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  1. Cuaba overall, but I gave up on it a long time ago and haven't done any further research when there are so many great smokes I already love. Most recent disappointment vs. the same smokes "back in the day" definitely goes to Punch. Punch Punch, DC's, and SS's were my all-time favorites at one time, and these days I just can't find a PP after a few different box purchases that has that x-factor to keep me interested.
  2. It varies for me, but my baseline is my large cedar chest that I sealed and lined with Spanish cedar about 20 years ago. I won't let myself fall into the coolerdor abyss, and at most use a small desktop for dry boxing in addition to my big humi. It only fits around 40 or 50 boxes, so I just keep a constant game of Tetris going on in there as my stock changes. I average a little less than one smoke per day, and buy around 2 boxes per month. Between smoking, box splits, sales to friends, etc. things stay in balance pretty well at that rate of purchase and I'm not overextending myself (for the most part) financially. Because as someone already mentioned, overbuying is a dangerous trap. Someone is always going to have more smokes, better smokes, new stuff is always going to be released so there's no good way to be a "completionist". As soon as you buy all sizes of your favorite brand, then ooops....."shouldn't I go figure out which are the best box codes for me to have?" My happy medium is to always buy some "super primo" special occasion cigars to put back, keep favorites onhand in enough quantity to know I'll enjoy some of them with age on them (and smoke at a reasonable enough pace to make sure that happens). If I run into a particular cigar I'm just not crazy about, I trade or sell to make room for something I know I like.
  3. That is my exact lighter for the past few years. They aren't as easy to find anymore, but for between $9 and $12 each I'll keep a few stashed for one when gives out, one in the car and one in the travel humi. They will last though, the only issue I've had with them has been my fault- leaving them in a hot car one time too many will put a big leak in them. Being from KC I try to be a Xikar fanboy, but I have not had longterm success with their lighters.
  4. I'm going to throw the PL Picadores in the mix here, I just love them. For a higher price point Connie A's, as well as the Mag 54's which IMHO show amazing long term aging promise. If I were to pick one NC, the Warped Lirio Rojo is one of the very few NC's that are in regular, heavy rotation with me.
  5. Hey brutha! Don't know why I haven't posted over here at all....since I signed up 4 years ago, lol!
  6. Greetings, long time listener first time caller here. I was feeling a little awkward making 24:24 purchases like a lurker, and I've gotten an immense amount of great information from the group here... I've been smoking cigars for about 22 years, with a focus on Habanos only a little less than that. I've taken the time to tour the majority of non-Cuban brands from time to time, but always seem to return to my original love. The cigar that first got me back then was the PSD4...I still describe that sense memory to people as "the marriage of a funky tomato plant on a hot summer day, and a rose bush on a cool spring morning". Cubans have definitely gone through some changes, but today I'm solidly a RyJ and Upmann guy, with specific favorites from other brands here and there (I'll buy pretty much any PL within reason). Favorites for heavy rotation in the humidor right now are last year's Upmann #2's, "most prized" are my PL Sobresalientes, and I curse whoever decided it was time to get rid of RA coronas and Boli CG's. Have a great week! Jerry

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