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  1. Currently between 1,800 - 1,900 in my many coolidors. 😲
  2. I am not in on the blind tasting but if I had to guess since it is bland it would be the HdM Epi #2.
  3. How was it? Still have not smoke one from the two boxes I have of these.
  4. I bought 5 and had problems with them (reading too high). I bought 3 more and did the initial calibration of the 3 new ones and recalibrated the first 5. All 8 seem to be working perfectly for me now for the past two months.
  5. With the fury around the PCC aged stock on 24:24, specifically with the H.Upmann No. 2 from yesterday’s Tuesday 24:24 H.Upmann No. 2 “LUB AGO 14”, I decided to pull out one of my last H.Upmann No. 2’s from my “LUB JUL 14” box (I had not smoked one of these for almost two years) to see if I get the same description that the Pres. had; “Aged Upmann are a joy at any time ...... but an aged Upmann Number 2 are simply a palate wonderland. Shortbread, dark coffee, toffee edge. Medium full. Prepare yourself for a journey.” First, I had to really look at this thing of beauty on top of my newly acquired Peter James Cigar Case. The shimmer and deep golden Colorado color of the wrapper is amazing. Clipping a small portion of the tip I took a draw and it was perfect with a honey tobacco taste to it. The first third was a mixture of slight chocolate, shortbread, caramel and toffee. The strength was medium. The second third transformed to a more rich shortbread, coffee, a slight nougat/toffee. The strength was slightly ramping up to a little above medium. The final third again transition to a richer shortbread, dark coffee, and a toffee/dark chocolate edge. The strength was between medium to full. As you can see I smoked it to the very tip and did not want it to end. The burn was perfect and no touch-ups. It lasted for 90 minutes of pure bless. I was smoking this perfect gem on my back deck on this beautiful Fall day while my pool was closing and what a way to end the Summer. So to rehash the Pres., he was right with his description of this fabulous aged cigar. I am so happy I have another full box of these H.Upmann No. 2's in one of my Coolidors with the same “LUB JUL 14” box code. 😍 😍 I bought two boxes of these years ago at a very much cheaper price that the aged PCC H.Upmann No. 2's that sold on Tuesday 24:24. I like buying my boxes of cigars young at reasonable prices and patiently waiting for most of my cigars to reach their full potential. I think these will be awesome at 10+ years of age like a number of my other many type of H.Upmann boxes in my many coolidors. 😍 😍
  6. Awesome high end bourbon tasting tonight! 😍
  7. I thought it might look good with my new Peter James Koral Aficionado Cigar Case since the inside leather color of the case is a burnt orange.
  8. Thanks I looked it up and it is a" Xikar HP4 Quad Cigar Lighter - Orange". Do you use it as a Table Top lighter or can it fit in your pocket? Thanks again for the pics and the info.
  9. What kind of lighter that you have in your pic? Is it any good? Thanks
  10. Excuses, Excuses!!!! It is amazing that my vintage stock, some boxes over eight years and some over 12 years old, do not have mold on them. And these only 5 years old have some mold on them. I call a spade a spade and it seems to me that these boxes spent the last 5 years in not optimal conditions. I guess some people will buy them and pumped up prices. NOT me, but to each their own! 🤔
  11. When I enlarged the pics of the box of cigars it seemed that there was a few specks of white on them, mold?
  12. No, The coffee mug is from a ski vacation at Banff years ago.

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