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  1. You are very welcome Elliot, I am so glad that that you enjoyed the '14 San Cristobal Torreon. They are one of my favorite cigars and with the 7 years of age on them they are an an amazing cigar.
  2. It is already over $2,000 for a box of these. In April this year on BR a box sold for $2,005 with a 15% surcharge added = $2,307.75.ón_Limitada_2015_2015_Slide_Lid_Box_of_25_cigars
  3. Well a box of the 2015 EL sold on BR last night for $1,405 and with the 15% surcharge on top of that = $1,615.75ón_Limitada_2015_2015_Slide_Lid_Box_of_25_cigars And a box of the 2015 EL is currently on BR for a price of $1,516 with over 6 days to go before the auction ends.ón_Limitada_2015_2015_Slide_Lid_Box_of_25_cigars
  4. Ken, That gives you an excuse to mooch another cigar from Rob to smoke for the review since the other video review of the cigar disappeared into ether.
  5. Hey Rob and Ken, When are you going to do an H. Upmann Connoisseur Number 2 video review? Thanks
  6. Great minds think alike. H.Upmann, is my favorite line of cuban cigars and I've always been prone towards long-term aging, that is, 5 years and over too. I too still have an unopened box of 2015. I had two unopened boxes but regrettably I sold one last year and I cry 😭 every-time I think of it selling for a price about 1/3 of what the last one sold on Bond Roberts. It is amazing the way prices of cigars have escalated in the last 15 months.
  7. On Bond Roberts now the winning buyer pays a 15% surcharge on the won auction price not the seller pays a commission.
  8. I really miss the discontinued H. Upmann Super Coronas. The Magnum 46’s pale in comparison.
  9. Smoking a Partagas - Serie E No.2 “UAO MAR 18” (it was out of a box of 5) sitting out on my deck while watching my Harris Hawk this evening. 🦅 it was pretty good for a 3 years aged cigar but I think they still need a few more years to be outstanding. I went bonkers buying “boxes of 5” of these with the “UAO” box code rolled in 2018 and I am glad I have about 120 left of these. Follow-up picture; I smoked it to the nub
  10. Look what came in the mail today. 👍 They look amazing and they smell wonderful I smoked a Partagas Shorts with box code “ULA ENE 14” a few weeks ago and it was incredible so I decided to get these two boxes. I still have a half box of those left so I am going to put these two boxes away for a few years and I am sure they will be awesome too.
  11. Finishing a San Cris Fuerza “EML MAR 14” this morning on our deck. 😃 It was fantastic and it just goes to show the potential of what an already good cigar can develop into an amazing cigar at 7 years aged. Deep caramel, chocolate flavors and still a medium to a little more than medium strength. It was incredible and I smoked it down to the nub. These can aged for a few more years at over 10 years aged and I feel they will continue to develop into a really outstanding cigar. I am glad I still have half a box of these. 😍😍😍
  12. Elliot, I am glad that you are enjoying my fresh home-roasted coffee. ☕️☕️☕️
  13. I respectfully disagree with you guys. I just had my last cigar from a box of H.Upmann No. 2 “LUB JUL 14” (I luckily have another full box with the same box code) and it was incredible. It was the best cigar I have smoked in the last year. I did not even start smoking from that box until they had at least 4 years of age on them. So I know what I like and therefore I will not be touching my two boxes of these (I had gotten another box recently from FOH with the same box code) 😀. If I am going to smoke an H.Upmann No. 2, I will smoke one from my box of 2014s or I also have a couple of boxes from “BRE NOV 17” & “BRE NOV 18” too.
  14. Got this box in today. H.Upmann is my favorite marca and these look amazing. The smell is intoxicating too. I will put these away for 4 years and I am sure they will smoke incredible!!!
  15. I have a Jar of these from “EML ABR 14”. They are really incredible smokes. I did not smoke my first one until they were 3 years aged and I have been treating myself to one about every 6 months. Congrats on your purchase. I know you will enjoy them. 😍 BTW, the Jar is absolutely beautiful too. 😍
  16. Wow, thank you very much for the information and the link!!! I really appreciate it.
  17. Hey, what is the name brand and color of your nice coffee cup.

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