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  1. talumn

    24:24 Monday

    24:24 is awesome. One of the things I look forward to everyday
  2. talumn

    Aristocrat or Avallo?

    So Bob leaving the humidor building section of his business has made of my mind and I reached out to Matt at Avallo. He was very nice to deal with and I’m looking forward to receiving my cooled 2000. I’m curious to know if anyone uses passive humidification as well like putting a pound of heartfelt beads on the humidor as well.
  3. talumn

    24:24 Monday

    I can’t wait to get my new avallo humidor so I can order more cigars. I have no more space at the moment
  4. talumn

    CUNTUS Boxpass

    I’m assuming at the 30 post in 60 days this should be available to you. As of right now I don’t even see the link
  5. talumn

    Aristocrat or Avallo?

    I haven’t heard of Vigilant but I think I will stick with these two. But will check out the site because this is a long process for me to decide.
  6. talumn

    Aristocrat or Avallo?

    Im looking for some help making up my mind. Im definitely getting a temp controlled unit but can't make up my mind on the manufacturer. I have hear great thing about both and the pricing isn't that much of a difference. I don't want to get caught up in models so much but generally speaking is Aristocrat better? Avallo better? or is it just personal preference because they are both high quality cabinets? Thanks
  7. talumn

    Hi All

    Newbie here and wanted to say HI. Im still pretty new to Habanos. Looking forward to chating with everyone

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