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  1. I have a box of H.Upmann Monarchs A/T "JM OC SU" (July, 1998) with 5 tubed Monarchs A/T left in the box. 😊 I am saving them sometime in the future for a very special occasion.
  2. This video is tweaking my interest on buying these but compared to the price of my beloved Connie As I will hold off buying them until the price comes down a bit.
  3. Gamehawker

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I bought two boxes of H.Upmann Connossieur As for $436.
  4. Gamehawker

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    That is exactly why my two latest boxes I purchased were H.Upmann Connossieur A at a very, very good price! 😊
  5. Yup,
  6. Gamehawker

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Which did you like better? Also what is your box code of the 18s that you have?
  7. Prez, Can you show some pics of the "What's Not"?
  8. I received yesterday two boxes of one of my favorite cigars; H.Upmann Connoisseur A. I got both of these boxes on last Month sale from a well-known CC vendor and using their Father’s Day Discount Coupon (I have two accounts with this vendor and could use the one time discount code twice) each of these boxes only cost $218. For a total of $436 for both boxes. 😊 And as you can see the box code on both boxes is “BRE OCT 18” (H.Upmann Factory code). 😍 The wrappers on both boxes look amazing and the smell is very intoxicating. 😀 i can’t believe what an amazing price I got for these two boxes of fabulous cigars. I will put them away for at least 3 years before I smoke one out of these boxes.
  9. What a waste of a good cigar. You should have waited. 🤔 I have a box of 15 count Cohiba Robusto A/T "MUO JUL 14". These are awesome at almost 5 years aged.
  10. This is one of my favorite cigars in my favorite marca of cigars. I smoke this as I was roasting coffee yesterday. The first third was very balanced flavors of shortbread, a little caramel and a touch of pepper. The strength was medium. The second third ramped up to being a little stronger in strength and the shortbread and caramel was getting better too. The final third was still getting more in strength and now well past medium. I am surprised these cigars at almost eight years old still this strong. The flavors of shortbread, caramel and a little paprika were more intense too but very balanced. I really did not want this cigar to end and I smoked it to the nub. I am blessed to still have almost 4 boxes of these cigars and a box of the "PLM MAY 11" box code. 😀 I would give this a 96 score.
  11. I got this box of Punch Punch from our host on clearance earlier this past week. These will have to definitely be aged a few years until I look at them again.
  12. Gamehawker

    Your favourite aged cigars.

    I will smoke and enjoy aged cigars that I have from 5 -8 years but I love 8+ years on cigars, i.e., H.Upmann Connie 1 & tubed/untubed Monarchs.

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