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  1. I think of have about 20 fivers of these ranging from UAO MAR 18 to UAO ABR 19 and have a 15 pack of tubos UAO NOV 18. I have not tried one yet and going to let them them age at least 3 -4 years but anxiously waiting to try one with all of the good things I hear about them.😀
  2. Nice review. I had two sealed boxes of these incredible cigars and regrettably I had to sell one box. But on the bright side I have one full box left.
  3. Old Forester 1920 is one of my favorite bourbons right now.
  4. I had two sealed boxes of the H. Upmann Magnum 56 EL 2015 and Regrettably I had to sell one box recently to pay the tax man (IRS) this year. 😫
  5. Been there, done that with a box of VRDAs over a year ago!🙄
  6. Yup, I still have a full box of Connie No. 1 "PLM MAY 11". 😋
  7. I just saw this question, sorry for the delayed response. Flanking the 2013 WLW is a Booker’s 25th & a GTS 2013. 😍
  8. How was it? I am thinking about picking up a box of "ARS DIC 17" or "RAG MAR 18".
  9. I have four: Cab (50) RA Corona H.Upmann Super Corona (many and many boses) 2002 OR Cohiba Seleccion Reserva 2001 Prometheus Humidor filled with the Ashton VSG-ERs.
  10. For the first cigar of the new year and the new decade I chose an old reliable favorite of mine an over 8 year aged - H. Upmann Connoisseur No. 1 "USE NOV 11". Like always, I was smoking this awesome cigar while roasting some coffee. The pre-lit draw was slightly firm and I know it would loosen up when I lit it. Once it was lit my prediction was correct and the draw was perfect. The first puffs and into the first third of the cigar was like revisiting an old friend with slightly caramel, chocolate, wood and nuts flavors. The strength was medium. The second third picked up in a little strength and the flavors progressed into a slight nugget, wood and chocolate. The final third maintained the same strength and the flavors got a little stronger. As you can see I smoked it to the very nub and I would rate this cigar as a 96/97. If this new year and decade turn out to me like this cigar I am a happy man. I am sooo glad I have over 3 1/2 boxes left of this box code and one full box of box code "PLM MAY 11". 😍
  11. The box code on my two full boxes is "TOR DIC 15". Thanks for the encouragement and description of them. It is tempting but I think I will wait.
  12. What was the box code? You guys are killing me by smoking those H.Upmann Mag 56 EL 2015 because I have two full boxes of these and promised myself I would not smoke one until that are 5 years old.

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