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  1. Mad Max was an excellent movie, but The Matrix was a game changer.
  2. I could only assume they have ver 1 cases, because as I stated, all ver 2 cases come with the guardian.
  3. No. All PJ cases since ver 2 have come with the guardian included. I have both ver 1 & 2 and I've never managed to crush a cigar. The risk is overstated IMO.
  4. Agreed, but they are very bulky and of course don't have the feel of nice leather. All PJ cases come with the guardian now since the second gen.
  5. The DJ 1942 is shaped to replica a blue agave leaf. A fan as well of it, when looking for a more traditional tasting tequila.
  6. Huge fan of Cava de Oro extra anejo. A very distinctive and unique flavor profile.
  7. You are absolutely incorrect. Virtually all freezers in a combo unit can maintain 0 F.
  8. Not sure how accurate a $10 thermometer is going to be. Wonder if there is a good method to calibrate them.
  9. Pretty much all home freezers are going to be well below that. I keep mine at -5 F.
  10. I prefer the Cigar Geeks app. Works on multiple platforms and syncs to a central database. Much easier to navigate on a mobile device than a spreadsheet. You can also export the data to a spreadsheet, which is how I make a backup of the data.
  11. Don't believe he has any issues with crushing cigars. The PC is much thicker. I'm very happy with my PJ. I actually have two of them
  12. Based on what I've been told by a friend that has the PC one vs my PJ, his case is much thicker and made of stiffer material. He prefers mine, but the price point was too expensive for him to justify.
  13. I've traveled countless times with mine and have yet to damage a cigar. I throw a Boveda pack inside the sleeve to help control the humidity.

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