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  1. I like him, sad to see him not involved with cigars anymore.
  2. He's a complete tool. An embarrassment to Aussie tennis and culture. The more light we shine on this nob, the more satisfaction he gets. Australian Tennis should suspend him for 6 months and see how far his wealth would last.
  3. looks like plume. but meh.....what would i know lol
  4. @El Presidente will we see this in the 24 sale?
  5. Nice video mate. finally we get to see a who this Piggy really is...I honestly thought it was a mythical character up until now.
  6. Happy birthday Di, hope Robs buys you a Chanel hang bag.
  7. I gave up buying for 10 months, had other interests and work commitments...then started buying again...deep pockets now becoming shallow.
  8. Out of all the places in this world, who would have thought Columbia was the destination for specials on headphones. To be accurate, heads that were wrapped in black plastic.
  9. Can someone please direct me to the AU room to i can view the box splits? haven't been logged in for a while and just started using the new site. Cheers.
  10. Smoked two Edmundos over the weekend...was amazing. batch was from 2013/2014 dont have the box code got them in singles. Lots of smoke, smooth, creamy and nutty.
  11. Feds have got Jack! I'd rather lock up the Kardashians. This bloke did nothing wrong.
  12. Hey Prez, quick question, if I lay these babies down for say 3 months at 65% RH, do you think that lovely wrapper will lose its oily texture? cheers
  13. was going to ask the same question ^^^^ lol
  14. Interesting... For me, I use x3 zip lock bags (just your regular ones) with boveda packs (65%) to store all my overflow boxes. place them in a temperature controlled bar fridge at around 18'C. Humidity fluxuations are very low with the 3 zip lock bags..(which is nice).
  15. IF you can afford..This is ideal. My final 2 cents...Dont feel the urge to constantly open your humidor!
  16. That's were I got it from mate. LOL Great website [emoji106]
  17. Sorry mate it's a fake. I'm sure you know this by now Wrapper too light. Although the band looks good, however the Hanbana Cuba is too yellow for that era. The LE band was the dead give away, the black spacing from top to bottom isn't consistent. Cheers
  18. Give the TOS'ers a gold metal. Must be doing something right.
  19. I thought the clearance was last week. How many of these babies do you have? Actually, dont tell...Wife is still pissed off at me at the last purchase.

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