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  1. If you need anything in London drop me a line, otherwise enjoy!
  2. Box of Monte 4s and Party Short/Monte 5s would give a good selection at a reasonable cost.
  3. Hopefully what we'll see from this is what Europe should have been, a free trade zone with movement of labour and goods - essentially what the EEA countries have but without the bloated cost and bureaucracy.
  4. Sturgeon indicating they will vote again on Scottish independence.
  5. Is Google banned in China? Extremely tight. 4.78m remain 4.86m leave.
  6. Very close so far 3.05m remain vs 2.95m leave. It is thought the winning point will be somewhere around 16.5m
  7. First results just starting to roll in. What's your view? I voted in, too much to lose for the UK outside of Europe. Better together.
  8. Happy birthday Di, make sure Rob spoils you, you deserve it!
  9. The beauty is Sportsmania is that they live stream the Sky Sports F1 coverage in HD as well as 4+ other options for watching the live coverage. Want to watch it on NBC? There's an option for that!
  10. Raspberry Pi + Kodi + Sportsmania You'll never look back.
  11. Time for a London herf! Welcome.

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