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  1. Having a rooibos now, with a touch of buckwheat honey and a slice of lemon. Paired with a RAS. It sober February for me. Great combination and it's perfect to smoke outside in the Winter!
  2. I was going through some old boxes and found this book - which I thought I had lost a long time ago. Some beautiful and brilliant cartoons in there! Here's a sample... Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  3. My kind of lunch. No mention of the food menu? If it was half as good as the wine list, it was probably epic as well. 👏
  4. I share a lot that has already been said. I would say that the only silver lining in 2020 is that a lot of people realized that they were living for their work instead of working to afford living a happy life. We hopefully all learned to slow down a little- it's all relative to how fast-paced each individual's life was pre-Covid. Buying local will also remain, imo. The role of technology in our daily lives will change the very foundations of our economies forever, or at least until the next major crisis. Necessity is the mother of all inventions: who would have though
  5. Is or normal to see so many discontinued cigars listed or did I miss something?
  6. JR Cigars on 5th Ave was selling these about 20 years ago... they were in the basement "vault" - it was an old bank. Jerry, my favorite JR "advisor" to whom I would bring CCs to on every single visit, gifted me with a few of these Farachs (mine were like perfecto size). I was disappointed. It was cool to smoke 1958 cigars on New Year's Eve, but I thought they were really bland. I remember that my 5 pack was wrapped in cellophane. Anyways, a tourist purchased about 10 box of 50. They were 750USD each. I thought it was insane to spend so much on cigars... I was about 23.
  7. "the traveler will quarantine at their hotel for a maximum for 24 hours for test results" ... in the hotel room for 24 hours or socially distanced within the hotel / resort? Does anyone know? Thanks
  8. Great review. Would be interesting to do another one with a 10yo Cazadores soon 🙂 thanks
  9. Ken, This little escapade of yours just seems like the remedy that a lot of forum members would need. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Totally agree with Ryan's and Ken's views. I will add that instead of using the cult of personality as other authoritarian leaders have, Castro used what I would call the 《Revolucion cult》, the Us vs Them notion. It was the stepping stone of his policies. Combine that to what Rob described - a State/Corporation model - and your regime can thrive for decades. Perhaps the revolution was a necessity. How the aftermath of the revolution was handled by the international community may have helped the regime to build its credibility and stronghold for the long term, IMHO.
  11. Personally, I would take a box of aged Cazadores (5-10yo) over many other aged CCs. Its profile is gamey, leathery, earthy, in-your-face when young. After a few years, from my personal experience, it transforms into an elegant cigar, with strong notes of coffee, leather - yet some kick to it. It could just be that I really enjoy that flavour profile, but I do believe it is a very underrated cigar. Just like the HU Connie 1 was a 8-10 years ago, or more recently the PLPC.
  12. I have been using floral foam bricks (that I cut in 1 inch thick pieces) for years in my tupperdors and it works great. My basement is consistently around 40-45% rh. I keep my cigars at approx 17-18C & approx 60% rh. No complaints.

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