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  1. All I've been fortunate enough to smoke have been Españas: '08 RA Grandes: 9.8 '10 SP Quijotes: 9.8 '09 Punch Gran Robusto: very, very MEH! '14 RA Caprichos: first couple I decided to give them more time. I smoked one this last winter and it was craziest I've ever smoked: it was phenomenally tasty as soon as I lit, but it burned incredibly unevenly. I kept evening it up and purging. It was still tasty occasionally but got pretty charred tasting after all re-lites and I finally gave up less than 2/3 through... I'll try again sometime with high hopes, because I've never smoked a stogie that tasty from first puff! Both that I gave high scores... could've easily given perfect tens, as I can't imagine tastier smokes but...who knows what future holds.
  2. Awesome review... nice to read what my palette is telling me but brain is unable to identify!
  3. Thanks to FOH it's Happy Australia Day for the entire world! I scored my first Hoyos...the EE. Hoy Hoy Hoy🤘🤘🤘 Now it's back to my self-imposed exile from cigar purchases... I hope. I may need help. Do I need help? Dear Gods... I need help, hahaha.
  4. Finishing my piramedes sampling... Hu#2 while watching a storm. We rarely see decent sized ones here and as I'm typing it's letting up. Great cigar!! My first PSPs from El Prez... worth every penny once it's gotten some age!
  5. Pyramid night here in WYO: Dip#2 = sordough, occasional chocolate, and some cream in final third. BBF = I just fired it up and after a couple puffs the Graham cracker starts. Will this one give some marshmallow?? I swear some in this box reminded me of a s'more. No matter... this has been one of my best boxes and one of first purchased from Rob.
  6. Where my thoughts are exactly. And with all parties on both sides... the whole story will probably never be had!! Although, given my personal history with these "symptoms".... hangover sounds plausible.
  7. Most Mexicans I've worked with swear by menudo. I'm a fan, so I'll say that it has never made a hangover worse, at least!
  8. Smoked a corona yesterday... good smoke. I'm trying to stay out of them based on that 5 year recommendation from Prez. I think they have 18 -24 months, and I've smoked maybe a half dozen. They've all been enjoyable, so we'll see if they make it.
  9. So the question becomes, will technologically advanced life reset and how long. Kinda interesting to think about whether this time frame would other words, as life becomes more advanced (in 4.5 billion years) does the process of evolution/adaptation speed up.
  10. For the record, I hope nothing I've said is taken as pedantry. I'm enjoying the conversation and trying to contribute my $.02. As a brother from another mother says, "It's hard telling not knowing!" It always cracks me up when he says this and I don't quite understand why.
  11. I, respectfully, disagree. To what extent?... I don't feel qualified to say, but one example pops to mind. This is metabolism via enzymes. Without enzymatic contribution we (and all other life) have no metabolism, or it's so slow that it's effectively zero. There is an incredibly narrow window of temperatures in which enzymes maintain their structure/function. This is just one example of the fragility of life. Once we're outside this/ these window(s), what's next? Does life/planet/etc. snap back after a short respite? Am I saying to go hug the next tree you see... absolutely not... maybe just bow to it while maintaining eye contact. (insert catchy emoji)
  12. I couldn't agree more! Or we'll give other intelligent life on this planet enough time to work around the whole opposable thumbs thing... and they'll kick us the Teckla (shout out to Brust) out!!!
  13. I love TED and TED talks, but I don't think he adds anything to this discussion. There are some major logic jumps he goes through in his math at the end mixing in several questions. As I see this thread there are at least two questions: 1. Is there other life in the universe at least as advanced as we are? 2. Will we ever make contact with other life that is similarly or more advanced? This gentleman mixes these two questions so that the math gives the answer his speech needs. And essentially, the word alone mixes these questions. Yes, I agree 100%... it's likely that we never make contact/discover other "intelligent" elsewhere in the universe. And, as has been stated elsewhere in this thread, an alien would either, have to be a complete moron OR have us at such a disadvantage that it is essentially just messing around, to make contact with humans. Same argument applies to other life leaving signs of their presence as is alluded to in this talk. So, yes, we're alone and likely (imo) to stay that way. Is there other technologically advanced life out there? (Imo) Yes. Is it more advanced or less? (Imo) I think there very well could be several examples on a spectrum of more to less advanced. To me, the essential point is that humans are infinitesimally infinitesimal, and our brains can't be wrapped around the scale of the universe that we're discovering (these same thoughts apply to a god or God's [again, IMO])... However, it's interesting and entertaining to talk about, so thanks for the TED talk @Alexw33!
  14. I hear and echo both of your frustrations. Especially the part about the pedophiles... seriously, you as an organization can't draw the line on this??? It's hard to make sense of and even harder to understand most of my family's continued faith.

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