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  1. I don’t get the Seurat comparison. Like cigars art is in the eye of the beholder. Seurat was a pioneer in his Pointalism style of painting. Personally I don’t understand the appeal of cohiba considering price. The Siglo line can be superb. I have a few of the madoros but in comparison the partaga maduros I think are far superior.
  2. This box is taking up too much room. I have about 10 left. I try one every few months. Never gets better. So bland.
  3. I am presently my 3rd day in Paris traveling from U.S. vaccination card and negative test for Covid upon arrival. Customs, etc. no problem. Forget the digital France and European Union digital card. Never came. More organized then states. Negative test gets you in digital data base. Keep a mask with you. Great time. No problems.
  4. I love skirt steak, my favorite cut. I’m in Virginia. Wegmans grocery store regularly has them though they are getting pricey. My method is generous seasoning: steak seasoning powder, onion and garlic powder and then I marinate with Italian dressing and throw it on the grill. Careful watching as I burn the outside and their done when the inside is medium rare. Accompany with barbecued corn on the cob.
  5. Monte 4 years 2014-18 e2 5 pack 2017 Upman magnum 50 Gel code 2020 upman 2 gem code 2020 are gorgeous along with a 2014 oct box partaga muduro 1 2018 blt code Special mention for a P2 10 box 2019 code utl
  6. Connery was the original. No competition at that time. Daniel Craig great for this era. I love Bond week.
  7. Maybe someone can provide me with some information. I purchased a box of Party 898's around end of April 2015. No box code or date on box. Anyone know this information? Thanks.
  8. So, let me make sure I got this right. If I buy a box this weekend, I Can add a lighter to it?
  9. Not much of a wine or coffee drinker. I have recently settled on Grand Marnier, Vanilla Frapatino mixed with Kuhlua and on a Sunday morning - Morrocan mint green tea.

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