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  1. skalls


    Looks like Williams is doing a good job from bouncing back from an awful 2018 season. (That's sarcasm). Now they are saying they are missing 2 days. How the hell do you have 3 months of 24/7 work and still not have a car built?
  2. skalls


    The Haas livery had a big change for 2019. Hints of lotus, kinda dig it
  3. Don't remember the exact box code but August 2018 hdm ee. My brother has already claimed 2/5 of the box. At least this time I'll get some money off of him.
  4. My preference is to always lean towards darker wrappers. I get more excited about them. I've got a box of jl selection 2s that are just powerhouses of flavor and most of the wrappers look pretty bog average to meh. I don't think this is the case at all, but the darker wrappers seen like they tend to have more oil in them compared to the lighter wrappers. Ultimately a lifeless looking but oily wrapper can still cover a good cigar.
  5. skalls


    Looking forward to seeing the new cars again. Racing season got off to a good start with the 24 (22) hours of daytona last week.
  6. Yay. Have a 2016 box and they are wonderful.
  7. Fargo here, -16f, -46 wind-chill this morning. My ass went from being nice and toasty (heated seats are amazing) to being nearly frostbit from walking into work.
  8. #1 #109 or double Coronas. Ideal blend would be earthy and chocolate, medium bodied with distinct transitions. #2 robusto extra (5.2-5.6" long). Medium full bodied. One distinct transition. Cherry and nut flavors. #3 Lonsdale. Full bodied. 2 distinct transitions. Partagas spice, cherry and chocolate being the core flavors.
  9. skalls


    Lewis's front left tire looked like it had seconds of life left on it. IMpressed he got as long as he did on them. I kinda like the emotion there with Verstappen. F1 is too stuffy typically for behavior like that. Both punishments were appropriate. I know we have 1 race left, but I'm already looking ahead to testing. Really curious how the new aero rules will play out. I just wish we could ditch these stupid hybrid engines. They are just way too damned complicated.
  10. If the original star wars trilogy, the godfather 1 or 2, or shawshank redemption is on in watching it Only exception to that is if the Vikings or bison are playing a game
  11. skalls

    Same Box Code

    Prefer darker wrappers. On hoyos. Both look pretty good and tasty though.
  12. skalls


    It lags behind the other major sports. Offhand i'm not sure whether or not Indycar has more eyes versus F1 (and to be fair the racing in that series has been light years ahead of F1 in past years). It was almost exclusively on MSNBC but ESPN got the broadcast rights this past year and is just using the Skysports broadcast instead of doing one of their own. I don't think F1 will ever get huge, but it's following might get a bit bigger if they add a 2nd GP in the states. But given that it's only going to have 1-2 races at "home" it's not going to get as big as the other sports. Plus I hate getting up super early or staying up really late for races. I'm getting old and grouchy.
  13. skalls


    Absolutely love COTA. It's in the top 3 circuits on the f1 calendar for me. But man that was such a weird race. Happy to see Kimi win one before his relegation to sauber
  14. Green beans. I'd rather go hungry then eat them.
  15. Sign sauer p226 x5 competition. I'd been eyeing it for awhile but not been pulled the trigger on the purchase. Suppose I needed some liquid courage to do so. The seed of my desire to buy an f150 was planted after an afternoon smoking and drinking. Though I was stolen cold sober when I actually bought it. Several boxes of cigars, scotch, golf stuff and some warhammer 40k items have all been bought under the influence. In fact I'm not sure there's a hobby that hasn't had a drunk buy

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