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  1. Hi Rob; I'm on vacation so I should be able to make it! I probably have some 2014 left, but I might go for an older one if you don't mind (the 2014 needs some time IMO, but again with the D4s it's often hit or miss).
  2. That's a web site I didn't know about really informative, thanks! And I didn't know about those new regional edition 8-9-8's. I hope they are hald as good as the standard production ones from 15 years ago!! I yearn for those...
  3. Flor de Cano Selectos age pretty well... imo
  4. I forget what I had smoked during the day while wandering in Havana, but it was probably 2-3 good PCs or robustos. I remember the after dinner sitting though!! It was glorious - right by the Malecon with a bottle of aguardiente during a music festival: 1 Monte A, 1 Lusi, RA 8-9-8 (I loved those, too bad they are discontinued!), a RASS, a Molinos and a little RDM Demi-Tasse before going to bed... That was 15 years ago - when I could still go to Havana for a weekend & go to bed at the wee hours AND not regret it the next day!
  5. I forgot... there's also my Padron Milleniums that were given to me by Jorge... they are fantastic and I just can't bring myself to smoke the last 2 still sitting in my humidor. I know we should always smoke the best cigars we have now, but it's really, really hard sometimes. Cheers to those who can smoke the best night after night!
  6. Also saving those precious Monsdales! Tried the new guy's blend last October.... good, you know it'll never be the same.
  7. I've had a 1985 (or 1986) Cuban Davidoff Aniversario sitting in my humidor for a solid 15 years... was supposed to smoke it when my twin boys were born... that was 4 years ago. Smoked an aged Lusi instead. Don't think I'll ever smoke it and I don't know why!! I smoked some pre-revolution or other aged (15+ years) cubans no problem, but never was able to smoke that Davidoff... maybe it's just not meant to happen.
  8. Hi, In addition to Elijah Craig 12yo, I think that Evan Williams Single barrel, Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare 10yo and Four Roses Small Batch are also great values... and I'll never say no to a good Woodford Reserve. For mixing; Benchmark No. 8 makes decent Old Fashioned! Cheers!!

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