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  1. Outside of Havana, The Cigar Shop in Andorra had a great selection and prices back in early 2000s. I was pretty impressed to see Spaniards casually buying stacks of boxes (like 25) before heading home after a long day at the Pas de la Case or other ski resorts... Cava Benito was my go-to shop for single malts, cognacs or calvados. The shops that I went to in London were also outstanding of course, but Andorra was cheap (for cigars anyway).
  2. Good afternoon gents, Sorry for the delay; here's the updated list. I removed the takes as it was getting a little too long. The pass is still running smoothly. Cheers!
  3. Hello, Here's the updated list. There is now 3 cigars from vintages 7-10 years apart to grab should you want to do an experiment: the HU#1, RASS and HU2. Maduro will receive the box and then pass it on to Hammer Smokin'! Cheers!
  4. An MKII came to mind. It's an automatic, but can be classy, rugged or simple depending on what strap it's on. Reasonably priced. I have an Hellion and it's most likely the watch I would wear if I were a hunter 😉
  5. Hello, Thanks Drew! Beau; you should expect to receive the box before/on Friday. The package will spend the next few of weeks in Ontario. Here's the updated list: Thanks and stay safe!
  6. Hello, Garnett sent the box to YVR today. After spending a bit more than a week in BC the box will travel to Windsor, ON. I must say that it's going really well so far! I have a feeling that things may get a bit out of control, but in a good way 🙃 Here's the updated list : Thanks everyone!
  7. Hello, Shoot me an email once you have a good idea of the takes/puts. Pics can be posted on this thread once trade is approved. Thanks, -Bertrand
  8. Thanks a lot Chris & nicely done! I almost shed a tear when I saw the pic with the 898 😀 As Chris mentioned there should be something for everyone. The important thing is to enjoy the pass. Cheers!
  9. SP Molinos RA898 Partagas SDC1 Hopefully they will be on BR soon...
  10. Hello, I intend to kick off this box pass by the end of next week. Therefore, those who are interested shall PM me asap, so that I can put the logistics of the pass together. Here are the guidelines that I am proposing - it's pretty much a copy/paste of Chris' set of rules (@ChanceSchmerr). He mastered the art of box passing, so no need to re-invent the wheel here. PM me with any question. Cheers! ____________________ Box Pass Rules/Guidelines A Box Pass is pretty straightforward – it’s a fun way to try a few cigars that you havn’t been able to try be
  11. Glad to see that there is some interest. Those who wish to participate can shoot me a PM. I will likely have time to ship the parcel to BC the week of the 5th, which will give us the time to finalize the details this week. Thanks! -Bertrand
  12. We could include some aged/high end cigars, I could definitely throw in a few to start. Members who wish to use the pass to trade on very high end cigars would be welcome to. We can focus on regular production cigars: we grab the ones that we normally would not buy a box of and throw in the ones that we believe other members may enjoy. Thanks Frank, really appreciated. Chris' box pass was a lot of fun and well organized - you'd think he was in the navy or something 😉
  13. Hello fellow Canadian members, Testing the waters here to check if anyone would like to be part of a Canadian box pass, to make the last stretch of Covid a little more fun. I'd like to keep the rules really simple so that participants can trade what they fancy and discover, re-discover, compare (aged vs non-aged, years, factory codes, dark/light wrappers, etc.), not necessarily aim to trade really rare cigars (although that would be totally acceptable). I'm hoping to get 15-20 members on board. I'm based out of Montreal. The pass would start on the West Coast and make its way Ea
  14. Such a cool place. Really impressive work. I bought one of his paintings once at a friend's request. I dealt mostly with his son who was saying how his dad was obsessed by the mosaics.

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