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  1. good call. i will post more. i just need to get them uploaded from the camera. this summer alone we have taken over 2000 pics.
  2. screw throwing it away. I hate dmine as well and sold it on ebay for MORE than i paid for it! SELL IT!
  3. well thanks for the warm welcome. if anyone is around this area let me know. i really dont have any smoking buddies and coudl really use some! little bit more about me-lately i have been really stuck on the HdM Petit robusto, BRC and the PSD4. hopefully, one day i will get to try the conde 109. after reading so much about it, and seeing the review on this forum from it-it just makes my mouth water.
  4. hello, ok i have been lurking here for a pretty good amount of time now. so i figured i would finally make a post and say hello. so.... hi! ill explain my user name "captain" I am a sporting fishing boat captain here currently running a 52' Hatteras. we fish everywhere mainly in search of Tuna. Fishing is my job, but cigars are my passion. im glad we have this common place to share a common love of the cuban leaf. i recieved my first order about a year ago and been enjoying ever since.

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