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  1. Oh MAN! those 109's look amazing! thats the one cigar I woudl literally kill to get a box of. (well not literally but you get the idea!)
  2. cohiba siglo VI-i posted pics..they are fake anyway. haha. let me know though where you guys are planning on crashing so i can follow on the ground and catch the raining habanos.
  3. congratulations. i will never forget the day i proposed! happy for you!
  4. 1. "friends" asking me why i spend so much money on cigars. 2. "friends" asking me why i just dont smoke black and milds. -i have actually smacked someone for this comment. 3. giving a "friend" a cc that i know isnt too strong for them, will fit well after the meal we jsut had, than watching them take 2 puffs and are done with it. ken-spit in my ashtray any time you want, but only if you take my fly fishing first! i really need a salmon for my wall.
  5. you should post a review in the review section. id look forward to reading it.
  6. i laughed through that whole video. great job!
  7. id be more than happy to relieve you of some of them. hate to haev you smoking something bland. YUCK! feel free to send a pm.
  8. looking for a recommendation. can anyone give a quick review or flavor profile of the monti 5 or/and the partagas short. i had a monti 5 with about 2 years of age onit and it was fantastic! however, i do love the partagas line, especially the PSD4. any recommendations or quick review would be greatly appreciated. or maybe ill just buy a box or 10 of each and smoke away. lol. thanks
  9. no i havent smoked one yet. still have this head cold lingering. but they do smell pretty good. i have every intention to smoking one this weekend. ill keep you posted.
  10. oh wow, when you psoted the pics of the real ones i can really see the differences. ok ok...who wants a free fake cohiba? ahah. i may smoke one just to see what they are like when i get over this damn cold.
  11. no i want the full analysis. when i created the thread i kinda knew they were fake. but for the most obvious reasons. however, i want to use this opportunity to learn more about spotting fakes.
  12. yes i king of knew they were fake but jsut am looking for more education of why they are fakes. thank you for the quick response
  13. A friend of mine gave me this box. yes i know it is one of the most expensive boxes that habanos makes. yes i also know that cohibas are the most faked stick out there. so heres the pics, let me know what you think. heres what i can tell you. -the guy that gave them to me is a really good friend, i also knwo that he deasl with ALOT of very high end people and coudl easilly get his hands on a box liek this without too much trouble. -why did he give them to me? i did him a really big favor and he knows my love for cc so he thought this was the best way to repay me. -why dont i just some one and find out if they are fake? becuase i haev a massive headcold and cant smell or taste a damn thing. and i really dotn want to wait until i get better before at least aksing around to see what you guys think. -notice-the bands are not exactly alike on the cigars. the majority of the sticks have 3 rows of white boxes before hitting the cohiba logo. 2-3 cigars only have 1 row of white boxes before hitting the cohiba logo. thats the biggest "red flag" i see. looking forward to hearing your impressions. thanks
  14. wow i just realised i posted some of the above pics already. wow i need to lay of the hard stuff. haha
  15. enjoy bc i sure am. ignore the temp and humidity reading in the pics. it wasnt in the humi for very long. more porn to be posted shortly.
  16. for some reason if i click the link it says error. if a try to download the pdf it wont allow it. any ideas? id really liek to read the paper
  17. captain

    Montauk, NY

    oh wow nice fish. i grew up in montauk and seeing that pic brought back alot of memories. feel free to post some more pics if you have.
  18. captain


    this is the last weekend for turkey here in s. fla. its been a rough season for me. however it was a great wild hog season with the bow.
  19. really happy! :-( not sure why but the ash is cut off in all the above pics. ahh well. by the way. like most of you gentlement i am also a fishing fanatic. But i also make all my own rods and now with some special tools i can put ANY picture on a fishing rod with thread. below are some examples. i think its pretty cool. working on a habanos logo.
  20. just a few fun ones from south east fla through NY. enjoy.
  21. » Hey captain those rod's look very cool!!!! Oh yeah the cigars are nice » too! A fishing rod with a FoH logo would be most excellent!! i could do an FOH logo, but i would need el pres to send me a high res pic of it.
  22. my collection has grown sonsiderably since these were taken, but these are from my first. I was so happy this day i think i actualy did a little happy dance! it been like being in love ever since.

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