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  1. "the traveler will quarantine at their hotel for a maximum for 24 hours for test results" ... in the hotel room for 24 hours or socially distanced within the hotel / resort? Does anyone know? Thanks
  2. Great review. Would be interesting to do another one with a 10yo Cazadores soon 🙂 thanks
  3. Ken, This little escapade of yours just seems like the remedy that a lot of forum members would need. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Totally agree with Ryan's and Ken's views. I will add that instead of using the cult of personality as other authoritarian leaders have, Castro used what I would call the 《Revolucion cult》, the Us vs Them notion. It was the stepping stone of his policies. Combine that to what Rob described - a State/Corporation model - and your regime can thrive for decades. Perhaps the revolution was a necessity. How the aftermath of the revolution was handled by the international community may have helped the regime to build its credibility and stronghold for the long term, IMHO.
  5. Personally, I would take a box of aged Cazadores (5-10yo) over many other aged CCs. Its profile is gamey, leathery, earthy, in-your-face when young. After a few years, from my personal experience, it transforms into an elegant cigar, with strong notes of coffee, leather - yet some kick to it. It could just be that I really enjoy that flavour profile, but I do believe it is a very underrated cigar. Just like the HU Connie 1 was a 8-10 years ago, or more recently the PLPC.
  6. I have been using floral foam bricks (that I cut in 1 inch thick pieces) for years in my tupperdors and it works great. My basement is consistently around 40-45% rh. I keep my cigars at approx 17-18C & approx 60% rh. No complaints.
  7. 1) RAS @ 5.75CUC, VR Famosos @ 5.40CUC & PL Picadores @ 5.70CUC & the RGPC @ 3.90CUC 2) Alex's coronas (65CUC for a bundle, great smoke!) and Reynaldo's robustos are excellent with some age on them, imo
  8. Just read your review as I was finishing smoking my GM. I think that you nailed it with the latakia. Couldn't put my finger on it. Thanks for the review.
  9. Sadly only 4 left of my last box, purchased in Havana in 2011. It's not a bazooka, but I've always really enjoyed this Bolivar. I have always thought that it was packed with flavors, smooth yet powerful: everything a good CC should be. Stored in a desktop humidor at 60% rh, so perfect for my taste. 1/3 I get earth and leather notes at the very beginning, but then smell & taste sweet cereal. Milder than what I remembered - haven't smoked one in 3-4 years - so the age could be a factor here. I remember that many GMs that I have smoked were a bit too tight. This one is burning like a champ. 2/3 Starting to feel the kick. Intense notes of tobacco and leather...some black pepper as well. 3/3 I just realized that this cigar may be a perfect match for a good cognac (went for a bourbon tonight). Sure is milder than when it was younger, but still plenty of kick. The taste of sweet cereal is back, but I get gamey notes towards the end - reminds me of what a young Cazadores would taste like 15-20 years ago (could be nostalgia). Still a great smoke. Love the size. Love the flavor profile. Right down my alley. Kicking myself for not opening that bottle of Trijol cognac. Outstanding cigar, imo.
  10. I have no idea what the exit plan will look like in Canada, the US or elsewhere. However, I just read a recent post by Mister Money Mustache - some of you may be familiar with his blog - and I think that he summarized very well the crisis and its potential outcome (the guy doesn't like cars hence the comments a): In the more compassionate case which we are currently following, we drastically reduce the amount of contact we have with each other for a few months, which cuts the number of deaths in the US down from 3-6 million, down to perhaps 200,000. In exchange, our economy shrinks by several trillion dollars (it was about 21 trillion in 2019) for a year or more. Assuming we are preventing 3 million early deaths, this means our society is foregoing about one million dollars of economic activity for each person’s life that we extend and frankly, it makes me happy to know we are capable of that. So that’s the big picture: we are cautiously and temporarily buckling down and making some sacrifices, in order to help other people. To me, that is not a cause for panic or fear – it’s a chance to try even harder and be thankful for such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Meanwhile, some good stuff is happening as a byproduct: Our expectations are being reset. Someday soon, it will feel like an absolute joy and privilege to walk into a store and see things fully stocked and prosperous again. And imagine the feeling of taking a vacation or attending a big event or a restaurant or a party! People in rich countries may realize that we can afford to be helpful and compassionate after all – while actually increasing our long term wealth and happiness rather than compromising it. And the world is getting a valuable “practice run” at handling a pandemic, with a relatively mild disease rather than something even more serious. Just as with any recession, weaker companies will go bankrupt, stronger ones will streamline their operations and get smarter, and the chaos and broken pieces will become the raw materials from which an enormous batch of brand-new companies will form. Better ways to track and treat disease, more scalable and less bureaucratic hospitals, more options for remote medicine and more support for remote work and virtual offices and virtual learning in general. More home delivery services and fewer big box stores and wasted parking lots, more support for biking and walking, and a million other things that a billion other people will think of. The end result will be a better, more resilient and richer world than ever Full post here:
  11. I hope that people will buy less crap after realizing how much crap they already had in their house... Air pollution has fallen dramatically in affected countries. It won't last, but it's good while it lasts... and, ironically, air pollution probably kills more people prematurely than the COVID will ever kill.
  12. NYC is awesome. Off the beaten path: beautiful Greensboro Vermont... home of Hill Farmstead Brewery, really close Barr Hill gin distillery and the coolest pizza place I've ever been to - The Parker Pie Company. I agree that Saratoga Springs is also a lot of fun during the July/Aug horse racing season.
  13. In addition to those two, Chez Alexandre (on Peel) has a lounge on the 2nd floor. And there is Whisky Café, on Bernard St. Finally, every 1st Wednesday of the month Aro in St-Laurent holds a bbq night... better to go in the Summer though.
  14. Sad news. With some coordination we could perhaps organize a herf sometime in March/April. They do have nice aged stock as well.

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