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  1. This is is my absolute favorite accessory i have ever owned.
  2. LGC caribe 8.5 LGC invictos 6. (young) por Sobresalientes 9.9 (nearly perfect)
  3. My very first siglio one while sitting in my garage listening to the pouring rain. The cigar made me a cohiba lover to this day. Between the stick, rain and the rum it was magical for me. Never looked back...
  4. My eldest are few boxes of the 2014 cohiba supremes and a few boxes of 2011 behike 52/54. I may have one Coro from 2008...I gotta smoke some of these. I hate having cigars to look at rather than smoke
  5. I’ve just never felt strength with the bhk lines and I’m a light weight....
  6. A spot on solid review and fun read. Agree completely.
  7. I had a Coro that was so plugged and knotted it wouldn’t draw and tasted like burnt hair...
  8. This is a great thread..I end up with excess as well. Sometimes I get a few boxes smoke one and a half boxes and fall out of love....pick it up again much much much later and the love is totally gone..rather than give them away it would be great to sell them for a few bucks that could be used towards stuff I’m currently in love with.
  9. When they first came out they were pretty good..the newer ones are really loose, muted and crummy....done with them
  10. Dates condo 109 (Mexico) I gotta try one cohiba 1966 majestuoso
  11. Nice review of one of my favs. They are all really good but when you get a great one it’s worth the struggle. Give another properly filled one a shot. I’ve gone through a few boxes and most are really well made... great review
  12. I think I’m in a cigar slump..last month didn’t do much for me... i think the best was a qdo 54...loads coffee and cream for me
  13. When I started I would read/watch a very descriptive review of the stick..than I would smoke it and try to taste those flavors. It helped but still took time...stick with it and you will get there
  14. I’ve always found that tubos age slower and retain a lot of young qualities for much longer...imo
  15. So very sorry for your loss. Our parents teach us everything except how to live without them. My sincerest condolences
  16. I do. I’m in South Florida so the weather is pretty much optimal year round. However, I find that I smoke more in the summer months. For me, smoking in the hot summer nights just go together. During a no smoking phase a typically go a few days or even a few weeks without a cigar and then go right back to one every night after everyone goes to bed. No rhyme or reason

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