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  1. Dammit, I am soo confused!!!! I thought we were still using the carts for 24:24
  2. Since I am an H.Upmann whore I just reviewed my inventory on my spreadsheet . The H.Upmann line makes up over 38% of my approx. 1800 cigars in my inventory.
  3. Good to know, thanks. I have a full box of the same box code and I like my cigars milder too. I will keep them the untouched box in the humi until at least the 4 year anniversary of the box code.
  4. Since I am an H. Upmann whore I very interested in the H.UPMANN CONNOSSIEUR NO.2 Do you have more information about the size and the blend?
  5. My Birthday is September 1st and I am so excited. I can't wait until I get it & I will post pics of it.
  6. Woo Hoo, I just found out that my wife and my mother are buying me for my Birthday the Koral Aficionado Case that I have been looking at! 😍
  7. Old Forester 1920 is one of my favorite bourbons!
  8. I am glad I was able to buy two boxes of these "BMP JUL 16" & "UGO NOV 17" before these awesome cigars were gone. 😃
  9. I feel the same way about San Juan’s and Connie As.
  10. I finally had a chance to smoke an H.Upmann Connie B from a 1/4 box I bought from a 24:24. I has very low expectations because I do not usually smoke a cigar with this little age on it “UBM ENE 19” but I was pleasantly surprised that it was really good.

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