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  1. So its kinda like a sales gimmick? I just think it takes away from making an exclusive cigars if its just gonna be sold like regular production.
  2. How is it that cigar sellers out side of LCDH can sell cigars with LCDH bands? Im not complaining by no means and have bought them from FOH but doesn't that take away from the exclusive part?
  3. Im anxiously waiting on mine right now.I have an order in for a cooled 2000 right now. I think Matt is swamped with orders since Bill has retired
  4. talumn

    24:24 box splits.

    where is the trading room at? I still need to get my numbers up just wondering
  5. talumn

    None Cubans

    Brown & black label Tatuaje , Opus x , Ashton VSG, Ashton ESG, & Illusione
  6. talumn

    Aristocrat or Avallo?

    Thanks. I have a sensor push in my desktop and plan on ordering another one when I receive my Avallo. Its pretty simple and the app is pretty clear.
  7. talumn

    Aristocrat or Avallo?

    Will do. Should receive it around mid April.
  8. Where is home for you ?
  9. In Louisiana won’t smoke below 40°
  10. talumn

    So why no La Trova?

    What is the asking price for these boxes right now?
  11. This is a very impressive stock pile you have
  12. talumn

    Left or Right?

    I’m gonna say left
  13. talumn

    Aristocrat or Avallo?

    So Bob leaving the humidor building section of his business has made of my mind and I reached out to Matt at Avallo. He was very nice to deal with and I’m looking forward to receiving my cooled 2000. I’m curious to know if anyone uses passive humidification as well like putting a pound of heartfelt beads on the humidor as well.

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