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  1. This is difficult to demonstrate because it requires someone thinking ahead and saving original infection samples, then having both viral samples genome's analyzed. In U.S., who has lagged in testing from the get-go (especially genome sequencing). So naturally...there is little data on reinfection. As a side note, we need as much data as possible all the time to understand as much as possible...Not certain but pretty sure entire world could do MUCH better.
  2. I'm not super current on this topic but pretty sure I've heard of PCR being used in clinical setting as a predictor of severity of illness?
  3. @Meesterjojo @oakalley Thank-you for what you are doing on the front lines. I'm an RN and have done a small bit of undergraduate research in epidemiology (math modeling). Always through this pandemic our greatest risk has been overwhelming our healthcare systems. You both describe exactly this in your workplaces and this is very frightening. Especially so when one considers that you aren't speaking about isolated incidents. As you know this is when the real shit-show starts! I don't know what to say except that your work is appreciated and inspiring! To the topic of thread... I voted
  4. Have you registered for the Club yet? Follow the instructions in the first post in this topic and you should be good. It's working from my laptop...I'll just play from there. Thanks, Moe.
  5. I'm playing for the first time in a while...thanks for the running invitation! I'm having a difficult time finding tournaments in PokerStars app on Droid. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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