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  1. Down around 10 lbs, going to try and up the cardio a bit and stay out of the kitchen after 8pm!
  2. I feel ya! Supposed to be -38 overnight the next few days with -50 windchill. Awesome!!!
  3. I’m in as well. Pic to follow. It’s hard to drop weight when it’s 30° below, fat keeps us nice and warm 😉
  4. Looks like a nice haul/trip. Can I ask how much the ashtray was?
  5. Haven't tried one yet but I definitely want to!!
  6. #2 son napping and #1 out with my wife and a HOT +5c outside called for a couple of beers and a very tasty RASS. Back to -27 in a few days so I'm glad I lit this up!
  7. I've dropped a few, down to 226 lbs. goal is 200. Eating a touch better and hitting the gym at lunch 4x a week. Now if I could cut out beer/wine......
  8. Yup CBSA is not letting much through anymore. I ship mine to a po box in the states now.
  9. Picked these up last weekend on a quick trip south of the border for roughly 1/2 the price that the are at home! Hopefully I'll have a chance to crack into at least one of them this weekend.
  10. Had a tasty D6 the other night while doing a little drafting.

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