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  1. These definitely pack a little punch. Most NCs I smoke that aren't a lighter shade wrapper will give me a little buzz. Anything LFD makes hit me pretty hard, even with food. More recently it was a LA Nox I had. I don't ever get a buzz from cuban cigars.
  2. Another rum that is worth trying is Plantation Pineapple Rum, not your typical artificially flavored rum. It has this subtle pineapple sweetness in an otherwise unsweetened rum. I finally broke down and grabbed a bottle a month ago after a friend telling me I had to try it. Not an everyday sipper, but has complemented big spicy NCs and been a welcome twist to rum, club soda and like.
  3. Lol, that and the Sailor Jerry's were try once and only once for me...
  4. Im in the same boat as you, I find most Rum far too sweet to pair with a cigar, but recently at my local B&M someone mentioned Barbancourt 8 year... amazing. It is not sweet and in fact almost a cross between a rye and a rum, spicy with a subtle sweetness. I pair this over many of my high end sipping rums generally. I do however enjoy my Martell Cordon Bleu with more full bodied Cubans and NC.
  5. I think thats the plus side with CC, if you do buy a box that isn't sitting right with you out of the gate, you can always assume they will get better with age, especially if they are fresh. With NC on the other hand, I only purchase singles or five packs, if something really wows me I buy an entire box. Thats rare though anymore.
  6. I had kind of dismissed the cigar and was doing some work on the laptop, it was so noticeable that I completely stopped what I was doing and though "is that seriously what I just tasted", and the next few draws were the same. I can only hope I get to experience that again in the next one I smoke. I do need to grab a box of the SLR DC, I have heard only good things. I do enjoy the apricot flavors I have encountered from time to time in cigars.
  7. It sounds like I need to track down some 1966 LE 2011.
  8. So I am sitting here smoking a SLR Pacifico from 2009 to see how they are progressing and out of nowhere I get four draws where the retro is all Peach and Cream. I have never had this before, or at least this obvious of a peach note. Its very odd because there were zero "fruity" or sweet notes the entire cigar, and now with it almost to the nub I can confidently say I don't think there will be anymore. Anyone ever experience this flavor? Any cigar recommendations that might carry notes like this? Side note, I don't think these are ready to consume yet, at least for my taste. I have younger sticks smoking much better. It was all wood, vanilla, cream and that glimpse of a peach note. But the last third was harsh, and completely uncharacteristic of the first two thirds.
  9. This is very interesting because I have seen people who only smoke what would be considered "vintage" cigars. One example would be awong_this_life on instagram (worth the lookup, his collection is amazing), and he will notate on many that they are still flavorful. I feel that while you run the risk of them not being great cigars in that amount of time, the thought and what those cigars represent is far more important. For example, I am part of the single malt whisky society and recently was able to purchase a bottle for my friend who turned 30, the bottle is from his birth month and year. We opened it and while good, it isn't something that fits either of our tastes. However, the plan is every birthday for him to have a glass of this. In this case it will also oxidize over time before he finishes it. But to him it's the idea that I was able to track down a bottle that's from his birthdate.
  10. I guess the downside with getting some of these now is that they would be aged, and the experience of seeing that evolution from fresh to its currents state would be lost. I must say though that I have heard about the Cohiba 1966 and the RA 2011 multiple times before I joined this forum. I need to make it a point to track these down, even if its just a stick I must try them. I also need to order some boxes of the RA 2015 from Pres and let them sit this time. Has anyone had the Mag 56 LE? Thoughts?
  11. No I haven't but I will absolutely being keeping an eye out for these, that's one of my favorite sizes too. Thank you for the recommendation!
  12. This is such an interesting question. While I don't think my flavor profile would be something everyone would smoke I would love a cigar that had black cherry, vanilla, touch if milk chocolate, and some nice smooth coffee, the taste I get only from Nitro coffee. I had a LFD La Nox that the first third was like this, with a very oily mouth coating. It was amazing.
  13. The La Colmena is amazing, it was the cigar that made me a warped supporter. There are some online retailers that run it for a much better deal than that.
  14. This is good to know because I have a new jar of these also and they tasted fairly off. I did put them in their own tupperware with the lid open and a 65% Boveda. Figured I would revisit in a few months.
  15. So I was talking to a friend last night while we smoked the last two of my Ramon Allones Club 2015 from our host. These have been some of my favorite cigars I have ever had, I was originally going to age a box of them, but found myself craving them weekly. My friend who is newer to cigars asked me "what is your favorite LE release", and unfortunately since I have been only collecting and smoking CCs for two years I haven't had many. Most of my collection is comprised of standard release cigars. This year I plan on buying at least a box of all LE cigars. So with that being said, I figured I would come here and ask what is your favorite LE of all time and why?

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