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  1. Hang in there.. the sun will shine again
  2. captain

    So far so good

    Surf looks fun!
  3. captain


    Very excited for this!
  4. Good topic....I tend to smoke different cigars with the seasons as well. On on a hot summer night I’m usually reaching for psd4 or if time is an issue a psd6, brc, rjy wide Churchill, a siglio vi or a Coro
  5. What are your “must have when traveling” sticks? For me I always travel with the following: 1. Qdo54 2. Epi 2 3. Coro 4. Psd4 5. Siglo vi
  6. Still buying qdo54s...cohiba...can you ever have enough?
  7. I feel exactly the same way
  8. I had a cohiba Medio siglio that absolutely blew me away.... second spot was a Hoyo epi 2 with about 3 years on it. great month !
  9. Cohiba quai Dorsey hoyo partagas ryj
  10. I enjoy them. I find the newer ones are much milder in strength and perfect for morning or early day. They are great with coffee.
  11. Il glad you posted this...the Medio siglio has been in my top 3 for a while now...I adore this cigar and is aging beautifully. Maybe just me but I find the lighter ones a tad more desirable
  12. captain

    What would you do?

    I would keep moving but maybe mention it to the hotel management as I’m sure they don’t want their guests being sold fakes. If you mentioned it to him directly that you knew you may find yourself in a word battle with a guy that might not know the truth but must defend his honor.
  13. captain

    Simon Chase...

    Of course...I meant no disrespect.
  14. captain

    Simon Chase...

    74 is very young...anyone know what happened? RIP...legend
  15. captain

    Do you tie?

    Anyone else here tie fly’s? Anyone else have a stick while they Tie? I tie almost every night...nice way to wind down a busy day.. Tonight I’m tying a few dozen pin fish patterns for snook and having a psd4.
  16. captain

    Do you tie?

    Me too and didn’t touch a thing for 4 years when the kiddos came. Back into it now...
  17. captain

    Box stickers

    Mine always have different blue etc
  18. captain

    Cohiba Talisman....."take 2"

    I love the cohiba el...but another release? Cmon...the whole point is that it’s limited!
  19. I feel that the Churchill ends stronger than the short Churchill....maybe more build up due to size..
  20. I would agree on this as wel..this has been a go to for me since day 1 and still remains
  21. My top 5 regular production are.. coro Siglo vi wide churchill psd4 qdo 54 no particular order
  22. captain

    Qdo 54 hype

    They are great sticks...for me the 54 blew away the 50 by a mile. Plus it’s a good morning; day; afternoon smoke. It’s my current fav cigar..I’m sitting on a lot of boxes and can’t wait to see how they change over time. Try one...
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