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  1. The Cigar Shop should have a good selection and a nice little lounge in the basement. Cava Benito is awesome: best Scotch selection I've ever seen.
  2. Thanks for the review! Can't wait to get my bottle. In fact, I will likely order another one, based on your review.
  3. I have partial boxes ne HU Connue 1 from 03, 06, 08, 11, 13, 15, 17 & 18... my 03s are still a treat - and still have some legs - and I can say that the ones from the other vintages still evolve from year to year. The flavour profile is similar, but the strength varies. I believe that there was a bigger difference between president 1998-2000 and post 2000 Cubans, from my experience. For instance, I remember vividly a 10yo Cazzie that I smoked in 2001 that was just sublime... and 2004 Cazzies that I smoked between 2010-14 that were really good, but not nearly as memorable as the circa 1990 one. Same applies to old Monte 4s vs late 2000. That said, I think that my palate has also "adapted" to the newer blends and the fact that CCs are not as packed as they used to (some say cigars are not plugged because of improved QC, I say it's due to cost cutting :-)) This is based on my personal experience and observations so obviously nothing scientific here. So in short I do think it is different, but similar. Which means that CCs can still age well...
  4. Interesting... I really like this small Niagara distillery and its special releases. This one is really cool. Can't wait to taste it. Just ordered a bottle of the 8yo.
  5. The Winnie and the A are fantastic cigars. But the Connie 1 has been my go-to for many, many years.
  6. In T Dot for the next 3 days... I’ll probably go tomorrow or Thursday.
  7. I really don’t mind aged Montecristo Open Juniors. Not great, but certainly not as bad as most people seem to think, imo.
  8. Trinidad, Cohiba... nothing against the cigars, but overpriced imho.
  9. This has been a chronic problem for years... Hard to imagine that’s it has gotten worse. And sadly, this is not a problem that can be fixed with Cuban ingenuity.
  10. The Bolivar Gold Medals and RA Superiores and VR Famosos have got to be in the top 5, imho. At 5.40-5.75CUC per stick they never disappointed (can’t buy blind though). Hard to believe that a 10 count box of GM was 54CUC! Otherwise, my most trustworthy cigar in the last 15 years has been the Connie 1. To complete the quintet I will go with customs - Raynaldo’s, Alex’s and Jorge’s in particular. They are all great values. However, the pre-2012 Monsdales still blow me away every time i smoke one and my 2006 are simply out of this world.
  11. From my experience... Sub 44 1. RyJ Cazadores - so good around 10 yo 2. Bolivar Gold Medals - phenomenal 45-50 - 2 classics 1. Lusis 2. Winnies 52+ 1. Bolivar Libertadores - only 52+ cigar that I have ever bought and I am convinced that it'll be spectacular a few years down the road... 2. -
  12. It’s so beautiful & impressive. Maybe a 5 minute drive from Club Habana, if that. He sells his paintings for a small fortune (bought one for a friend a few years ago). I personally preferred the mosaics to his paintings.

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