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  1. Bought my first watch recently. Tudor Pelagos. The 500m water proof rating and the helium release valve are completely lost on me but man this watch looks cool as hell. And its made of titanium which is sweet too. The bracelet is amazing too. So easy to customize the size and make it fit your wrist.
  2. The Walmart near me ran out of toilet paper and bottled water. Business as usual for me though.
  3. Cannot wait for this weekend. Ferrari is going to be dogged all year for last year's "cheaty but we couldn't really prove it maybe" engine all season. I can't see any other results besides Merc going 1-2 and a double double again this season. Can see Max end in 3rd but I'm not sure if the team can beat Ferrari. The action is going to be in the midfield. I think it will be very scrappy. Also filling Haas turns it around. F1 will suffer if more teams leave the sport.
  4. Nico is a better driver then Grosjean, but man Nico and KMag were not on good terms in any race. I think Gene and Gunther had to pick between a familiar crap sandwhich and an unfamiliar one. I don't hate RG, i just don't think he's any good.
  5. The new season is almost here! This is good one 2 fronts, it generally means the winter is damn near over here which is good. Bc i'm bloody tired of the cold and snow haha. Haas scheme looks sharp. Kinda reminds me of a Penske car in Indy.
  6. Had a Diplomatico #2 from 2014 and a a RP Hamlet Tabaquero in salomen (initial launch box) on the 9th when my brother and were golfing at the TPC Champions Course in Scottsdale. It was 65 when we were golfing. It was 5 (Fahrenheit) back home. The cigars were great, I shot 1 over par. And beat my brother. Went to Grimaldi's afterwards Don't think I could ask for a better day.
  7. Clean up the house. Been putting that off for too long. Catch up on some sleep. Probably do some painting on some Warhammer minis and meet up with some friends and get a game or two of 40k in. Might even sneak a cigar in on Sunday. Supposed to be 34 (not Celsius lol) in Fargo. That's downright balmy weather.
  8. Vikings! If they are eliminated I'll watch the games but support no one. Would actively root for the Packers, Patriots, and Saints to lose normally.
  9. Phoenix tomorrow for a week of golfing and away from the tundra. Golf trip/football game trip to watch NDSU take on the Ducks in September too. Probably a summer golf trip somewhere in Minnesota.
  10. And another season comes to an end. I was mostly wrong with my guesses for the season. There were some awfully low points from a lack of racing early on in the season but thankfully most of the races in the last 2/3 if the season we enjoyable. Big questions for 2020 for me: 1) does Ferrari get out of it's way and win a title? 2) can bottas beat Hamilton? 3) will vettel find his form again? 4) can Honda develop the engine more to get on par with Mercedes and Ferrari? 5) will Williams field a respectable car next year? 6) finally will Haas find it's form in the midfield again and have a good car once more. Looking forward to winter testing already.
  11. I never watched Kubica during his prime, I rooted for the guy. But he hasn't been competitive at all this year. I think it would be interesting to see what he could've done in the Renault or something better then what he got. But i tend to agree that while he could drive, I don't think he could ever get back his old form. Damn gutsy of him to give it a go. Been a so-so season for me. The downs were seriously down this year while the highs weren't that high. Mercedes was the same old machine. Ferrari shit the bed. I think Max could compete for an individual title, but I don't think RBR has 2 racers to win the team title. Haas was the surprise of the year with their complete lack of race pace. I just wish they could ditch this hybrid BS and go to a V8 or V8 turbo along with a KERS system for a boost. Would be cheaper and may get more engine manufacturers. It wouldn't be surprising to me by 2021 that there could only be 2 engine suppliers supplying the grid and only 16 cars. I want the "simpler" engines, not the lack of teams racing. Oh and I like to see actual racing at each race, excepting Monaco of course. An unpopular opinion may be to just ditch this whole BS notion about being environmentally friendly. The race cars put out next to no emotions compared to all the semis and planes that transport the show from city to city. Not to mention all the work vehicles to get tracks into shape. Your not, and can't be environmentally friendly, stop trying to peddle that BS and just give us the best racing series on the planet, no holds barred. As always, I'm already curious what the teams can do for next year.
  12. Glad to see Valteri win. But man that was about the worst start I've ever seen to a race. Ferrari was just awful. And then LeClerc screwed up big and wrecked the race at turn 2. Why did he think he could drive around with a broken wing?
  13. Seb looks like he's lost that edge. There are times when it seems like he's not driving with a purpose or goal. Wouldn't be surprised if he hung it up after this year. Qualifying was an absolute joke. The teams outwitted themselves. Race was pretty entertaining but not great. LeClerc drove a great race. Even if LH got by him the Ferraris had the grunt in their engines to get by them in the straights. I do think he earned a penalty for not leaving room though. I like the stewards for letting us watch racing again, but if you squeeze a guy into the grass that's not really a good defend.
  14. If they were doing anything illegal I'd understand being upset. Virtually every vegan I know is borderline militant in their views and if you don't conform with their viewpoints issues arise. That's a ludicrous mindset. Honestly I think not eating meat, cheese and so on is equally ludicrous. No neighbor gets to dictate what or when I grill. Or what I smoke on my deck.

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