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  1. Personally, I would take a box of aged Cazadores (5-10yo) over many other aged CCs. Its profile is gamey, leathery, earthy, in-your-face when young. After a few years, from my personal experience, it transforms into an elegant cigar, with strong notes of coffee, leather - yet some kick to it. It could just be that I really enjoy that flavour profile, but I do believe it is a very underrated cigar. Just like the HU Connie 1 was a 8-10 years ago, or more recently the PLPC.
  2. I have been using floral foam bricks (that I cut in 1 inch thick pieces) for years in my tupperdors and it works great. My basement is consistently around 40-45% rh. I keep my cigars at approx 17-18C & approx 60% rh. No complaints.
  3. 1) RAS @ 5.75CUC, VR Famosos @ 5.40CUC & PL Picadores @ 5.70CUC & the RGPC @ 3.90CUC 2) Alex's coronas (65CUC for a bundle, great smoke!) and Reynaldo's robustos are excellent with some age on them, imo
  4. Just read your review as I was finishing smoking my GM. I think that you nailed it with the latakia. Couldn't put my finger on it. Thanks for the review.
  5. Sadly only 4 left of my last box, purchased in Havana in 2011. It's not a bazooka, but I've always really enjoyed this Bolivar. I have always thought that it was packed with flavors, smooth yet powerful: everything a good CC should be. Stored in a desktop humidor at 60% rh, so perfect for my taste. 1/3 I get earth and leather notes at the very beginning, but then smell & taste sweet cereal. Milder than what I remembered - haven't smoked one in 3-4 years - so the age could be a factor here. I remember that many GMs that I have smoked were a bit too tight. This one is
  6. I have no idea what the exit plan will look like in Canada, the US or elsewhere. However, I just read a recent post by Mister Money Mustache - some of you may be familiar with his blog - and I think that he summarized very well the crisis and its potential outcome (the guy doesn't like cars hence the comments a): In the more compassionate case which we are currently following, we drastically reduce the amount of contact we have with each other for a few months, which cuts the number of deaths in the US down from 3-6 million, down to perhaps 200,000. In exchange, our economy shrinks by se
  7. I hope that people will buy less crap after realizing how much crap they already had in their house... Air pollution has fallen dramatically in affected countries. It won't last, but it's good while it lasts... and, ironically, air pollution probably kills more people prematurely than the COVID will ever kill.
  8. NYC is awesome. Off the beaten path: beautiful Greensboro Vermont... home of Hill Farmstead Brewery, really close Barr Hill gin distillery and the coolest pizza place I've ever been to - The Parker Pie Company. I agree that Saratoga Springs is also a lot of fun during the July/Aug horse racing season.
  9. In addition to those two, Chez Alexandre (on Peel) has a lounge on the 2nd floor. And there is Whisky Café, on Bernard St. Finally, every 1st Wednesday of the month Aro in St-Laurent holds a bbq night... better to go in the Summer though.
  10. Sad news. With some coordination we could perhaps organize a herf sometime in March/April. They do have nice aged stock as well.
  11. Full: 1. RyJ Cazadores 2. BBF 3. Bolivar Libertador 4. Partagas 8-9-8 5. JL #2 - in the last 2-3 years or the Mag 46 Light: 1. QD Coronas 2. El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme 3. Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or #4 4. RyJ Churchill 5. Fonseca No.1
  12. IMO, Monsdales, pre-2012 (when Enrique was still alive). The 2006 that I have still blow me away! Fantastic blend, great torcedor.
  13. Toss between Radiohead - O.K. Computer and Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother... I would be happy with either.
  14. Aside from what Ryan and Nino said I would add the fact that Starwoood/Marriott now own and operate a hotel on the island... so is Kempinski... who would have thought that an American chain would have interests in Cuba 10 years ago!?
  15. Alex is a great torcedor. Maybe not the best one technically (although he is still young), but certainly one with a great business acumen and exceptional interpersonal skills, IMO. I had no idea that Cubans could be part of business ventures outside of the island... so I have a stupid question, just in case someone here knows the answer: how does it work for the payments? Will the government tax him for his new source of income or all of it will go in a bank account in the US or Nic? Thanks!
  16. The Cigar Shop should have a good selection and a nice little lounge in the basement. Cava Benito is awesome: best Scotch selection I've ever seen.
  17. Thanks for the review! Can't wait to get my bottle. In fact, I will likely order another one, based on your review.
  18. I have partial boxes ne HU Connue 1 from 03, 06, 08, 11, 13, 15, 17 & 18... my 03s are still a treat - and still have some legs - and I can say that the ones from the other vintages still evolve from year to year. The flavour profile is similar, but the strength varies. I believe that there was a bigger difference between president 1998-2000 and post 2000 Cubans, from my experience. For instance, I remember vividly a 10yo Cazzie that I smoked in 2001 that was just sublime... and 2004 Cazzies that I smoked between 2010-14 that were really good, but not nearly as memorable as
  19. Interesting... I really like this small Niagara distillery and its special releases. This one is really cool. Can't wait to taste it. Just ordered a bottle of the 8yo.
  20. The Winnie and the A are fantastic cigars. But the Connie 1 has been my go-to for many, many years.
  21. In T Dot for the next 3 days... I’ll probably go tomorrow or Thursday.
  22. I really don’t mind aged Montecristo Open Juniors. Not great, but certainly not as bad as most people seem to think, imo.

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