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  1. If Bottas didn't have bad luck he wouldn't have any at all. My god this man gets robbed so often. Wth is up with Vettel? He's driving like a 2nd seat.
  2. At Whistling straits golfing yesterday and today. Driving back home after golf today. Work a little at the office tomorrow. Then mow the lawn. Grill something tasty and light up a cigar or two while I watch my neighbors fire off fireworks.
  3. Been a good day. F1 race was pretty entertaining. Made some progress painting some Grey Knights for 40k. Got mostly read for my golf trip to Whistling Straits. Just have to find a way to survive work tomorrow. But man I love Lonsdales and Monte 1's are fantastic. This box is something special. 8 years old. Very noticeably box pressed. The wrappers though are just amazing. Just the right shade and velvety soft to the touch. Cigar is very densely packed but gives just the right amount of resistance. The smoke is oily, smooth and long lasting. It's not a terribly complex cigar. Milk Chocolate, sugar, hints of leather, just barely medium bodied. It's just a very pleasant cigar. The second third sees more leather, the bodied dropped down a step. Again, not terribly complex but just supremely enjoyable. Final third is basically all milk chocolate and toasted nuts. Mild in body. Cigar lasted just a bit over 1:30. I've got a bit more than half a box left of these. I think they still have a home in my cooler is because i keep this box hidden and I have to play a game of tetris to get to it. Solid 94 points. The burn got a little wonky in the last third, but that might have been because of the humidity (which was gross). I also wanted more body then what this cigar gave me. Mild quibbles at the end of the day,
  4. Call me surprised. Win stands.
  5. So the French grand prix can be most politely called a dumpster fire. The Austrian Grand Prix was actually not only interesting but actually pretty fun to watch. Mercs were hampered by overheating so they had to baby the car. Lecrelc ran a great race. Verstappen was passing everyone. Unfortunately this has hints of Canada all over again and the stewards are now in charge of the result of the race. F1 can't get out of its way to make racing interesting. My opinion is it's a racing incident, but I think its 2:1 odds that Max gets a 5s time penalty/.
  6. Looks like Paddy Lowe is a free agent now. I'm not sure he was entirely to blame for the fiasco that Williams is in. I certainly don't have any knowledge of the inner workings of the team. Claire doesn't seem to be a good manager/leader and I suspect she's most of the problem there.
  7. The day started at 4:30 am for me only to find out it was raining so I went back to sleep. Watched a boring f1 race then mowed wet grass (that was on me). Indycar race was much more interesting But I should focus on the cigar. 5+ years has done this cigar well. It's always been a fairly smooth cigar but there's no rough edges at all to this one. Perfect burn, luscious smoke, and rich flavors. Medium bodied, sour dough, leather, peanuts and a bit of spice. Wonderful cigar. So glad I have about 2/3 of this box left.
  8. Honestly the best racing in a series is probably Indycar. WEC/IMSA is pretty interesting too. In all 3 series you have this weird thing called overtaking. I thought I heard the announcers say last week that there were 55 overtakes for F1. Indycar (yes I know it was an oval) had over 200 overtakes halfway through the race. The LMP1/2 and GT cars can pass one another and aren't hammered to shit by aero when they get close to one another. F1 has amazing looking cars but they just can't pass one another. The top 3-4 positions are usually dictated on Saturday and who gets a good start on Sunday. Most of the circuits suck too.
  9. 10 Laps to go and this has been an unbearably boring race. It's basically been more processional then monaco.
  10. I get that Vettel impeded Hamilton there, but Vettel had basicaly 2 options. What he did, or crash out and take out hamilton with him. I'd call this one a racing incident. But i do get understand why there was a penalty. Why is it that Mercedes have these tires figured out and the rest of the grid hasn't? With how much money these teams spend on R&D, how is it that Mercedes is the only team on the grid to crack the tire code.
  11. I was hoping for some rain to spice things up. Bottas' race got compromised with that pit lane contact. Good race on LH part nursing those tires till the end. Indy 500 was such a better race today.
  12. Another race, more proof that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing at Ferrari. It's too early to call manufacturers title but I wouldn't bet against Mercedes. They are just firing on all cylinders and basically doing everything right. Driver's is going to be interesting to see how long this back and forth goes.
  13. I had been playing with Nike clubs until they left the club business. M3 has a ton of Pop and is really forgiving face. Definitely recommend.

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