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  1. I’m using 65% beads. Humidity swings from 66-70%. I live in south Louisiana where humid stays kinda high.
  2. A question from the uninformed. What are these? Are they customs that will be available to FOH customers?
  3. I was gonna recommend this place too
  4. I know the feeling. I was buying cigars and storing them in boveda bags in anticipation of filling this up.
  5. I ordered in February. Matt is super busy. When you receive it we wanna see pictures.
  6. I have it filled up. I have to say I’m very please with my purchase from Matt with Avallo.
  7. So I finally received and un pack my cooled 2000 from Avallo. It came packaged very nice and after un boxing it turned out great. I will post a couple more pictures when it’s filled. The white things are 1 pound bags from heartfelt industries
  8. So its kinda like a sales gimmick? I just think it takes away from making an exclusive cigars if its just gonna be sold like regular production.
  9. How is it that cigar sellers out side of LCDH can sell cigars with LCDH bands? Im not complaining by no means and have bought them from FOH but doesn't that take away from the exclusive part?
  10. Im anxiously waiting on mine right now.I have an order in for a cooled 2000 right now. I think Matt is swamped with orders since Bill has retired
  11. where is the trading room at? I still need to get my numbers up just wondering
  12. Brown & black label Tatuaje , Opus x , Ashton VSG, Ashton ESG, & Illusione
  13. Thanks. I have a sensor push in my desktop and plan on ordering another one when I receive my Avallo. Its pretty simple and the app is pretty clear.

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