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  1. So sad to hear this! Condolences to all family and friends!
  2. Thanks everyone who's involved in putting this on! And thank you for all your hard work, FOH and Club Czar, during craziness like we have in our world today! Each and every one of you is appreciated...especially now! Happy Holidays to all.
  3. Great read and great information. I quickly forget about Sake. Next time I do buy some, which will be soon after reading this, I'll be much better informed.
  4. All I've been fortunate enough to smoke have been Españas: '08 RA Grandes: 9.8 '10 SP Quijotes: 9.8 '09 Punch Gran Robusto: very, very MEH! '14 RA Caprichos: first couple I decided to give them more time. I smoked one this last winter and it was craziest I've ever smoked: it was phenomenally tasty as soon as I lit, but it burned incredibly unevenly. I kept evening it up and purging. It was still tasty occasionally but got pretty charred tasting after all re-lites and I finally gave up less than 2/3 through... I'll try again sometime with high hopes, because I've never smoke
  5. Awesome review... nice to read what my palette is telling me but brain is unable to identify!
  6. Thanks to FOH it's Happy Australia Day for the entire world! I scored my first Hoyos...the EE. Hoy Hoy Hoy??? Now it's back to my self-imposed exile from cigar purchases... I hope. I may need help. Do I need help? Dear Gods... I need help, hahaha.

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