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  1. Similarities & differences are a matter of perspective. When considering the vast scope of variety in rhum as this thread does, I still think those mentioned are not all that far removed. But in a side-by-side comparison, I am sure the differences become more pronounced. I'll admit there are easily a dozen dark rums on my shelf that I reach for before Pussers, and when I do it usually goes into a Painkiller. But I do love Pussers, and look forward to a fresh tasting. It sounds like a grueling experiment, but I'll do it in the name of science.
  2. Hey now, thanks for bumping this thread! We have a Nespresso at work (one of the better perks) and appreciate the sleeve suggestions. Cubania it is then...
  3. That's an interesting take, because Pussers 15, being an aged navy rum (not a demerara) has a flavor profile fairly closely related to your Diplomatico, Zaya and Zacapa. Yes, it delivers that wonderful trademark oakiness, but at the end of the day it is squarely in the same dark, sweet, English-style category. Not being contrarian here, it's just surprising that you enjoy one and not the others. Cheers!
  4. @bugg4672, thanks for that - I'm also awaiting my first shipment (went for the new to Habanos sampler). Here's hoping both parcels arrive safe & sound! Honestly I don't recall the Gurkha, but for all their shortcomings I have to say I find their bands & packaging pretty cool. It's funny how little correlation there is between quality of art & smoke. Aging Room is fairly well-regarded for a NC but the label is atrocious.
  5. Lots of beautiful labels here, a couple with closer ties to Cuba than initially meets the eye. Such is the sad state of illustration today that repurposing images in the public domain is fairly common. San Cristobal, anyone? How about this familiar artwork… …which, upon closer inspection was created by New York lithogrophy outfit F. Heppenheimer's Sons, active at the turn of the 20th century. It's a really interesting area of study. A terrific site to bookmark is - just be prepared to lose a couple of hours!
  6. Last summer I covered the surface of a smokeless ashtray for my basement bar. Please excuse the bands; I'd only just started smoking.
  7. Wooden matches for me. It's a habit formed from years of pipe smoking, where matches are your sole option, barring an old Nimrod lighter or some such contraption. Plus, I like the ritual. The whiff of brimstone reminds me of a campfire.
  8. Great thread and lots of great suggestions. Nothing groundbreaking here, but my usual sippers are El Dorado 12 (an incredible demerara and better than the 15 IMHO), Zacapa (of course), Zaya (a great intro to sipping rum), Santa Teresa 1796 and Diplomatico RE. Enjoy any as you would a fine single malt. A good way to get into rum is via the sweeter, darker English-style: Goslings, Blackstrap and most of the above. Then venture into French-style Rhum Agricoles, distilled from sugarcane rather than molasses. These are less sweet, more complex on the palate and "green" tasting. Rhum JM and Clement VSOP (my top pick) will not let you down. Finally you have the Spanish-style rums, clear and minimally aged - good sippers exist (Havana Club 7, anyone?) but generally these are mixers. Not that that is a bad thing; some of the best cocktails play on the delightful intermarriage of different rums. For example, a mai tai calls for equal measures of an aged Jamaican and an Agricole, and the result is outstanding. I highly recommend any of Jeff Berry's books for anyone interested in mixing with rum.
  9. Wow, thanks for the warm welcome! To all you nutmeggers, I am located in Manchester. I look forward to delving further into the forums - I've already picked up a ton of great info here.
  10. Hello everyone, and Happy Friday! My name is Paige and I hail from central CT. I'm a long-time pipe smoker who branched out into cigars a year ago, and now seem to be making the inevitable transition to forbidden delicacies. Looking forward to receipt of a 20pc newbie sampler - my first foray. It'll be tough to enforce a 'hands-off' policy as they rest. Can't wait to peruse some threads... Paige

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