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  1. Personally disappointed in Fincato, found them lacking in terms of stock. In addition, the kiss of death was when I asked about aged or vintage stock and they imm ediately tried to push Hoyo and Partagas Anejados on me...
  2. I'm going to assume that the Cubans do not have a digitized inventory database in their warehouses. I'm beginning to wonder whether the Anejados program is actually the " Holy Shit! Look what we just found in the back corner of this warehouse under all the unsold Vagueros!"
  3. I still have half a box of ‘02 Lonsdales. I’ll toss 1 or 2 in the box for you. 👍
  4. Because they get to make money on your money for 3 days, free.
  5. After 30+ continuous years of watching F1 (I'm 37), I have finally have given up this year, I watched the first race of the season and was disgusted. Then, i had the unfortunate privilege of watching yesterday's debacle. Am I a Tifosi? Yes. However, my issue with yesterday has more to deal with racing in general. "Racing" is finished in Formula 1. After Ferrari was dominant during the 2000's, the British were so incensed, they put their finger on the scales. This formulaic BS is actually hurting the sport and the quest to try to earn green credentials is actually limiting competitiveness from teams not named Ferrari or Mercedes. F1 is a guilty pleasure, it should be about building the fastest car within a certain set of loose specs. Brink back re-fueling, no tire restrictions, get rid of these engine lifespan requirements. I'm listening to the announcers tell me yeterday how Seb's car will be shit in the last few races of the year because he was in setting 1 for so long to try and win yesterdays race. The wear and tear will eventually catch up at the end. Wow, really exciting stuff there guys. On another note, all of these new tracks are also ruining things. Its the same souless track over and over again in places people don't care about. If you loosened up the rules and some up-and-comer set the world on fire with a scrappy team, I'd be excited as hell. Think Schumacher with Jordan or Senna with Toleman or when Red Bull burst on the scene (I get it, Ross Braun). I mean seriously, can we just let them race. I guess F1 is just one more victim of political correctness.
  6. Imagine how limited cigars like SLR DC, MdO2, SLR A, Hoyo Des Dieux and the like are. I bet they never even rolled 70,000 of any of those cigars in a year, let alone 700k. I mean, PLMC, Picadores, Party 898, anything SCDLH/Sancho, I bet none of those cigars had a single vitola with 100k rolled.
  7. It’s funny you say that, recently I tried selling some 3’s and 2’s (keeping my 1’s) with no interest. Seems no one knows what they are or cares lol. Oh but the box of 1’s from ‘07 I cracked the other night were glorious!
  8. F - Dunhill Estupendo K - Montecristo Edmundo M - La Escepcion Don Jose
  9. The people advocating for completely autonomous cars and the restriction of personal control of your vehicle due to safety concerns and preserving human life are the same people telling us that our over-population and consumption is leading to or will lead to climate induced flooding, famine and drought. It would seem to me that, as usual, no one is thinking this through. What a great many people have not realized, is that every action has unintended consequences, the more we try to alter natural reactions, the more perverse and unexpected the resulting reactions become.

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