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  1. One of my favorite sticks..for me they are worth the price. For you perhaps they aren’t...try one and see.
  2. Pres...we should be freezing what’s we get from foh and 24;24 or not? Im confused
  3. I usually start with something fat and light/med like a wide Churchill or hdm epi 2..have a sugary drink/apple/crackers or a starch /some type of meat in between than after about 30-45 min (I agree minimum of 15 min) start out with something more bold like a psd4/el’s/Maduro 1/ etc. or or sometimes I’ll stick with light...all depends on the day.
  4. Yes. I feel very confident in it. The guardian very hard plastic sleeve is inside the leather to protect the cigars. It used to be removal. Actually tonight my 4yo was playing with the case a bit. I forgot I left a wide chruchill and psd4 in there. He’s a 4 yo boy so it got played with pretty rough and the sticks were absolutely fine. I no no where near as protected as a full on plastic water tight case but more than enough for me. These pj cases are really great. I knew I wanted one but didn’t realize how bad I really needed one until I used it a few times. Love it and my money was very very well spent and yes I paid full retail and would do so again.
  5. It’s called the guardian and they used to be removal. They are now inside the leather. Great protection
  6. I got my pj case today and love what quality. Pics to follow
  7. We should do a foh trip...I would Love to close me but so far away..
  8. I find it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.. 🤪
  9. I look forward to trying them all..should be a fun! wonder what the Cohibas will be like?
  10. I was on the fence a bit as well but than I decided I really needed a man purse... and project carbon just didn’t do it for me in terms of quality..but they are nice...each his own.
  11. I would have celebrated with him. If he asked advice I would have given it but not offered it. Wouldn’t want to rain on his parade. Caveat-if he smoked one and turned green or got sick I would have told him he was likely smoking dogshit in those stick and give him a few of the real thing.
  12. Great video...thanks for posting
  13. I was on the fence for a bit but I’m an ocean nut (surf,fish,dive,beach) it just fit me so well I figured it was meant to be...
  14. Thank you everyone for the input...I just ordered my pj case in a limited edition Oceana color. 😎
  15. After finishing the first layer I open the box and let the bottom half breath for at least 3 weeks before even trying one..really makes a difference

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