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  1. Trinidad, Cohiba... nothing against the cigars, but overpriced imho.
  2. This has been a chronic problem for years... Hard to imagine that’s it has gotten worse. And sadly, this is not a problem that can be fixed with Cuban ingenuity.
  3. The Bolivar Gold Medals and RA Superiores and VR Famosos have got to be in the top 5, imho. At 5.40-5.75CUC per stick they never disappointed (can’t buy blind though). Hard to believe that a 10 count box of GM was 54CUC! Otherwise, my most trustworthy cigar in the last 15 years has been the Connie 1. To complete the quintet I will go with customs - Raynaldo’s, Alex’s and Jorge’s in particular. They are all great values. However, the pre-2012 Monsdales still blow me away every time i smoke one and my 2006 are simply out of this world.
  4. From my experience... Sub 44 1. RyJ Cazadores - so good around 10 yo 2. Bolivar Gold Medals - phenomenal 45-50 - 2 classics 1. Lusis 2. Winnies 52+ 1. Bolivar Libertadores - only 52+ cigar that I have ever bought and I am convinced that it'll be spectacular a few years down the road... 2. -
  5. It’s so beautiful & impressive. Maybe a 5 minute drive from Club Habana, if that. He sells his paintings for a small fortune (bought one for a friend a few years ago). I personally preferred the mosaics to his paintings.
  6. I’ve been traveling a fair bit lately... I use an app called 8fit and love it. Tons of quick tabata/interval programs that don’t require any equipment... perfect for the hotel.
  7. If I only had to pick 4... Conde - for the customs and the courtyard Palacio de la Artesania (Alexi is great) - for the hidden gems Club Habana - for the selection (when it's good, it's really good) and the customs) Habana Libre (for the selection of singles) and its proximity to the Nacional
  8. I love a goof calva. The Roger Groult Venerable is a good value as well. Nothing beats what you can get in France from small producers though, imo. i wish I could buy direct from the producers like many of you on the other side of the pond!
  9. I bought a box of 2010 release in 2011, but immediately transferred the cigars in my desktop humidor (because of the cedar). I am now debating whether to smoke them this Summer or not. Never had a Monte robusto: how is it? thanks!
  10. That is weird indeed. Could Chabal ever hit! Certainly not the best rugby player ever, but a really good mix of speed and power, imo.
  11. A maternity store called “Melons & Clementines”.
  12. At the end of the day, it’s just a job.
  13. So I smoked my find. Nothing special. On a scale of 1-10 I’d say it was a solid 3 ? No complexity at all - very linear - and probably medium filler. Not enjoyable and woth no more than $5CAD!
  14. I will hopefully smoke it tonight. Shouln’t last too long ?
  15. In Canada??? So I am in Windsor, ON on business. Driving to the hotel I spotted a cigar shop, so I obviously stopped by to check out the selection and maybe grab a stick for after dinner. Looking at the cigars I thought prices were insanely high because of the America s crossing the river (Windsor is North of Detroit, across the river). Before leaving empty-handed I noticed some bandless cigars that looked stunning. I assumed they were from Nicaragua, but the guy said they were customs from Cuba. I told him that I had a hard time believing that Cuba was exporting customs, bu
  16. My next pair or running shoes will come from here: Hear good things about them... and it's a local company.
  17. I love the Tom Cat. Different and delicious.

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