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    tuna fishing, fly tying, saltwater fly fishing, swordfishing and oh yea CIGARS!!

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  1. captain

    Padrón Dámaso

    When they first came out they were pretty good..the newer ones are really loose, muted and crummy....done with them
  2. Most: tie between cohiba and epi 2 lease: anything monte
  3. Dates condo 109 (Mexico) I gotta try one cohiba 1966 majestuoso
  4. Nice review of one of my favs. They are all really good but when you get a great one it’s worth the struggle. Give another properly filled one a shot. I’ve gone through a few boxes and most are really well made... great review
  5. captain

    Your Last Cracker Cigar?

    I think I’m in a cigar slump..last month didn’t do much for me... i think the best was a qdo 54...loads coffee and cream for me
  6. When I started I would read/watch a very descriptive review of the stick..than I would smoke it and try to taste those flavors. It helped but still took time...stick with it and you will get there
  7. Vigia—it’s just me and I just don’t like them loving the qdo54 even young
  8. I’ve always found that tubos age slower and retain a lot of young qualities for much longer...imo
  9. So very sorry for your loss. Our parents teach us everything except how to live without them. My sincerest condolences
  10. I do. I’m in South Florida so the weather is pretty much optimal year round. However, I find that I smoke more in the summer months. For me, smoking in the hot summer nights just go together. During a no smoking phase a typically go a few days or even a few weeks without a cigar and then go right back to one every night after everyone goes to bed. No rhyme or reason
  11. I buy boxes of what I like, multi boxes of what I love and 1/4 boxes of what I testing to see if I like

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