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  1. I understand complete. I used to do that but now I build custom fly rods, tie flies, work on something other than my phone and take a lot of breaks to enjoy the stick
  2. Qdo54 ryj wide churchill im king of bitten by the thick bug. I still enjoy thinner sticks but these as of late
  3. Try one and see for yourself. To me yes they are worth the extra when stored and aged properly....they are a treat for me but not as much of a treat as a siglio vi
  4. Cleared cache/history/shrunk photo..still get -200 error as well on iPad Pro with latest updates
  5. Cigar: cigarillos...I just don’t get it and never had one that was any good. other: snakes, ignorance, gin, people who walk into my back cast when fishing in the beach.
  6. Solid review of my favorite stick...thank you
  7. Awesome review weekend, Tonight i had the absolute pleasure of smoking this cigar. I kept it at 64/65 since its original purchase in 2016. Amazing burn, heavenly aroma and one of the smoothest sticks I have ever had. The aroma just smelled exactly how a cigar is supposed to smell to me at least. It’s nearly impossible fo Rome to put into words. 1/3-The beautiful stick started with a light coffee and cohiba classic grassiness. Maybe a touch of white pepper on the finish but the only lasting flavor was the light coffee. 2/3-More coffee progressing in intensity with a light slowing of salted caramel. 3/4 I cant help but thinking this has to be one of the “easiest” cigars to smoke. The flavors are pronounced and distinct. The finish was deep dark roasted coffee, light caramel and a touch of dry roasted nuts. I couldn’t help but noticing that the coffe started light and progressed in intensity through the entire cigar. When the coffee flavors hit a medium plus body the salted caramel kicked in and stayed for quite a while. It was comparable to a caramel macchiato. Heavenly. I found the stick to be pretty complex but the favors were bold and in your face. I don’t think the box of these will last very long as they are smoking heavenly. 9.5 out of 10. Why not 10/10? Well it left me wanting more. I wanted it to last longer and wished it was a longer lasting. Total smoke time was about 1 hour and 55 minutes but I honestly could have smoked this stick for much longer and been quite content. When i get a stick this good i just don’t want it to end. This is easily one of my top 10 cigars I have ever smoked. I only notice light to moderate strength but a full flavor experience. (The forum is not letting me post pics tonight...sorry)

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