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  1. I have been having mine since August last year and already regret not going bigger. I still think Matt did a great job.
  2. Great review. I myself an interested in the glass as well.
  3. I just got 2 packs of N3 from Phil. @ [email protected] He was great to deal with if you need to get some more before they are completely gone
  4. I have a very pleasant experience ordering 2 bundles of N3s. I received them very quickly and he was very responsive to email. I would definitely do business with them again.
  5. This is very cool idea. Just to clarify you don’t actually put them in the microwave correct? I don’t think you would but curious
  6. Mine is still doing good. Im sorry to hear that yours broke. I would be pretty upset if mine quit working this soon
  7. My cooled 2000 is doing good and I like it. I live in south Louisiana and its pretty humid around here so during the summer I rarely add water but during the winter times I do have to add some water with the addition to heartfelt beads I have managed to keep the humidity where i want it. I would recommend Avallo just expect a significant wait time. I waited about 4 months after ordering and from what i hear it has got up.
  8. I have been having my Avallo a little while now and was wondering how often you replace the filter media in the jars that hold the water? Also where would you purchase more if you wanted to replace it? picture for attention Thanks
  9. I was hovering around 66/67 RH . I added a pound of 60 rh beads and that did no help. So I’m still not as low as I’d like to be either
  10. Hani how is the humidity doing in your unit? Any luck lowering the humidity?
  11. Mine swings from 66 - 70 and I haven't put water in the canister yet. I do have a good bit of boveda packets in there right now that I'm trying to use up. Ive got 3 pounds of heartfelt beads(65%) as well. Im just letting it run right now because the humidity has bothered me a bunch yet.
  12. If you ordered in April it should be close to shipping. Post some picture when it arrives
  13. The cooling portion of the unit makes the humidity swing a bunch so I put beads to help. Matt is a small business owner doing the best that he can. He does great work and I didn’t get upset when he took longer than expected because I knew I was getting quality work.
  14. I’m using 65% beads. Humidity swings from 66-70%. I live in south Louisiana where humid stays kinda high.

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