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  1. xtcat9k

    email of the week.

    Thanks for a good laugh.
  2. St Dupont Defi Extreme.
  3. xtcat9k


    Excellent accessory and a must for any cigar aficionado. I have several and have bought them for friends.
  4. http://cigarbags.com/cigarbags.aspx is where I get mine. I feel shipping costs are reasonable.
  5. Diplomatico Bushido-TOS OCT 15 Diplomatico Number 2-TOS MAR 16 Bolivar Corona Gigantes-PUR MAR 16 San Cristobal La Fuerza-TOS MAR 16 H. Upmann Magnum 56-MEG MAR 16 Hoyo De Monterrey le Hoyo Du Prince-TOR JUN 16 Montecristo Number One-BUM ABR 15 Fonseca Number 1-UME MAR 15 Punch Punch-ALO MAR 16 Ramon Allones Club Allones-SOM DIC 15 Bolivar Belicoso Finos-TOR May 16 Partagas Lusitania-OBM JUN 16 Cohiba Robusto-ETP JUN 16
  6. Does anyone have the full list? I forgot to note it, before it disappeared.
  7. xtcat9k

    Formula 1 - 2017

    I went to the race a few years ago and it was an amazing experience. I agree that they surely know how to organize and manage the event like no other.
  8. Glass half full or half empty. I guess you are going with the half empty perspective.
  9. Easier I imagine to get a single year exception through than a lengthier one.
  10. xtcat9k


    Beggers can't be choosers. Hehe.
  11. xtcat9k

    Las Vegas cigar bars

    Assuming the Vegas trip is happening in the near future, outdoor smoking in 100+ degree heat isn't going to be enjoyable for most people. I save my Vegas outdoor smoking for the non-summer months. Myself and the 5 other guys I was with found the Montecristo lounge a sterile experience. It is definitely a polished place perhaps better suited for a business meeting. Rhumbar is good for the more club oriented experience. The loud music makes for difficult conversation, if you are with others. Davidoff outside the Fashion Mall was super expensive, even for Vegas and Davidoff. The bartender couldn't make a decent cocktail.
  12. xtcat9k

    Las Vegas cigar bars

    My two favorites places to go are Casa Fuente in Caesars Palace and Cigar Box. Love the mojitos at Casa Fuente. Cigar Box, which is a little off the strip, has a friendly staff, excellent filtration, and a nice roomy layout.

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