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  1. I like the sweet profiles the best. I would be interested in blending the Fuente Don Carlos blend (sweet, savory, a tad bitter to my palate) with the Por Larranaga blend (sweet, a little spicy, creamy). I'll also throw in another, Graycliff Espresso blend (sweet, floral, earthy) with Ramon Allones blend (sweet, spicy, savory, floral). -Shake
  2. I have always enjoyed Don Collins cigars when on the island. I try to bring some back home as well. I do not know if they are a true puro, with all PR leaf, but they are good cigars nonetheless. Matter of fact, one of the best cigar experiences I ever had was with a Don Collins Robusto that had about a year in my humidor. -Shake
  3. Tough question because many come to mind. Mystery Science Theater 3000 If allowed others: Chappelle Show Unsolved Mysteries X-Files and just because of the stupidity that it was, Beavis and Butt-head I enjoy television shows where each individual episode is a specific story (with the exception of X-files towards the end). -Shake
  4. I have noticed that many vendors will share box code information as long as the request is reasonable. If you ask for a list for every stamp for every item that is stocked, chances are they will say no. However, if you ask for stamp info on a particular item or two, they would be able to share what is available. I have had these types of requests fulfilled many times. -Shake
  5. Interested to hear how that works out. Might be something I would be interested in doing as well. -Shake
  6. @Fuzz, I think you are losing it brotha, that scene was in Part 1. Tough choice but I'll give it to part 1 by a very slim margin. Either is one of those movies you can watch whenever they are playing. -Shake
  7. My wife has recently started to watch the show...I have the same thoughts as @MoeFOH, I may watch the entire series in one shot, but I just cannot commit to it right now. It's not bad from the bits and pieces that I have watched. I can see how someone could get hooked. If I wanted to watch something like this, I'll just watch Braveheart (sans dragons and wolves). Also, a colleague told me that a person can watch specific episodes and get the whole story, not counting those that have not aired yet. Question about the book, if it is not yet written/finished, do you think the author would keep it in line with the show or would he finish it off the way he intended or would want to complete the story? I am leaning towards and hope for the latter. -Shake
  8. I do. Temp and rH are pretty stable (65-70 degrees Fahrenheit and 60-65 % rH) More importantly, cigars are smoking great, but I still like to drybox prior to lighting up. I've been doing it for almost 5 years without any issues. When I first started doing it I thought I was doing something blasphemous/unorthodox, but I'm glad others are doing it, hopefully with success, as well. -Shake
  9. How is it? I haven't had the chance to dip into my box yet. -Shake
  10. Cool ashtray, I was actually thinking about picking up the same one. Is it sturdy? Do you think it would be able to survive a small drop? Let me know please. -Shake
  11. I have a handful of RG Petit Coronas with a code OESU. -Shake
  12. I will add another recommendation for Illusione, specifically the Epernay line. Another one that I do not believe was mentioned is Paul Garmirian (PG cigars). - Shake
  13. Hey FOH, I need some help from the community. I have seen many posts where members make their own humidor or convert another piece of furniture into a working humidor. I have been in search of a cabinet humidor but have also been considering making my own by re-purposing another piece of furniture. I have the option to pick up a cabinet similar to the one below. There are differences; the piece I am looking at has sliding doors and it does not have any power. Question: Is this a good piece that could be converted into a humidor? What are some things that I should consider? Has anyone else ever made a humidor out of a similar piece of furniture? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Shake
  14. Thanks for responding. When I run short on space, I temporarily store boxes in freezer bags with a Boveda, usually a 62%. This time, the bag was left open. It was probably a few weeks/one month. Cigars felt dry but they still had their sheen. Ambient temp in the closet is about 65 degrees and humidity is usually around 30 to 40%. Is there anything that I should check for in regards to damage? If I put them back in storage can they be revived? Or are they gone? In the past, it has taken close to a month to receive cigars, when ordered and shipped to me. I am going about it as if I just need to let them reacclimate. -Shake

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