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  1. It’s funny you say that, recently I tried selling some 3’s and 2’s (keeping my 1’s) with no interest. Seems no one knows what they are or cares lol. Oh but the box of 1’s from ‘07 I cracked the other night were glorious!
  2. F - Dunhill Estupendo K - Montecristo Edmundo M - La Escepcion Don Jose
  3. GasGuy82

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Just can’t keep my hands off these...
  4. GasGuy82

    In the future ....

    The people advocating for completely autonomous cars and the restriction of personal control of your vehicle due to safety concerns and preserving human life are the same people telling us that our over-population and consumption is leading to or will lead to climate induced flooding, famine and drought. It would seem to me that, as usual, no one is thinking this through. What a great many people have not realized, is that every action has unintended consequences, the more we try to alter natural reactions, the more perverse and unexpected the resulting reactions become.
  5. I wonder if this is more directly related to the shut down of a primary paper processing facility in Venezuela? At some point I read an article that the shut down of this plant was leading to widespread shortages of toilet paper and newspaper (one in the same?) in Venezuela. Given the close ties between the two countries this may be a more direct correlation. Obviously, a secondary factor is no hard currency to purchase items from other places.
  6. GasGuy82

    The 1492 Humidor Video

    The Clare de Lune in the background was a nice touch.
  7. Anyone notice the 20 Montecristo No. 7 in the humidor?
  8. @Ken Gargett Haven't there been arguments for years as to whether Romanee-Conti actually produced a '45, let alone the number of bottles that supposedly exist vs. the known production capacity of the vineyard, which if I remember is quite small?
  9. At first when I read your comment, I thought you were right, however, if you do the math, it doesn’t pencil. You apple cost alone is almost $20/gallon at $0.45 each. Then you need sugar, yeast, equipment, labor, bottling, refrigeration or someplace cool. Let’s be generous and say cost is $25 a gallon but more likely $30 a gallon, then you want to make a profit, of say, $10 a gallon. Your are looking at $3.25-$3.75 per 12oz. In a country with wages as low as they are, I don’t think many people are buying 6% cider at $3.50 a bottle. Now, some type of apple based spirit is a possibility, however, in the birthplace of rum, are apple based spirits a real mover?
  10. GasGuy82

    high roller bourbons

    Disappointed not to see WLW on this list. We used to own a liquor store so I refuse to chase bottles on principle. The last bottle of Pappy I got was 15, I traded half a box of ED Belis for it. Probably one of the best bourbons I’ve had in a long time was some 1982 Wild Turkey a good friend brought to poker night. The old stuff from the glut days is just different. Maybe not always better, though sometimes, definitely, but different.
  11. GasGuy82

    Fake or Real?

    No box code either? The blue appears to be a different shade also. However, the cigars seem to look OK.
  12. Sold off my Sancho Panza Eslavos after two uninspiring ones early on (only have 1 left). Sold off half a box of Juan Lopez Malecon after smoking a young one. Can't keep my hands off them now. Luckily I've managed to source a few boxes.
  13. GasGuy82

    Greetings from Greece

    Is that Taygetos in the background?

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