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  1. I did not vote because I'm just not sure. I joined a long time ago. I would guess 2007ish. I used to be fairly active, but I rarely ever post anymore. Because of personal economic changes, I have been smoking less, buying less, and posting less. It has been interesting watching this forum grow over the years. When I joined, there were member numbers. I don't remember what number I was but sure it was well under 1,000. It seemed like there were about 30-40 active members. I loved the small community feel of the place then. I watched the member numbers climb well up into the tens of thousands as many came and went. The success of the forum is a testament to the hard work and ingenuity of the Czar crew, past and present. I miss the small community feel the forum used to have, but the egalitarian, easy come, easy go feel of the place is what has brought everyone here from the beginning.
  2. Rogers72


    I love Gin and club soda during the warmer months. Crisp, refreshing, and fantastic with any cigar. My standard is regular old Beefeater but I am always trying others. Will keep an eye out for Botanist.
  3. One of those rare "landmark" nights for me. An Hoyo DC from 2003, Bollinger NV, and 18yr Laphroaig after some great Thai food.
  4. I've never gotten a soapy taste but I did have 5pk Sampler of a Regional Release that tasted very strongly of women's perfume/hand cream. All 5 of them. This was from a release about 5 years ago. I wrote it off as either someone in the factory or at the retailer was using something of the sort while handling the cigars. Fine either way...I still enjoyed them.
  5. As mentioned, if she likes Lagavulin 16, Ardbeg Uigedail or Corryvekken are very similar in character and both GREAT pours. Additionally, I am really digging Talisker Distiller's Edition and it isn't too far off of that character. Oban Distiller's Edition would also be a great choice. There is something incredibly sexy about a woman who likes good whisky.
  6. Great to see you, your friends, and family out enjoying the outdoors. I take several shorter but similar outings each year and the food, fellowship, cigars, booze, and lies are what make it something I look forward to the entire time I'm away. I shoot a deer or two per year, an number of birds each year, catch and keep a very minimal amount of fish per year, and thoroughly enjoy cooking and eating all without worry of their feelings. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm also a gun nut. I enjoy shooting, collecting, and hoarding firearms much more than hunting with them. I understand and respect the anti-hunting argument from strict vegans, but also understand that many (including myslelf) don't want to see pics of dead animals on a cigar forum.
  7. Love this cigar. I'm a devout Habanos guy but I could live with this specific cigar only for the rest of my life.
  8. God knows Apartheid in SA was atrocious. And I'm sure blood must occasionally be shed to rid the world of such. But, take a long hard look at Mandela, the MK, and the ANC before comparing him to Ghandi, angels, etc. I'll leave it at that...and probably catch a load for it.
  9. I hate the Easter bunny. I get freaked out just thinking about that bastard.
  10. Some good suggestions so far. My favorites have all been listed. Party Shorts and Bolivar PCs are remarkably consistent. Trinidad Reyes is one I don't smoke enough of but have always enjoyed. PLPC is closely behind. For the money, you really can't beat the Party Short though. They are great young and better with a few years. Stock up!
  11. I enjoy Bulleit but there's so much more out there that I prefer. For me, its just not at all complex and even the standard has a bit too much "rye" flavor. The bourbon market is insane with all of the choices. I really enjoy Blanton's and Evan Williams 1783. Its fun to get a group together and have a blind tasting of 5 or 6 good bourbons to see what you like. Even more fun when you get 5 or 6 nice single batch "handcrafted" bourbons and sneak one or two "regular" bourbons in to the blind tasting.
  12. Love It! It's still the one time of year I actually make a point to slow down and try to make as special as I can for myself and my family. With two young kids and another on the way, it seems to keep getting more special every year. I also enjoy it because, as I slow down, I tend to spend more time remembering those loved ones who are no longer here to celebrate with me. There's nothing like sitting on the porch alone, late at night, with some really great Christmas music playing, a nice drink, and a cigar, reminiscing.
  13. I'm a huge fan of musicals. My Fair Lady and The Sound of Music are probably #1 and #2 "favorite all time" movies for me. I don't mind admitting it.
  14. Xi2 Cutter I bought about 3 or 4 years ago was never very good and went downhill fast about a year ago. Literally began falling apart. As it never cut as good as the $2 cheapies, i have never sent out to replace. Xikar element lighter purchased 2 or 3 years ago worked well for about a year. Crapped out. Never bothered sending back in as I know it will crap right back out. I know a number of mates who've had the same issues. I'm done with their products. I do have a Xikar travel humi that has served me well.
  15. I'm in. Rob, if you see this I think I may have registered twice under Rogers72. I only made picks for one. The other can be deleted if you are able to. Thanks!

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