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  1. Hello,

    I intend to kick off this box pass by the end of next week. Therefore, those who are interested shall PM me asap, so that I can put the logistics of the pass together.

    Here are the guidelines that I am proposing - it's pretty much a copy/paste of Chris' set of rules (@ChanceSchmerr). He mastered the art of box passing, so no need to re-invent the wheel here.

    PM me with any question. 




    Box Pass Rules/Guidelines

    A Box Pass is pretty straightforward – it’s a fun way to try a few cigars that you havn’t been able to try before (or maybe you havn’t tried one for a while), as well as to share cigars that you have that others may not have tried before.  I start it off by sending out a box of various cigars to a series of people.  First person in line receives the box, picks some cigars that he/she wants, and proposes a trade to replace those cigars with others of equal/greater value from his/her own collection.  The trade is approved/confirmed by the box pass organizer. After the trade is complete, that person removes their “Takes” from the box pass cigars, they place their “Puts” in with the remaining box pass cigars, they re-pack the box pass cigars in the same manner they received it, and send it off promptly to the next person in line.  Quick turnaround is essential, because even though the cigars are sent with Boveda pouches, we don’t want these cigars to sit out of the humidor for longer than necessary.

    There are, of course, some rules and guidelines to govern this box pass.  These rules/guidelines are in place to ensure that the box pass experience is seamless, fast, fair and enjoyable for all concerned.  I encourage discussion about the rules below, but generally speaking these rules are set (unless there is considerable uproar over any one issue)

    If for any reason you feel that you can’t live up to or follow these rules/guidelines, please let me know now, and we can take you off the list – no harm, no foul.  I want everyone to be comfortable with this box pass, and if you’re not looking forward to it, then there is a problem!

    Note – The mechanism of trading/posting is discussed further in the next post below.


    1. Please send me an email address for puts/takes discussions, tracking information, Mailing addresses, general comments or complaints, or anything else related to the box pass.

    2. Non-Cuban Cigars are prohibited from the pass (Friends of HABANOS. ‘Nuff said!)

    3. All Cigars placed in the Box pass must be:

      1. In good condition (no heavily cracked feet, flaking wrappers, etc)

      2. NOT FAKE (Obviously)

      3. Certified beetle-free (to the best of your ability)

      4. Not a duplicate of a cigar already in the pass (can't have more than one of a particular cigar in the pass)

      5. Handled with care - be careful with the cigars in the pass, they have had a long journey and may yet have a ways to go before they find a home!

    4. Custom-rolled cigars – must have their roller name, purchase point and purchase/roll date included. Only Customs rolled with Cuban tobacco are permitted. No more than two custom cigars in the pass at any one time. No more than 1 Custom Put/take per member.

    5. Minimum Take – 1 cigar. Maximum Take – 5 cigars.

    6. Cigars to be traded in 1:1 ratios (1:1, 2:2, 3:3, 4:4, 5:5). No un-even trades

    7. Participants are to check the condition of the Box Pass packaging when they receive and send out the box.  If any bag has developed a hole, replace it, if a boveda pouch is used up, replace it (I will send spares to start), that sort of thing.  

    8. All members are required to email me their postal addresses. I will provide each member of the pass with the postal address of the next person in line (so that each member only ever sees the mailing address of the person they are sending the box to)

    9. Box pass shipping cost is to be borne by the person sending off to the next participant.  

    10. The Box Pass is always shipped in the same manner – Xpresspost.  This is to ensure swift travel through the postal system.
      The Tracking number must always be communicated (via Email) to the Box Pass Organizer and the next member in line, so that the next person in line can track the package coming in and be prepared for it. DO NOT PUBLISH THE TRACKING NUMBERS PUBLICALLY.

    11. The Box Pass organizer will send out emails to the next three members after each time the package is sent out, informing the next person up, as well as the following two members.

    12. Once each Participant receives the Box, they have 3 days (72 hours) to propose and action their trade, and send off the Box to the next participant. 

      Example 1: Joe receives the package on Monday afternoon after getting home from work. Joe must send off the Box by Thursday afternoon. 

      Example 2: Tom receives the package on Friday morning.  He must send off the package by Monday morning.

      Obviously, a few hours leeway is acceptable, and if there is an emergency or other mitigating circumstances, discuss with me ASAP and we can look at an extension.

    13. If there is a disagreement on Cigar Valuation, the Box pass organizer has the final say.

    14. Side trades between members are permitted within reason - to a limit of 5 separate sticks sent per participant (no separate box-trades tagging along).  This is to ensure that the size of the package doesn't balloon out of control with side trades.  For example, if participants 9 and 12 on the list want to make a trade, Participant #9 can use the box pass to send cigars specifically to Participant #12 (but Participant 12 would have to send his part of the trade to Participant 9 separately) – just make a note in the Box Pass notebook and mention it in your take/put post, so that those cigars aren’t taken accidentally. I recommend using a custom band with the intended recipient on it, so that there can be no mistake. 

    15. Gift cigars to other members in the Box Pass are permitted - just be sure to mark the cigar clearly with who it is meant for (and make a note in the FOH BOX Pass notebook too)

    16. Cigars from 1999 are prohibited. Cigars from 2000 and 2001 can be present in the box pass, but no more than 5 cigars from these years combined at any one time. Any cigars into the pass from 2000 and 2001 must be from a box that you've recently smoked from, and you can confirm that they have not exhibited significant construction  or taste issues.


    1. Treat your trade (and the box pass) as if you were on the other side of the table.  Don’t try to take advantage of others by taking rare sticks and proposing to put in crap cigars.

    2. Generally speaking, a box pass participant should have at least 10-15 different cigars to choose from in their home collection, to ensure that they have a wide range to sort out a trade from. We can always discuss should you not meet this criteria.

    3. There will be a notebook passed with the Box Pass. I encourage everyone to read and to use the notebook to make a permanent note of what you've taken and put. It adds to the fun....but isn't a necessity. Highly encouraged.

    4. By all means, commenting on the box pass thread is encouraged, but keep it civilized.  If you have a problem with a trade, send me an email.Don’t post harsh/rude comments or you may be removed from the participant list. Don’t be a jerk!

    5. The Box Pass will have 4 categories of cigars: Regular Production, Discontinueds, Multi-Banded (LE/RE/Specials), and Customs.  Generally speaking, trades should be like-for-like (RE for RE, Regular Production for Regular Production), but exceptions can be made. Discuss with me if unsure.

    6. If the Box Pass outgrows the current packaging, replace the packaging with appropriately-sized new packaging in good condition. I will leave extra space in the box, but side trades could use up that space.

    7. If you are unsure about anything with your proposed trade, and want to discuss it before shipping, please email me, I’m happy to go through it with you, and provide some valuations if you’re unsure.

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  2. 48 minutes ago, Hammer Smokin' said:


    Hamilton here. 

    I suggest keeping the 'top end' sticks out of it. Just creates problems. Last box pass I was part of was limited to standard release only...not saying it has to be that way, but yes, adding really expensive cigars is likely more trouble than it's worth. 

    We could include some aged/high end cigars, I could definitely throw in a few to start. Members who wish to use the pass to trade on very high end cigars would be welcome to. We can focus on regular production cigars: we grab the ones that we normally would not buy a box of and throw in the ones that we believe other members may enjoy. 

    2 hours ago, PurosyVino said:

    For Aged / Vintage, you'd need some "old eyes" here.  They don't all have to be Canadian either. 

    If needed, I will take on that duty. Another guy I'd recommend is Chris @ChanceSchmerr

    Thanks Frank, really appreciated. Chris' box pass was a lot of fun and well organized - you'd think he was in the navy or something 😉   

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  3. Hello fellow Canadian members,

    Testing the waters here to check if anyone would like to be part of a Canadian box pass, to make the last stretch of Covid a little more fun.

    I'd like to keep the rules really simple so that participants can trade what they fancy and discover, re-discover, compare (aged vs non-aged, years, factory codes, dark/light wrappers, etc.), not necessarily aim to trade really rare cigars (although that would be totally acceptable).

    I'm hoping to get 15-20 members on board. I'm based out of Montreal. The pass would start on the West Coast and make its way East.

    Anyone interested?




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  4. 31 minutes ago, Shrimpchips said:

    Rooibos works well with full flavored cigars, and hasn’t done me wrong with any Partagas pairing. Also milk Oolong is great with a creamy profile like Trinidads.  

    Having a rooibos now, with a touch of buckwheat honey and a slice of lemon. Paired with a RAS. It sober February for me. Great combination and it's perfect to smoke outside in the Winter!

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  5. I share a lot that has already been said.

    I would say that the only silver lining in 2020 is that a lot of people realized that they were living for their work instead of working to afford living a happy life.

    We hopefully all learned to slow down a little- it's all relative to how fast-paced each individual's life was pre-Covid.

    Buying local will also remain,  imo.

    The role of technology in our daily lives will change the very foundations of our economies forever, or at least until the next major crisis.

    Necessity is the mother of all inventions: who would have thought a year ago that effective vaccines could be developed within a year? 

    Yes, 2020 sucked. But it also proved that if we really put our minds to it we can resolve a shit ton of problems very quickly. This is encouraging for the future. Hopefully nations will work together more going forward.  Perhaps I am too optimistic though. ?

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  6. JR Cigars on 5th Ave was selling these about 20 years ago... they were in the basement "vault" - it was an old bank. 

    Jerry, my favorite JR "advisor" to whom I would bring CCs to on every single visit, gifted me with a few of these Farachs (mine were like perfecto size). I was disappointed. It was cool to smoke 1958 cigars on New Year's Eve, but I thought they were really bland. I remember that my 5 pack was wrapped in cellophane. Anyways, a tourist purchased about 10 box of 50. They were 750USD each. I thought it was insane to spend so much on cigars... I was about 23. 


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  7. Totally agree with Ryan's and Ken's views.

    I will add that instead of using the cult of personality as other authoritarian leaders have, Castro used what I would call the 《Revolucion cult》, the Us vs Them notion.  It was the stepping stone of his policies. 

    Combine that to what Rob described - a State/Corporation model - and your regime can thrive for decades.

    Perhaps the revolution was a necessity.

    How the aftermath of the revolution was handled by the international community may have helped the regime to build its credibility and stronghold for the long term, IMHO.


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