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  1. skalls


    Man, talk about an awesome day. Where is Ferrari? Granted we're only 3 weeks into the season but it looks like Ferrari has yet again no answer for Mercedes. Lewis made a great start and then that was that. Bottas managed the race just as well. I did dig the stacked stop that Merc did, didn't lose anytime at all. I'm getting annoyed with Haas, they are great at quali but don't have anything to do in the race. Tiger won the Masters (love love love this tournement) and Rossi won the Indycar Grand Prix of Long Beach.
  2. skalls

    Worst Airports?

    Didn't care for ORD or DFW. getting from normal planes to the regional planes at MSP can result in a dead sprint across the airport. Thankfully I've only had to do that once. O'Hare though takes the Cake for worst airport for me. Atlanta is second.
  3. skalls


    That was a surprising race. Merc had no business being 1-2. But just because you don't deserve something doesn't need it can't happen. The other surprise was where the hell was there Haas on Sunday? They were fast in q3 and hot garbage in the race.
  4. Had the Petit Edmundo one yesterday. First cigar of the year (thanks winter...) on my deck. Think it was a 2015 or 2016 box code. Grassy herbal flavors. Light to medium light in body. It's honestly not a special cigar but they've all be enjoyable to have. The Monte pe is so much better but a little change of pace never hurts.
  5. skalls


    Who would red bull replace gasly with though? Would they trust kyvat with that seat again? Best option would be to poach Ocon but I'm not sure Mercedes would give him up. As an aside I think he's a solid driver but he's not better then VB.
  6. skalls


    That was a seriously interesting race VB owned it from start to finish. I also loved how he was hell-bent on that extra point. If he keeps that edge it's going to be tough to beat him. Williams is the dumpster fire I thought it would be. Where the hell was Ferrari? Grats to Honda. It's very clear their failure with McLaren was not entirely their fault as they were forced into making poor engineering choices. I think we're going to see many many more lost wings because they are bigger and lower? I didn't think going on the grass was going to kill one like DR did at the start. Damnit Haas, that was a 6-7 finish you lost bc your pit team again cross threaded a tire. It's only race but I already don't like the Renault engine.
  7. skalls


    So here's my season predictions. Williams will be a dumpster fire. To be fair this isn't a huge assumption to be making. They looked like this during testing, started 2 1/2 days late and theres no evidence to suggest otherwise. RBR will surprise some people but still come in 3rd place, but the gap between the top 3 will close considerably. Split championship this year. Vettel with the drivers, Merc with the Constructors. Leclerc will have a ho-hump opening half and begin to show more promise after the summer break. Merc still have a diva, be dominant in some races but not so in others. Racing Point will finish 2nd to last in the standings.
  8. He'll settle and go into the Florida plan for people with no priors. Do x y and z and spend w time on probation and then you have a clear record. He'll disappear into the background and make his son the face of the organization. NFL will hit him with a $500k fine and 6 game suspension.
  9. skalls


    Looks like Williams is doing a good job from bouncing back from an awful 2018 season. (That's sarcasm). Now they are saying they are missing 2 days. How the hell do you have 3 months of 24/7 work and still not have a car built?
  10. skalls


    The Haas livery had a big change for 2019. Hints of lotus, kinda dig it
  11. Don't remember the exact box code but August 2018 hdm ee. My brother has already claimed 2/5 of the box. At least this time I'll get some money off of him.
  12. My preference is to always lean towards darker wrappers. I get more excited about them. I've got a box of jl selection 2s that are just powerhouses of flavor and most of the wrappers look pretty bog average to meh. I don't think this is the case at all, but the darker wrappers seen like they tend to have more oil in them compared to the lighter wrappers. Ultimately a lifeless looking but oily wrapper can still cover a good cigar.
  13. skalls


    Looking forward to seeing the new cars again. Racing season got off to a good start with the 24 (22) hours of daytona last week.
  14. Yay. Have a 2016 box and they are wonderful.
  15. Fargo here, -16f, -46 wind-chill this morning. My ass went from being nice and toasty (heated seats are amazing) to being nearly frostbit from walking into work.
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