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  1. Anyone in south Florida want to do this ? I have time and a boat.
  2. I love the hot or not post. Such great info when buying on the internet
  3. I bought this i submitted an offer they accepted. I’ve been very happy with it and is quiet. Not custom but great for me
  4. I’ve been in a love affair with the qdo 54 for a few months now... tried the ryj wide Churchill a few months back and they are in the regular rotation. alsomtried the Trinidad viagra 😂🤪 ..mine seem a bit young but I keep going back to the box.. i really need to try some torpedos.
  5. I really like that idea plus double protection. What leather case fits in the pj?
  6. I’m with you 100%. I greatly dislike box pressed sticks. They just bother me....I don’t mind if the foot gets a little pressed but that’s about it. To each his own.....
  7. I’m really leaning in favor of the pj case. Seems to be exactly what I want since most of my smoking is done in a business suit after work with others. Seems like it will also be a good travel case for a few days away. Does anyone use a humi / Boveda Pack in their pj?
  8. It’s pretty addicting..I can scroll through Instagram cigar photos endlessly. I love the visual aspect of cigars etc
  9. Mine...@mocean_Grantd but I dig @dutchcigars, cigarsmokingmodel, cigarsmokernl....
  10. I love the pics...I could look at loaded cases all day
  11. Do you sign up on the website for notifications?
  12. Great replies everyone thank you. Anyone stick a Boveda Pack in the pj case? I’m leaning towards the pj....
  13. I’m curious as to what everyone uses for a travel case? I’m considering a peter James, a project carbon ( or on the much lower end a smok’n gear ( I’m really looking for something that can hold all the goodies as well..sticks, cutter, lighter, etc. anyone have ave any experience with any of them? What are you currently using? Bonus brownie points for a pic too. cheers
  14. some of my previous favorite were the following. I never got a buzz from them but again back than i was a heavy cigarette smoker. How do you think these rate on the strength of nicotine scale? PSD4 Cohiba Robusto HdM Double Corona Bolivar Royal Corona thanks again!
  15. Hello everyone! (I'm back ) after a long break from cigars I'm finally back. Im finding that since i no longer smoke cigarettes my tolerance for cigars is much much lower. Im looking for recommendations for some sticks that are full of flavor but not full of nicotine. I hear the HdM petit robusto isn't too strong which makes me happy since it was one of my favorites prior to my leave. Some other not strong sticks that were recommended to me where: Saint Luis Rey Regio San Cristobal La Punta El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme Montecristo Petit Edmundo I highly appreciate any thoughts, recommendations and help. Thanks!
  16. Thanks for the kind words everyone. It really was a feat for me to land this. I have hooked them up to 150 lbs but this is the first that was landed. As you can see the fish was in the air more than in the water. LOVE IT!
  17. I go to the keys frequently with my wife and i finally LANDED a tarpon on the fly. Followed this catch up with an aged PSD4. Thank you Czar for the PSD4 (from a while back) and thanks god this fish stayed hooked! I caught it on an 8wt.
  18. NICE pics man. I go down to Cabo about 2-3x a year for roosters on the fly. if you want the names of some great guides or want some of my special rooster flies just give me a shout.
  19. Those Monti's look amazing! nice stash!
  20. Sorry for the late reply...been traveling and fishing my arse off. anyways, the HdM PR is one of my favorites. with some age on them they get even better (as im sure you know) i find them loaded with light coffee, and fresh tobacco flavors. try one you wont be disappointed.
  21. the albie run is in full swing as are the snook on the beaches in *select locations. just wondering if anyone in SE Fla (jupiter area) would be interest in a little fly fishing for snook on the beach, chasing albies around in the boat and enjoying a nice habanos in the process. shoot me a message. Im asking bc NONE of my fishing friends smoke cigars and tend to get a little edgy when a smoke around them.
  22. Oh MAN! those 109's look amazing! thats the one cigar I woudl literally kill to get a box of. (well not literally but you get the idea!)

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