted into a humidor? What are some things that I should consider? Has anyone else ever made a humidor out of a similar piece of furniture? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Shake
  14. Thanks for responding. When I run short on space, I temporarily store boxes in freezer bags with a Boveda, usually a 62%. This time, the bag was left open. It was probably a few weeks/one month. Cigars felt dry but they still had their sheen. Ambient temp in the closet is about 65 degrees and humidity is usually around 30 to 40%. Is there anything that I should check for in regards to damage? If I put them back in storage can they be revived? Or are they gone? In the past, it has taken close to a month to receive cigars, when ordered and shipped to me. I am going about it as if I just need to let them reacclimate. -Shake

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