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  1. Well to be clear, I have two winadors packed with Cubans, LOL. but all are either aging, resting or the wrong vitola for the moment.
  2. The write ups on the Xhaxhi abs Casdagli both sound promising. Can’t say I’ve heard of either brand though, I guess a lot of new boutique brands have come to market since I went to the dark side. [emoji4] Thanks for the recs!!
  3. Thanks to this pandemic, I’ve burned through way too many of my Petit Coronas and Corona Jr. RyJ PC, HUPC, Boli CJ, Boli PC are my favorite. While I await new CCs to replace my stash, what NC would you reccommend I keep on hand to temporarily replace those sticks?
  4. My ever durable Exp2 on for some yard work and reward for a job well done.
  5. But a man did.....and appears to have procreated. https://dadfixeseverything.com Welcome to Dad Fixes Everything! My name is Evan, and I break down common problems and FAQs for DIY-minded parents (not just dads!) Here, you’ll find answers to the kinds of things you might frantically Google in the middle of the night, research-backed deep dives into huge parenting topics, and tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way as a father.
  6. I had to google this nonsense. I found the write up. It made me want to vomit. Rob, WTH are you even doing on that website?
  7. I’ve never been able to enjoy a cigar while walking.
  8. Not to mention the lube at the ready, behind the Native American sculpture. lol Sweet pickup though for sure!
  9. Might want to check out the new Oyster Perpetual Pres

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