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  1. Sorry, I’ve been away for a bit and just saw this. Very happy to hear you enjoyed it!
  2. Juan Lopez Malecon from Andorra are without a doubt the most consistent and tastiest regional from Europe I've had in the past few years. Early LEDJ were delicious as well, but lately have been really disappointing to me, to the point I've been moving on some boxes.
  3. Upmann PCs, Boli Tubos 1, Des Dieux and Dip 4. Honorable mention to Monte Especial, haven't seen them in a long while.
  4. I have two favorites, one of which I had tonight before I saw this thread. Both cuts are available, alternatinglt from my local grocer: Prime/Wagyu Market Steak and Prime/Wagyu Hangar Steak. The Market Steak is a combination of Ribeye and Chuck Steak and delicious. A prime steak is$9.99 USD/lb or Wagyu is $19.99USD/lb. The hangar I love and appreciate its rich, irony goodness and pricing Is similar to the market steak. I seldom buy the popular cuts anymore with these as my choices
  5. QdO Imps, Hoyo DCs, Hoyo Epi 2, Party D4s, Cohiba Espys, CoRo, Monte 2, LGC MdO2 Any other sacred cows we can slay? ?
  6. The best regular production cigar I smoked was a late 2018 Upmann No. 2 from our host. However, the best cigar I smoked all year, by far, was an ERDM Tainos ER Taiwan.
  7. BTO 13 Siglo VI 10's for $175 MUR 13 RASS 50 cabs for less than $300 13 Des Dieux for low $200's Honorable mention to Partagas Seleccion Privada EL, Punch Medaille D' Oro, SLR Serie A, Additional boxes of PL Encantos
  8. I'm just excited to see the V8 Vantage make a return. A supremely under-appreciated Bond car. Think "The Living Daylights".
  9. I’ll be in Seattle this weekend for a stag party and was wondering if there are any somewhat classy establishments with a good spirits list where a group could smoke a cigar (preferably indoors)? I know this might be asking a lot but I figure if any group might know a few good spots, it would be this one. Thanks!
  10. Two shows for me, first was Bob Sinclair with surprise opening from Calvin Harris in Mykonos at Club Paradise circa 2013. Took my future wife to her first show of that genre, she has no idea to this day how crazy it was to see those guys in one night in Mykonos for $40. Second show was Pantera, Anthrax and Coal Chamber circa ‘97 at Sac Memorial Auditorium, I was 15. Lucky to see DD.
  11. Perhaps someone in marketing at Cuba Tobacco was scorned by a lady by the name of Belinda and thought this a lasting way to get back at her...
  12. The secondary market peaked in 2017 to my mind. For the past two years, the resale and flipping markets where the bubble was most apparent have been flat/stagnant.
  13. How does a guy writing for Forbes AND his editor not know the correct steel/steal? WTF?
  14. As a white, 30-something male, living in Northern California, the epicenter of much of this revolution, I've learned to be very accepting and understanding of different points of view, I consider myself to be socially liberal (do what you want within reason) and fiscally conservative (keep my $$$ and let society re-learn self-sufficiency); which in California makes me an extremist and in the rest of the country makes me moderate/libertarian/liberal. My only real issue with this new wave of self-identification is the way it is being politically weaponized and used as a cudgel. I think much of America who has reservations with regards to these issues are driven that way by the hyper-politicization and political correctness of it all. I think much of America would be happy to sit back and take bets on where this will go. Either we are going to have a great show or it will enrich society, or both. It's disingenuous for the same people who have felt marginalized for so many years to use this issue to attempt to marginalize what I imagine is the majority of society.
  15. @Ken Gargett have you had the Empery yet? I prefer the ‘05 to the ‘04. The ‘07 is also excellent but I just cannot bring myself to enjoy the Premise.
  16. Try bringing them up slowly. Get some high 50’s Boveda, then some low 60’s and ultimately 65’s. I think your cigars are in much better shape than you think. I can’t remember who/where but I believe there is a shop that keeps their long term aging below 60%
  17. Personally disappointed in Fincato, found them lacking in terms of stock. In addition, the kiss of death was when I asked about aged or vintage stock and they imm ediately tried to push Hoyo and Partagas Anejados on me...
  18. I'm going to assume that the Cubans do not have a digitized inventory database in their warehouses. I'm beginning to wonder whether the Anejados program is actually the " Holy Shit! Look what we just found in the back corner of this warehouse under all the unsold Vagueros!"

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